Special Effects for Miniatures and Models

Make your hobby work stand out! Whether you’re a casual enthusiast or a passionate professional, making your work stand out is important. After all, there’s nothing worse than spending hours on a project only to have it look like everyone else’s.

One way to make your work stand out is by using miniature and modeling special effects. By adding these special touches, you can take your work to the next level and make it truly unique.

There are endless ways to add special effects to your work. Below you’ll find articles with ideas, inspiration, and methods for adding special effects to your models and miniatures.

How to Paint Model Tanks (8 Basic Steps)

Are you trying to paint models for a diorama, a tabletop wargame? Military tank miniatures from wargames like Bolt Action, Flames of War, or even Warhammer 40K can be fun but challenging to paint well. For the scale modelers who…

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