15 Useful Hobby Paint Storage Racks and Organizers

Do you have a large collection of hobby model paints, tools, and other essential supplies? Staying organized is one of the best ways to keep your productivity high. Keeping your paint bottles and pots within easy reach will also make working on your project more enjoyable. You won’t need to use up your precious mental energy trying to remember where you placed that perfect color. Ergonomics plays a huge role in efficient and comfortable work, including hobbies. Here I review the 15 best hobby paint storage racks and organizing solutions that you may want for improving the efficiency and comfort for your miniature and model painting hobby.

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In this article, I show you some of the reasons why staying organized can vastly improve your miniature painting productivity, comfort, and enjoyment. I also review a variety of different paint storage and organizing solutions that may fit your specific needs. Check out the miniature paint racks below!

15 Useful Hobby Paint Storage Racks and Organizers. Recommended hobby paint storage - vertical banner feature image

15 Useful Hobby Paint Storage Racks and Organizers - carousel paint rack for model paints - 48 citadel pot holder rotating
A rotating carousel paint rack (for 48 paints) has a small footprint, festive aesthetic, and excellent capacity!

In a Hurry? See the Top 3 Editor’s Favorites 🏆

  1. Hex Hive Craft Paint Storage Organizer Rack (Modular)
  2. Rotating Essential Oil Display Stand Spinning Rack (Compact)
  3. Falling in Art Large 6-Tiers Paint Storage Display Rack (Huge capacity)

What is the size of my hobby model paint bottles or pots?

Check out this helpful table of the bottle and pot dimensions and sizes for the most popular model hobby paint brands.

Use this information to fine tune your personal organization solution. Or, if you’re a handy 3D modeler or good with MDF construction, you can use this info to help you with your DIY hobby paint rack.

Model Paint Brand Diameter Height
Army Painter/Vallejo/Master Reaper Series/Scalecolor  0.75″ (20mm) 3″ (77mm)
Citadel (Games Workshop) – 12ml  1.25 (32mm) 1.75″ (45mm)
Citadel (Games Workshop) – 24ml  1.25″ (32mm)  2.4″ (61mm)
P3 (Privateer Press) 1.2″ (30mm)  2″ (50mm)
Testors Enamel Paint  0.94″ (24mm) 1.9″ (48mm)
Minitaire (Badger) 1.2″ (32mm)  3.2″ (80mm)
Vallejo wash or pigment bottles (35ml) 1.5″ (35mm)  2.75″ (70mm)
Vallejo surface primer bottles (200ml)  1.9″ (50mm) 5.75″ (14.5mm)
Vallejo surface primer (60ml) 1.5″ (35mm) 3.8″ (97mm)
Kimera color paints (*not round bottles) *1.6″ (40mm) 3.75″ (95mm)

These are estimated dimensions. You may want an organizer or miniature paint rack that has a bit more room than the actual paint bottle size (to avoid a tight squeeze).

For example, if you’re looking for a Citadel paint rack, you could just use the dimension of Citadel paint pots and find a paint rack that fits.

15 Useful Hobby Paint Storage Racks and Organizers. Recommended hobby paint storage, miniature painting station organizer. How to storage Vallejo army painter dropper bottles or Warhammer Citadel paint pots. Best paint display racks for miniature and model painters. Hobby desk organizers
My hobby desk with different paint storage and display solutions. I’m using a really bright Neatfi XL hobby desk lamp. This is not the most organized workspace, but it works for me.

15 Best Hobby Paint Storage Racks and Organizers

The following are my recommended top 15 best hobby paint storage racks and paint display organizers.

Simplicity beats complexity every time. This model paint rack holds up to 64 dropper bottles of paint. These may be Vallejo or Army Paint hobby paint brands or similar sized bottles. This is constructed of MDF, laser cut, and requires some assembly. Utilitarian with a small risk of tipping over.

The GameCraft Miniature Paint Rack is a great value, hassle free hobby paint storage rack. Finally, if you’re looking for an alternative Vallejo paint rack, this would be a great choice.

