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Retributor Armour: Best Gold Metallic Ever? [Quick Review]
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Retributor Armour: Best Gold Metallic Ever? [Quick Review]

This article reviews the Retributor Armour gold metallic base paint and the metallic spray version. Overall, I think the Retributor Armour metallic paint as a base color in the pot […]

Magnifying Visor for Miniature Painting (Tips and Recommendation)
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Magnifiers for Miniatures (Tips and Recommendation)

What magnifying systems do you need for painting detail? Miniature painting involves fine-motor skill and good eye sight. The ability to see clearly and comfortably can prevent eye strain, a […]

Do You Hate Painting Miniatures? 10 Common and Surprising Reasons
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Do You Hate Painting Miniatures? 10 Common and Surprising Reasons

I love painting miniatures. But, in an effort to see from a different perspective, I searched everywhere online to understand why so many people hate this part of the miniature […]

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Painting Tutorials Online (YouTube Links)

In this miniature hobby-world, there are three kinds of people: 1. People who want to paint, and even enjoy it, but don’t have the entire skill set to achieve their […]

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Hero Forge: Unboxing Custom 3D Printed Miniatures (Close-Up Photos)

For a photographic project, I ordered five miniatures from Hero Forge. Hero Forge is the an online (internet-based) site for “…customizing and 3D printing tabletop miniatures and statuettes”, according to […]

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5 Useful Paint Mixers and Shakers for Miniature Paint (Review)

Are you looking for a better way to mix your miniature paints? Do you hate Vallejo or Scale 75 paint separation in your bottles? A lot of miniature paints tend […]