About Me

Hi, my name is Andrew. Here is my collection of ruminations written in the sidebar of life. This site contains all the fun and interesting stuff that I’ve played around with in the margins of a busy adult life filled with responsibilities and big priorities.

It’s the blue-hour, between nightfall and golden hour of sunset.

For a while I had stopped writing to catch up on other responsibilities, but I’ve learned its so important to stop and do a bit of reflection.  I have more interests than anyone in their right mind should have. All of these hobbies, I’ve either dabbled in casually or dove headlong into professionally.

I could tell you a lot about myself, but you can find out much more regularly through this site. I’ve done my best to organize this blog into an easy-to-read repository. I’ve distilled my interests into three buckets: miniatures (modeling and painting), art (all kinds, including science), and photography. These topics are the pipelines that both empty and fill my imagination.

A lot of life is lived inside the head and heart.

I’m glad that the technology we have today allows me share my experience and thoughts with you. I’m driven to discover new things along the way. I hope you enjoy my posts. I’ve met a lot of of interesting and unique people through my travels and local communities.

Please enjoy your stay on this blog. Please leave a comment if you find something helpful or interesting, or if you’d like to hear more of my thoughts about a topic.

If you’d like to see more of my work, you can visit the Portfolio or visit me on Facebook.

Kind regards,


(contact @ TangibleDay)


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