Key Points:

  • Will fit 64 bottles of paint (1″ diameter)
  • If you need a larger size (e.g., 2oz craft paint bottles), GameCraft sells a 36mm rack
  • Small footprint with vertical storage design
  • MDF laser cut material

Who is this for?

The hobbyist looking for good paint capacity with a small footprint will find this very useful.

The Tickas wooden paint storage rack will hold several different sized paint bottles, up to 58 bottles. It also has 22 slots for vertical storage of brushes and other tools, like hobby knives or sculpting tools. The drawers on the bottom can hold all sorts of things you may want to store. Things like tape, glue, or spare accessories will fit nicely under this rack.

Key Points:

  • Require assembly (like most laser-cut MDF products)
  • Light weight, somewhat portable
  • Will hold large bottles that other racks may not fit
  • Modular with other rack designs

Who is this for?

If you’re a hobbyist looking for a storage unit with the capacity to hold different sized bottles in a single location, this may be the right rack/display unit for you. The drawers will also come in handy for someone who likes keeping loose items in check.

I love the idea of a vertical, rotating paint storage system. If you’re looking for a paint holder that takes up very little space, but holds a lot of paint, this is an amazing solution. Looking at this paint rack closely, this rotating essential oil display stand is the most efficient storage solution I found. It will fit a lot of paint bottles in a very small space on your desk. Use it a Vallejo or Citadel paint rack, or store other art media alongside your paints.

Every bottle is visible and rotating the rack will let you reach for the paint you need.

It may not fit the larger bottles, and is ideal for dropper bottles, e.g., Vallejo, Reaper, Games Workshop, or Army Painter model paints. It will hold up to 120 bottles in 5 rotating layers.

Key Points:

  • Made of durable plastic
  • Smooth rotating system
  • Good value compared to other rotating storage racks
  • Aesthetically pleasing to have on your desk

Who is this for?

This is perfect for any modeler or hobbyist looking for a small footprint solution to store their paints within easy reach and visibility. It is fairly tall (~18″) and will require some reaching to get to the top shelf if this sits on the back of your desk.

This is similar to the Tickas wood display rack (#4). Except the Togush storage unit has a bit more display storage room as well as a double layer of drawers. The material is laser-cut MDF. This will hold up to 32 larger sized paint bottles (or smaller ones with wiggle room). This rack will also work well as a Citadel paint rack, or if you’re a Vallejo paint collector, could also work as a Vallejo paint rack.

Key Points:

  • Versatile hobby supply storage rack
  • Double drawers with side pockets for pens, brushes, or markers
  • Requires some assembly
  • Light weight

Who is this for?

Someone who has lots of different hobby or art supplies that need a place to live. It does not have the paint storage capacity of some dedicated paint racks, but will hold larger bottles with ease. Check your paint bottle sizes to make sure this will ft your need.

The Ophir Wooden paint rack is a modular system designed to fit alongside other Ophir storage unit products. This modular unit will for example. This is similar to the Tickas storage rack as well, but with a bit better construction. Laser cut MDF make this light-weight and durable.

The rack has 16 large holds, 42 smaller holes (for up to 58 bottles or pots of paint), and 22 mini holes for vertical tool storage.

The under-rack cabinets will fit other tools like clippers, pliers, or other doodads you need within reach. As with Togush rack, this will work great for Citadel paint pots or Vallejo paint bottles.

Key Points:

  • MDF construction
  • Simple rack and drawer system
  • Modular system with other Ophir storage and paint display racks
  • Does not require glue for assembly

Who is this for?

This is one of the best hobby paint display racks for organizing various tools in one place. Assembly does not require glue, so this could be disassembled, easily, if needed.

The Bonarty Wooden Paint Rack Stand uses the classic waterfall design with 10 shelving tiers. It can hold 75 bottles of paint (up to 33mm in diameter). Check table for your paint size. The drawback of this larger paint rack, however, is that it requires a bit more desk tabletop space. It will extend outward (from the back) about 13″ (or 35cm).

