Miniature Painting Gallery

Welcome to my miniature painting gallery! Browse through the images, and you will see a collection of painted miniatures that I have completed over the past few years. Each individual piece is unique in its own way, but all are created with great care and attention to detail.

For inquiries to commission a miniature painting project, send me a message. Visit Facebook, Instagram, or Flickr for more hi-resolution photos of my work.

10 thoughts on “Miniature Painting Gallery”

    1. It does look like very delicate and precise work. My father collected metal soldiers and some of those were painted very nicely. I always appreciated the amount of detail it requires to paint miniatures. Yours look great!! Thanks for showing them.

  1. These are gorgeous! My late father was famous in the world in the world of HO model trains and he painted miniatures to go with the layouts — but he never got to use colors like yours! A few of these would have livened up those train layouts in more ways than one. Really fine work.

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  4. Love the NMM swords on the…knight…space…marine…angel…guys. (I don’t play Warhammer so please forgive my shoddy nomenclature.)

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