I’ve always enjoyed doodling and drawing. This is where visual communication goes beyond words on a type written page.

I find myself sketching and illustrating ideas in the margins of my work notebooks and random places whenever the moment strikes me. Sometimes, thoughts and sketches come together.

Take a quick creative journey….

Neuron Doodling: Thinking About Complexity

Do you doodle while held captive by a long wait, work meeting, or school lecture? As a neuroscientist, I’ve spent countless hours looking through a microscope at brain and spinal cord tissue samples of the nervous system. What I see…

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“Drawing” Me Out of My Skull

I was doodling, drawing at the dinner table in the kitchen at 1 o’ clock in the morning. I’m on night watch for our twin baby sons, when my wife wakes up and walks by me to get a drink…

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