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Contribute an Article

We are always looking to expand our perspective of the miniature and tabletop gaming hobby. We are looking for guest articles from anyone interested in sharing their experience in miniature gaming, photography, tabletop wargames, and other related topics. Do you have have a unique viewpoint or idea? Let us know!

We are currently considering articles for publication between 1000-1500 words with two or more original images. If you’ve got an article idea or topic you want to write about, we want to hear from you!

How to Submit an Article Idea

Please send us a message on our contact page and include the following information:

  • Tell us a bit about yourself
  • Your proposed article topic or idea
  • 2-3 sentences about why you think your article will fit the scope of

We will reply within 24 hours with more information!

Request for Articles

You don’t need to be a professional writer to contribute. All we ask for is your passion and enthusiasm for the hobby. An editorial team is ready to help you publish your submission. 😃

Here are some ideas and article topics we are looking for:

  • Hobby tutorials, tips and tricks (painting, scale modeling, terrain, etc)
  • Anything related to visual art
  • Product reviews (sorry, no Kickstarters)
  • Gaming editorials (opinion topics)
  • A unique perspective about hobbies from anyone with a personal story
  • Review articles of products (only related to tabletop gaming and miniatures; no self-promotion)