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Freedom? Lessons from a Toddler and Legos

On the weekend, my family went to the mall. As families with young children do, we ended up taking a pitstop at the Lego Store. Whoever markets some of these […]

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5 Useful Paint Mixers and Shakers for Miniature Paint (Review)

Are you looking for a better way to mix your miniature paints? Do you hate Vallejo or Scale 75 paint separation in your bottles? A lot of miniature paints tend […]

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Artis Opus Brushes (In Depth Review)

This Artis Opus Brush Series S review is based on several months of regular brush use in commissioned miniature painting. Artis Opus brushes are similar in cost to other kolinsky […]

Write better battle reports
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5 Essential Camera Shots For Better Battle Reports

Do you want to write better battle reports? Are your adventure logs lacking  narrative flair? Maybe you’ve played a memorable tabletop game like Warhammer 40k or Warmachine/Hordes, or are simply […]

Saliva for brush care and maintenance
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Saliva May Be Good for Miniature Paint Brushes

Do you lick your brushes to keep a fine point? Many painters lick their brushes for this purpose. Other miniature painters work saliva into the bristles with their fingers, which […]

Why you need a hair dryer for miniature painting
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3 Reasons You Need a Hair Dryer for Miniature Painting

We all need brushes, acrylic paint, andΒ good lighting, but if you’re a regular painter of miniatures, you should also get a hair dryer. This article is about why you should […]

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Best Paper for Any Wet Palette (Recommendation)

Do you use a wet palette? How do you setup your palette? I’ve tried all types of wet palettes: the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) disaster and even the fancier “Everlasting Wet Palette” (Red Grass Games). These are either mold-farms or over-hyped and expensive palettes.