This means it will likely occupy the space of a small shoebox. You could use the space under the rack for long-term storage of things. Maybe you have an excess supply of flocking material, or primer you don’t use often. It could all fit nicely under this rack.

Key Points:

  • Large tiered paint display rack
  • Will have an extended footprint on a tabletop surface
  • Excellent visibility of all your paint bottles
  • MDF construction is light-weight and durable

Who is this for?

If you must see all your paints on your desk at the same time and have lots of bottles, this hobby paint rack will do nicely. Remember, the height of this rack will mean that you need to reach relatively far to get to the top of shelf.

Why stick with MDF material? Acrylic display racks are a great alternative if you’re looking for a more stylish-looking paint rack. The Gospire 6-tiered paint rack will hold 66 bottles of your favorite model paint (or more depending on the bottle size). The clear acrylic stand makes it easy to see all your paint colors even in dimmer light.


Sure, this acrylic rack is marketed for storing and displaying nail polish, but it’s all the same to us! This works great for bottles of any of hobby brand, e.g., use it as a clear, easy to see Citadel paint rack organizer.

In contrast to MDF, a side benefit of acrylic paint racks is the ease of cleaning. Use soap and water, and wipe. Easy!

Key Points:

  • Clear, beautiful acrylic construction
  • Requires some assembly (easy)
  • Footprint is larger than vertical or rotating rack
  • Easier to clean than MDF

Who is this for?

This is perfect of hobbyists who want the tiered storage rack, but are looking for something with more style. The acrylic plastic construction also make this easier to clean than MDF. Did you spill paint on your paint rack? No problem. Just wipe it off.

Similar to the Gospire acrylic paint rack (#7), this acrylic display organizer will hold your model paints in a tiered waterfall style system. All your paints will be visible and within easy reach. Without specific holes or slots, you’ll have an easier time removing or inserting your bottles into the organizer.

This is a large paint rack that will hold up to 126 bottles (5ml sized), or 84 bottles (10ml sized). Of course, this will take up more room on your tabletop that smaller racks, but (hey) you’ve got a lot of paint. Where else are you going to put them?

Key Points:

  • Beautiful acrylic construction
  • Some assembly required
  • Holds lots of bottles
  • Easy to clean

Who is this for?

This is for the miniature painter who has a lot of paints and needs them displayed on their tabletop. Like the Gospire paint rack, this acrylic display organizer will be easy to clean, show off your paints in a nicely arranged tiered fashion, and place your bottles within easy reach.

This MDF/wooden paint bottle rack is a practical storage organizer that will hold up to 62 bottles. It also has smaller hole-slots for vertically storing tools, such as brushes and other hobby tools.

The laser-cut MDF isn’t the strongest kind of construction, but it will do the job. Some assembly will be required when you receive this paint rack. Some reviews have mentioned that the tolerances on the cut-outs may be off. So, you may need to do some shaving and sanding to get the parts to fit snugly. The system is moudular with other racks from the same company.

Key Points:

  • Laser cut wooden panels
  • Good storage capacity
  • Practical value
  • Requires assembly

Who is this for?

This is a good value paint rack with a larger capacity for storage than other options. However, because of some of the challenges with assembly, this is likely best for those who are comfortable with giving this a little DIY attention. On the bright side, wood is easy to work with when you have sharp hobby blades lying around. This is a great option for those on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice on paint storage capacity.

The GameCraft Miniatures Paint Rack has a smaller form factor than other step-design or tiered paint racks. This is excellent for hobbyist looking for a way to keep their small collection of paints visible but organized. This rack will hold up to 20 Vallejo, Reaper Series, or Army Painter brand dropper bottles.

The neat part about this rack is that it is modular. You can have multiple racks placed next to each other for a neat display arrangement. Or, place these around your tabletop however you need them. Simple, functional desktop storage for your dropper bottle model paints.

