10 Fun Paint Brush Holders for Hobby Painters

best paint brush holders and organizers - best way to store paint brushes for miniatures and models

Are you looking for a better way to organize your paint brushes? Maybe you have high-end kolinsky sables and are looking for a horizontal paint brush holder to keep the bristles safe and the tips sharp. For a great paint brush rack, you’ll want something that is both functional and fun for your desk. Sure, there are utilitarian (boring) brush racks that will do the job. But, sometimes your hobby desk needs a bit more flair.

In this article, I show you some cool paint brush racks that can help you organize your brushes and keep them safe while you’re working or simply when you need to take a break. You could make a DIY paint brush holder or organizer, but to save time check out these cool paint brush racks and holders below!

What’s the Best Way to Store Your Paint Brushes?

In miniature painting, the brushes we use are small and have delicate sharp bristle tips. We need fine points on the brush to paint details and control paint for a number of different painting techniques. This one of the reasons many professional miniature painters prize the kolinsky sable paint brush for its ability to naturally return to its pointed shape after every brushstroke. Protecting your precious pointed round brushes is a priority.

In my experience with painting miniatures, there are two things you can do to keep your brushes working well for a long time. First, clean your brushes appropriately after each painting session. Second, store your brushes in a place where the bristle tip can keep its shape until it’s completely dry.

For these reasons, the best way to store your paint brushes is horizontally with the tips off the table, or with the brush tips pointed vertically. This way the bristles aren’t at-risk for damage, and excess moisture doesn’t seep up into the ferrule.

10 Fun Paint Brush Holders for Hobby Painters - brush rest diy for proper storage and care - 3d printed brush holder
My 3D printed paint brush rests (find the file here).


Do you paint miniatures and models and looking for a way to protect your brushes when you’re not working? Protect your favorite brushes with a brush holder or horizontal brush rest.

Here are 10 Cool Paint Brush Holders and Rests for Miniature Painters and Hobbyists:

1. Acrylic Pen Organizer Stand, Makeup Brush Display Stand, Rack Organizer for Brushes

10 Fun Paint Brush Holders for Hobby Painters - samurai style brush holder stand - proper paint brush storage
This is a durable brush holder for proudly displaying your favorite paint brushes. This is probably the best stand in my opinion for displaying brushes, because of its size, ergonomics, and aesthetics.

This clear acrylic brush holder has 6 slots that can hold paint brushes, pens, and other art instruments. The stand can lay sideways or vertically (as shown above).

This is a great brush rest that shows off your paint brush collection, keeping your tools within easy reach, and kept in the horizontal position.

2. Hmayart Chinese Calligraphy and Sumie Ceramic Brush Rest/Holder

10 Fun Paint Brush Holders for Hobby Painters - ceramic brush rests and holders
For those artists who need a bit more of a feline motif on their work desks.

This is a cute brush rest for your painting implements. Keep your brushes horizontal and ready-to-use near your work space. Shaped ceramic sculpts also double as fun desk companions.

Keep your paint brushes from rolling off your table, wet bristles from making undue mess, these cat paint brush holders are a fun addition!

3. Hipiwe Acrylic Pen Holder Display Stand Clear Makeup Brush Rack Organizer Holder

10 Fun Paint Brush Holders for Hobby Painters - clear stands for storage brushes for miniatures and models
Inexpensive, mass-produced, but functional and practical, these are well-reviewed.

This is a pragmatic design for a paint brush holder. This is probably your best choice if you don’t want to use a diy holder due to its price and shape. It takes up very little space either oriented vertically or horizontally.

This is a 6-slot holder that can keep your paint brushes protected between use, or hold your pens, make-up brushes, or other tools you have lying around. This comes with 2 stands.

4. Ceramic Brush Holder

10 Fun Paint Brush Holders for Hobby Painters - best holders for paint brush storage - ceramic brush rest Jack Richeson
I love this design. Anything Jack Richeson in the art space is awesome.

This is my favorite style of brush rest designs, and I highly recommend this for most miniature painters who don’t need a lot of brush storage space.

This is a ceramic brush holder (see the great dry palettes from the same maker) that simply sits on your desk or workspace and keeps your brushes from getting away from you. Easy to clean, simple, and sturdy, this brush rest is the epitome of “form follows function”.

5. Loew-Cornell 390 Multi Bin Brush Organizer

10 Fun Paint Brush Holders for Hobby Painters - Loew-Cornell multi-bin brush organizer - paint brush organizer and storage
Doesn’t get much simpler than this. This brush organizer is a step-up from the ubiquitous ceramic mug.

