Smart Ambience: Rollin Light Recessed Lighting Review

Are you looking for the best smart LED recessed lights? As a miniature painter, artist, and photographer, I’m always chasing good light. And, that’s why I’m so impressed with the Rollin Light Smart Ambience recessed lighting system. This clever collection of 6-inch smart LED recessed lights is a fun and functional solution for anyone looking to add ambience (and light) to any room in their home, including those hobby and art studios.

In this article, I share my experience testing one of the best smart led recessed lights on the market today. If you’re for a fun, dynamic room-filling lighting solution, then this is definitely worth looking into.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Vertical feature image rolling light smart recessed lighting review

Disclaimer: Rollin Light provided me with a free demo pack of their Smart LED Recessed Lights for this review. As with any review, I will always provide an honest opinion of my experience, and do my best to compare demo products with other available solutions

The Rollin Light Smart Recessed Lighting system uses a fairly quick and easy can-less installation approach. I was pleasantly surprised! Read on below for the full review!

Summary: Is the Rolling Light Smart Recessed Lighting Worth it?

The Rollin Light Smart Recessed Lighting presents a number of benefits that make it a good choice for artists and miniature painters alike. While I recommend dedicated desk or floor lamp systems for dedicated desk/tabletop work, if you need for room-filling illumination, recessed lighting is a great option.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Rollin light product photos pack of 6
The Rollin Light Smart Recessed Lighting bundle (6″ size) comes with six LEDs and six junction boxes (which house the electronics required to pair the lights with your smartphone).

With its space-saving design, even light distribution, intelligent control features, energy efficiency, and stylish appearance, the Rollin Light Smart Recessed LED lights will prove to be a fun and functional addition to any workspace. Plus, at under $15 per unit (in a pack of 6 lights), they’re quite affordable.

Although there are a few limitations, such as wiring installation and limited adjustability, the advantages typically outshine the downsides for those in search of a modern, efficient, and customizable recessed lighting option.

Nonetheless, if you need more directional control or have concerns regarding installation and compatibility, a traditional hobby desk lamp might still serve as a better alternative.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Demo of smart phone application
Once you’re setup, you can control all the features of the LEDs with your smartphone. It’s quite impressive and fun to use!

Key Features of the Rolling Smart Recessed Lighting (6 Inch Size) by Rollin Light

  • Voice Control: Compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri allows for hands-free operation, making it convenient to adjust lighting while working on your art projects.
  • APP Control: The app offers a range of functions like dimming, color adjustment, remote control, and scheduling, all designed to help you create the perfect ambiance in your workspace.
  • RGBCW & Adjustable Brightness: With 16 million colors to choose from and a color temperature range of 2700K to 6500K, with a maximum 1100 lumen per light fixture, you can easily create the ideal lighting to suit your space lighting needs. The 1%-100% dimmability ensures that the light is gentle on your eyes.
  • Sync with Music: If you enjoy listening to music while working, this feature allows the lights to sync with your tunes, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere in your studio.
  • Energy Efficiency & Long Lifespan: These lights are equivalent to 120W incandescent lamps but use only 12 Watts, saving up to 88% in energy costs. They also have a long lifespan of 50,000+ hours and come with a 5-year warranty.
  • No Flickering & Buzzing: The lights are designed to provide a stable and consistent output, eliminating any annoying flickering or buzzing sounds that could disturb your concentration.
  • Safety & Reliability: These lights are built with high-quality materials and components, ensuring both safety and reliability. Additionally, they are IC rated, meaning they can be safely used in insulated ceiling spaces.
Room sparkle with 16 million colors and brightness setting with smart recesse lights

Why Recessed Lighting for Painting Miniatures, Hobbies, and Art?

Recessed smart LED lighting offers several advantages over typical hobby desk lamps, making them an attractive option for various applications:

  • Space-saving design: Recessed lighting is installed directly into the ceiling, eliminating the need for a desk lamp that takes up valuable workspace. This can be particularly useful in small work areas or for those who require a clutter-free environment.
  • Even light distribution: Recessed LED lights can provide more uniform illumination across the workspace compared to desk lamps, which often produce localized and uneven lighting. This results in fewer shadows and better visibility for intricate tasks, such as painting miniatures or working on detailed projects.
  • Smart control features: The integration of smart features, like voice and app control, allows users to easily adjust the lighting according to their preferences and needs. This includes dimming, changing color temperature, and even syncing with music or creating pre-set routines, all of which may not be available in a typical hobby desk lamp.
  • Energy efficiency and longevity: LED lighting is generally more energy-efficient than traditional lighting options, consuming less power while providing similar or superior levels of brightness. Additionally, LED lights have a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and lowering maintenance costs.
  • Aesthetics and minimalism: Recessed LED lighting provides a sleek, modern look that blends seamlessly with various interior designs. The minimalistic appearance of these lights helps maintain a clean and organized workspace, which can be particularly appealing to artists and hobbyists who value aesthetics in their work environment.
Smart LED recessed light 6 inch size rolling light brand box art
Pretty clear what’s inside the box.