Key Points:

  • Small form factor
  • Modular design with other units
  • MDF construction with nice fitting parts
  • Holds up to 20 dropper bottles (e.g., Vallejo, Army Painter)

Who is this for?

If you have a budding collection of dropper bottle paints (similar to Army Painter or Master Reaper Series bottles) and don’t want or have a large space for storage, this paint holder is a great option. Because of the design, you can add to you collection by placing multiple rack units together, or spreading them across your work space.

The Hex Hive paint storage system is probably the most innovative design I have seen. While not inexpensive, it is fully modular down to a single “hex slot”. You can literally build your storage organizer into the shape and size you want.

For example, if you wanted, you could make this super tall and narrow. Or, you could make this wide and short. With a small footprint, the Hex Hive won’t take up much of your desk space. Ingenious! Assembly is easy and requires no tools. The Hex units are made of durable, smooth plastic, and slide right into each other with easy-fit rails. Importantly, each slot will fit bottles up to 1.5″ in diameter (3.8cm).

Check the out 40 slot build here!

Key Points:

  • Very innovative design
  • Completely modular
  • Small footprint
  • Unlimited paint storage capacity (with additional purchases)

Who is this for?

This is great for anyone who wants a paint storage organizer that takes up very little desk space, has a modular design, and allows you to store other hobby supplies within easy reach.

Vallejo is one of the most highly-respected hobby companies in the world. This corner paint rack module is reflective of why Vallejo holds the upper echelon of products for hobbyists and artists. It is a sturdy rack that perfectly holds a variety of Vallejo-sized products, including their dropper paint bottles, washes, and dry pigments. A set of smaller holds in the back of the rack allow you to store brushes and other tools.

And, this module isn’t expensive. Fairly priced compared to other MDF constructed racks, this is a great product. Combine the Vallejo corner paint/hobby rack with other modules and you can enlarge your paint storage capacity. This corner module will hold 44 paint bottles, 8 large thinner bottles, and up to 26 paint brushes.

Key Points:

  • MDF construction
  • Modular
  • Well designed for holding different sized bottles
  • 44 paint capacity

Who is this for?

If you’ve already have a sizable collection of Vallejo paints (or similar dropper style bottles), this is modular paint rack is a great place to start building the perfect hobby station. Combine different modulars components together to expand your paint organizing capacity while maintaining a neat look to your hobby space.

This paint station has a huge storage capacity. It can store up to 98 bottles of paint within easy access (Vallejo or Army Painter dropper pots). Using a vertical design, this rack will display your paints in way that will help you identify a paint color/labely, quickly.

Interestingly, the MDF shelves are removable for some internal modularity. You have slots on the side for storing paint brushes and other tools. As with other MDF racks, some assembly is required.

Key Points:

  • Vertical display rack design
  • Modular internal shelves
  • Sturdy MDF construction (3mm thick)
  • Some assembly required

Who is this for?

This is great for hobbyists who already have a large collection of Vallejo, Reaper, or Army Painter dropper pots/bottles. The vertical design ensures that you’ll maximize your tabletop working space while maintaining your paint rack storage capacity.

The Vallejo front module paint stand works alongside the corner module (#12). Combine these Vallejo paint rack modules together and form a much larger and versatile painting station. This is one of the best organization solutions for someone who already has, or plans to have, a large collection of hobby paints, tools, and art media. Other reviews hold the Vallejo paint rack in high regard.

This paint rack will hold 60 paint bottles, 8 large thinner type bottles, and 22 paint brushes along the back edge. Some assembly is required.

Key Points:

  • Modular design fits with other Vallejo paint rack
  • 3 tier system balances footprint size with storage capacity
  • Easy visibility of paints
  • MDF construction with some assembly required

Who is this for?

This paint organization rack for those who are looking for a neat modular design that allows you to expand your paint collection. The tiered, step system also presents paints and media that make it easy for you easily identify what you’re looking for. This is a good balance of paint storage capacity and tabletop footprint.