This is a 49 hole paint brush organizer that I would recommend for those who want to upgrade from their ceramic mugs. This will keep your brushes in the ideal vertical storage position and in clear view for your to find the one you need.

If there is one limitation with this holder is that it is a tad larger than the other ones I’ve listed. It also won’t hold shorter paint brushes very well, especially those that are under 8″ long.

6. Crystal Fountain Pen Holder Desktop Organizer

10 Fun Paint Brush Holders for Hobby Painters - crystal brush holder - best way to storage paint brushes
This almost looks like a cigar holder. I love pens, too. This doubles as a pen holder, and brush rest.

This is one of the more elegant options for storing your brushes between hobby painting sessions. This is designed as a fountain pen holder, but doubles a great brush rest, too!

Made of clear, lead-free crystal, you can hold up to 3 brushes at a time, or a single brush in the other direction, depending on your needs. It looks great on any work or hobby desk.

7. Paint Brush Holder – Organizer for 15 Short Handle Brushes

10 Fun Paint Brush Holders for Hobby Painters - best portable brush holder storage - brush roll alternative zip folder up
A practical brush holder/organizer for those who are on the move. Or, miniature artists who simply want to keep their tools in a handy zip-up case.

This is a portable brush organizer and holder. Take your brushes for painting miniatures and models wherever you go! This holds 15 brushes (up to 9.5″), which is great for the typical brushes that we use as miniature painters.

The brush organizer folds and zips closed for travel. When you’re ready to paint, the holder has pop-up flaps for easy-access. You can even store brushes in this organizer to allow them to dry in the ideal vertical position.

8. RAYNAG Pen Display Holder Acrylic Stands, Brush Rack Organizer Holders

10 Fun Paint Brush Holders for Hobby Painters - acrylic paint brush stand set
As with any brush holder, looks come secondary to function. But, if you’re looking for something a bit more niche, these stands might be it.

This acrylic stand holder comes in a set of two, and can hold 6 brushes on each stand. Similar to other horizontal brush holders, the stands can can lay flat on your desk, or vertically. These stands are light-weight, too.

Other art supplies you can store on these include pens, markers, other kinds of art brushes, and pencils. In either black or clear acrylic, these stands keep your favorites close at-hand.

9. TOMUM 12 Layers Clear Acrylic Display Stand

10 Fun Paint Brush Holders for Hobby Painters - cool and fun looking paint brush stands
Clear plastic acrylic is a simple, but elegant material for displaying brushes.

The Tomum clear acrylic display stand has 12 brush holder slots. As shown in the image, this is an elegant way to store brushes horizontally, which protects bristle tips. You can lay the stand either vertically or horizontally. In either configuration, this is a great brush storage and display option.

The waterfall pen display stand is more than just a place to hold your pens, paint brushes, or other tools. This is horizontal brush stand is reminiscent of ancient samurai sword stands. Made by Woodriver, an American company, this is a highly-rated stand that will last for years to come. The stand/holder can store up to 10 brushes, proudly displaying them in a unique and functional way.

Paint Brush Storage Tubes and Roll-Ups

As a portable alternative for proper paint brush storage. You can get paint brush storage tubes or roll-ups, which allow you to take your brushes with you.

Best paint brush storage tube - brush holders for painting miniatures and models - leather case
A leather carrying “case” for paint brushes is a great option for storing brushes on the move.
Paint brush roll up for storing and carrying brushes - best roll up brush storage options - green canvas rollup
A classic canvas paint brush roll up option for those of you looking for a simple way to deploy your brush kit.
Plastic storage tube for paint brushes - Best storage holders and travel cases for brushes
Similar to the leather version, this is a pragmatic, inexpensive option for paint brush storage.

No matter what you decide to do for brush storage, display, whatever, remember that if you’re a miniature hobbyist everything you buy is an investment.

The more you care for your equipment, the longer it will last. Your budget will thank you!

Of course, I skipped over many other DIY options for brush holders and rests. I’m sure everyone has their way of doing things. A long time ago, I used ceramic mugs for many things in the miniature painting hobby, e.g., brush-holders, water pots, and coffee.

Over time, I learned that the best hobby products oftentimes are those that are specialized for a single purpose: a master-of-one; not of many.

Find what works for you!


The best way to care for your paint brushes is to wash them after every painting session, remove extra water from the bristles, and dry the ferrule and handle.

Reshape the bristles back into its original shape and keep the brush pointed upwards or horizontally. For proper paint brush storage, you can use a cup, jar, or use a brush stand-holder.

Happy painting!

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