Wargaming: The Illusion of “Balance” (Editorial)

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In a typical tabletop wargame, two forces meet in a pitched battle: one against the other. Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, or even an accurate recreation of a real-life historical skirmish, it doesn’t matter. There’s something enjoyable and thrilling (perhaps, a tad sadistic) about miniature wargaming. Of course, a major draw for games is the …

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100 Popular Miniature Painting Mistakes (of Casuals and Professionals)

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We all make mistakes. Some are worse than others. As miniature painters, we are no exception to overlooking good practice and making mistakes with our work. I’ve painted miniatures for years and have made a TON of errors in how I approach a project. Popular miniature painting mistakes continue to haunt me when I work …

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