The Falling in Art 6-Tier Paint Storage Display Rack is unique from other organization solution because it doesn’t need a desk. This freestanding storage system has wheels so you can move it to wherever you need it to be.

Do you work on multiple work benches, rooms, or want to keep your desk completely free of clutter? Then, this organization paint rack is for you. It’s more like a piece of furniture than something you simply place on your hobby table.

Each of the trays in this rack can be adjusted according to your needs. The shelves can hold up to 15 lbs (~6.8 kg)! The cool part of this rack is that it is useful beyond just your hobby stuff. It can hold large paint cans, aerosol spray cans, and other equipment.

You could even hang some clamping swing arm lamps to this for added utility.

15 Useful Hobby Paint Storage Racks and Organizers. Recommended hobby paint storage, miniature painting station organizer. How to storage Vallejo army painter dropper bottles or Warhammer Citadel paint pots. Best paint display racks for miniature and model painters. Falling art display rack freestanding storage solution for hobbyists and artists - alternative utility rack
This is a less expensive alternative to the wooden Falling Art Display rack.

Key Points:

  • Wheeled paint rack with shelving storage
  • Modular trays for added flexibility
  • Uses no desk space!
  • Box storage underneath for infrequently used items

Who is this for?


If you don’t have desk space, or want to save your table for other things (like dinner time in the kitchen), this is a great option. Wheel your hobby station wherever you go. Roll it right up to your bedside. With a breakfast tray, you can paint while you’re reclining. Or, take it outside on the deck, patio, or porch. The rack is on the pricey side for hobby “things”, but totally worth it if you think about the utility. The things you can do with this freestanding display storage rack are endless.

Why do you need to organize your hobby model paints?

I’ve been in the miniature and model painting hobby for a long time. It’s taken me years to figure out how to arrange my workspace. My space isn’t perfect, and I have a feeling it’ll change and adapt as time goes on.

Look, I understand that not all of you have the luxury of a dedicated space. I’m also not advocating that you need to be obsessively compulsive about organization. Just centralize your work area a little and place what you need most close at-hand.

Here are a few reasons you should consider organizing a little more.

  • Efficiency
  • Mental health
  • Productivity
  • Ergonomics


Efficiency is the ability of something to avoid wasted effort, resources, and time.

One of the best ways to improve efficiency in any activity, including your hobby, is to keep your supplies organized.

If you don’t waste time looking for your tools or paints, then your productivity will increase.

Simple. In fact, it is like that 87% of you may agree that a well-placed paint rack can improve your efficiency (source).

Organize your hobby things in a centralized fashion, placing your most-used paints within visual range, and you’ll jump into (and out of) your hobby easily. Painting and model kit building will be more enjoyable!

It’ll help you C.R.A.P. more.

If you’re painting Games Workshop models, for example, a Citadel paint rack that stores the flip-cap pots within easy reach and visibility will free you from trying to find that exact model paint color.

Mental Health

Stress sucks. Don’t you hate it when you have to dig around piles of paint pots to find that perfect color?

A cluttered desk can add to stress, frustration, and ultimately harm your mental health.

An organized desk can reduce anxiety and depression, according to the Harvard Business Review (source).

If you’re already a person with compromised energy levels, then staying organized with a well-chosen storage solution will keep your painting sessions longer and more comfortable. You’ll look at your hobby space and feel more relaxed.


To some people, productivity is a dirty word. It has the connotation of work.

Well, is that true? Is your hobby work?

If so, maybe it because you’re so dang messy! You spend most of your first few minutes re-organizing your things from the last session. Because you don’t have a great place to put it all, you end up just leaving it out on any flat surface you can find.

Flat-surface syndrome is a disorder facing many in the hobby community.

Okay, I made up flat-surface syndrome. It’s fake.

But, you know what I’m talking about!

If all the excess flat surfaces around your hobby space are covered in junk (useful or not), then it’s time to get something to store it all. A hobby paint storage unit/rack or display stand can make all the difference.

If you’re trying to get a lot of models painted, like those horde armies, then staying organized will be a major boost. Speed painting is great, but it can only do so much if you can’t find your stuff to start painting!

Even if you have a spectacular desk lamp and you can see that wonderful disaster that is your hobby desk, you’re not going to want to do anything. The disorganization is a speed bump.

Stop letting your mess turn your hobby into a job.


Ergonomics deals with the science of making your workplace fit your unique need. Proper ergonomics increases efficiency and productivity.

Most importantly, ergonomics will improve comfort!

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at the interior of your car dashboard. Imagine if your speedometer was located just too far to the left or right. Neck pain!

Or, what if your gear shifter was a tad too far back behind your shoulder (or too low)?

Ouch, wrist and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Good ergonomics is the key to an enjoyable hobby, but also to any safe and healthy activity. Put ergonomic science to work. Get a hobby station or storage unit for your hobby space.

What should you look for in a paint organizer rack?

Here are the 4 things you need to know for getting the best model paint rack for your acrylic hobby paint:

  • Paint storage capacity
  • Tabletop size
  • Modular design
  • Price

Paint storage capacity

The best paint display racks have good paint storage capacity. They can hold your burgeoning paint collection with space to spare.

15 Useful Hobby Paint Storage Racks and Organizers. Recommended hobby paint storage, miniature painting station organizer. How to storage Vallejo army painter dropper bottles or Warhammer Citadel paint pots. Best paint display racks for miniature and model painters. 3D printing paint racks and storage
EnderToys 3-Tier Spinning Paint Rack. A good size for those who don’t have a lot of paints in their collection.

If you missed it, check out the paint bottle dimensions in the table here to see how many paints your rack can hold.


Tabletop size

Some paint storage units require a lot of space. Others, not so much.

A paint display rack will have a tabletop footprint that you need to consider more if your space is limited. Remember the flat-surface syndrome I mentioned above?

Well, don’t let your need for order add to your (mental) disorder.

Find a storage solution that fits nicely on the boundaries of your hobby space.

Tall paint racks are great for saving footprint space, but may be cumbersome if you have to reach far to get the bottle you need. I personally prefer tiered or stepped paint storage racks. They let you see what you need right in front of you, and are a good balance of footprint size and height.

For those with limited space, but want more paint capacity, you can consider a rotating storage rack. They are great for holding a lot of paints without taking up too much room from your desk.


Modular design

Look, we all know that a paint collection never shrinks.

I started my mini painting hobby with 3 colors (Citadel paint). It has now grown to over 300 or so bottles of paint from various paint brand companies. I even have a huge collection of art media, e.g., matte varnishes, primers, as well as brushes and modeling/sculpting tools.

You’ll find that your need to organize will also need to grow with your hobby stuff. Many paint rack and storage solutions are modular. They are designed to fit together and grow as your need increases. I like these for their simplicity and utility.

Some even have drawers for storing non-paint items, like hobby instruments and tools. Stand alone brush holders are fun and useful, but when they are built into your paint rack, they keep things tidy.


The better the paint rack material, the more expensive it will be. The most inexpensive (and common) paint display racks are made of MDF (aka medium density fiber board). These are cut with a laser into different parts.

When you receive and MDF storage rack, you’ll likely have to assemble them. A little PVA glue, a sharp hobby knife (to help things fit properly), and being able to follow instructions will go a long way to making this process easier.

15 Useful Hobby Paint Storage Racks and Organizers. Recommended hobby paint storage, miniature painting station organizer. How to storage Vallejo army painter dropper bottles or Warhammer Citadel paint pots. Best paint display racks for miniature and model painters. Etsy paint storage holders and organizers
Search Etsy for some unique hobby paint storage solutions.

If you want to skip the self-assembly process for your miniature paint rack, you can get plastic or acrylic storage units. These are generally sold in a single piece and are pretty much set and forget.

The most expensive storage units are either branded by a well-known company (check out the HobbyZone paint storage racks), or have moving parts, like in the rotating or spinning racks.

Of course, if you have a 3D printer, you could print and construct your own DIY paint rack.

If you’re into handmade hobby products, Etsy as a huge listing of paint display racks and storage solutions. Check them out here.

Summary of 15 useful hobby paint storage solutions for miniature and model hobbyists

Image Product Bottle/Post Capacity  
Gamecraft miniatures vertical rack GameCraft Miniatures Vertical Paint Rack  Holds 64 of the Vallejo and Army Painter style 26mm (1″) diameter dropper bottles  Check Price
Tickas Wooden Rack Tickas Wooden Hole Paint Rack Storage with Cabinet Organizer  16 large holes (e.g., small spray cans or primer), 42 small holes (Vallejo-style dropper bottles) and 22 mini holes (e.g., tools) Check Price
JACKCUBE DESIGN Rotating Rotating Essential Oil Display Stand Spinning Rack 75 slots with 5 layers shelf stand  (up to 120 dropper bottles; less if using Citadel Games Workshop model paint pots) Check Price
TOGUSH Wood Artist Supply TOGUSH Wood Artis Supply Paint Pigment Ink Stand with Large Bottle and Marker Pen Storage Rack 32 large holes for dropper bottles, 36 mark pen holes Check Price
OPHIR Wooden Paint Rack OPHIR Wooden Paint Rack Stand Tool Storage with Cabinet Holder Organizer 16 large holes (e.g., small spray cans or primer), 42 small holes (Vallejo-style dropper bottles) and 22 mini holes (e.g., tools) Check Price
Bonarty Wooden Paint Rack Bonarty Wooden Paint Rack Stand Pigment Ink Bottle Paints Tool Storage Holder Organizer 75 holes for storing 33mm diameter or less paint pots/bottles Check Price
Gospire 66 Bottles Gospire 6 Tier Acrylic Nail Polish Ink Rack Display Stand 66 bottles or pots (tiered trays) Check Price
Essential Oils Nail Polish Rack Acrylic Acrylic Display Rack Nail Polish Organizer Plastic Collection Container for Dropper Bottle Paints 126 bottles (5ml sized), or 84 bottles (10ml sized) Check Price
Wooden Paints Bottles Rack Modular Wooden Paints Bottles Rack Modular Stand Storage Rack DIY Art Painting Tools 74 holes for dropper style bottles of model paint (e.g., Vallejo or Army Painter paints) Check Price
GameCraft Miniatures Paint Rack GameCraft Miniatures Paint Half Rack Holds 20 of the Vallejo and Army Painter style 26mm diameter dropper bottles Check Price
Hex Hive Craft Paint Storage Organizer Hex Hive Craft Paint Storage Organizer Rack for Paint Storage and Organization 40 slots for various model paints (e.g., fairly large holes will hold bottles up to 3.8c or 1.5″ in diameter) Check Price
Vallejo Corner Module Paint Stand Vallejo Corner Module Paint Stand Will store 44 model paint bottles, 8 large thinners and 26 brushes Check Price
Paint Station Stand for Model Painting Paint Station Tier Stand for Modelers, Miniature Figure Painting, and Hobbyists Store up to 98 paints for easy access while painting your models or miniatures (based on Vallejo or Army Painter dropper pots) Check Price
Vallejo Front Module Paint Stand Vallejo Front Module Paint Stand Module will hold 60 paint bottles, 8 large thinners and 22 brushes Check Price
Falling in Art Paint Storage Rack Falling in Art Large 6-Tiers Paint Storage Display Rack, Multifunctional Freestanding Shelves with 4 Brake Wheels Will store a huge number of model paints of almost any size (this is a wheeled, large shelving rack and storage unit) Check Price

Final Word

Did I miss something? I’m sure I did. Do you have a favorite miniature paint rack system? How do you organize your hobby supplies and paints? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

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