Limitations of Recessed Lighting in an Art Studio or Hobby Room

Recessed smart LED lighting, while offering numerous advantages, may also have some limitations that could affect its suitability for certain users or situations:

  • Installation: Recessed lighting generally requires professional installation, which can be more time-consuming and costly compared to simply plugging in a desk lamp. Additionally, this type of lighting may not be suitable for all ceiling types or structures, potentially limiting its use in certain spaces.
  • Fixed position: Unlike desk lamps that can be easily moved or repositioned, recessed lighting is permanently installed in the ceiling. This can make it difficult to adjust the direction or angle of the light if needed for specific tasks or projects.
  • Limited adjustability: While some recessed smart LED lights offer features such as dimming and color temperature adjustments, they may not provide the same level of directional control as a hobby desk lamp with an adjustable arm, which can be more easily focused on specific areas of a project.
  • Retrofitting challenges: For those who wish to upgrade their existing lighting to recessed smart LED lights, retrofitting can be a complex and costly process. It may involve structural modifications and electrical work, which could be prohibitive for some users.
  • Compatibility issues: Recessed smart LED lighting relies on Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with specific smart home ecosystems, such as Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. Users who have limited internet access or are not part of these ecosystems may face challenges in fully utilizing the smart features of these lights.

Pros and Cons of Recessed Lighting for Miniature Painters and Artists


  • Space-saving design
  • Even light distribution
  • Smart control features
  • Energy efficiency and longevity
  • Aesthetic appeal


  • Complex installation
  • Fixed position
  • Limited adjustability
  • Retrofitting challenges
  • Compatibility issues, e.g., Wifi, Bluetooth connectivity
best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - BENQ comparison desk lamp for hobby, art, and reading
A desk lamp like this would not provide sufficient room-filling light, but would serve a different purpose, e.g., hobby or art task lighting.


In general, recessed lighting, especially smart LED lights can add a sense of room ambience that can’t be matched any other way. They provide an efficient and cost-effective lighting solution for hobbyists, painters, and artists who need reliable and adjustable light without taking up valuable workspace. And, the atmosphere they can create (dynamically!) is beyond compare.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Sync with music feature demo graphic
Handy? Maybe. Fun, definitely.

5 Reasons Why a Miniature Painter or Artist Would Want to USE RECESSED Smart LED Lights

  1. Precision Color Control: The ability to adjust the lighting color temperature from 2700K warm white to 6500K cool white allows artists and miniature painters to create an optimal lighting environment for color accuracy and visibility, ensuring that their work appears true-to-life and vibrant.
  2. Dimmability: With a 1%-100% dimming range, artists and miniature painters can easily find the perfect level of brightness to suit their workspace and project requirements, reducing eye strain and enhancing the overall painting experience.
  3. Flicker-free and No Buzzing: Rollin Light’s Smart Recessed Lighting provides a stable light source without flickering or buzzing, which is essential for artists and miniature painters who need a consistent, comfortable environment to focus on intricate details.
  4. Hands-free Voice Control: The compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri enables artists and miniature painters to effortlessly adjust the lighting without interrupting their workflow, allowing them to concentrate on their craft and maintain their creative momentum.
  5. Energy Efficiency and Long Lifespan: The energy-efficient design and long lifespan of these lights (50,000+ hours) ensure that artists and miniature painters can rely on a sustainable, cost-effective lighting solution for their workspace, reducing both energy costs and the need for frequent replacements.
5 reasons for using smart LED recessed lighting for painting miniatures and art studio work

My Review of the Rollin Light Smart LED Lighting System

Unboxing and Impressions

The Smart LED Recessed lights from Rollin Light arrived in a standard cardboard box, adequately protecting the contents during shipping.

Upon opening the outer box, I found the inner “actual” packaging for the lights. On the outside, were the logos, the descriptive text and graphics detailing the main features of the lights.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - 6 inch smart RGBCW led recessed light brand cover

As this bundle is meant to provide users with enough lighting to fill an entire room, it included six sets of the 6-inch recessed lights and the necessary components for installation, including the junction controller system.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - 6 pack label
With 6 units, you have more than enough power to fill a room (or two) with clear, bright (and colorful, if you so choose) light.
best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Product flat lay photo of LED recessed light and junction controller box
Two peas in a pod.

The included items were all neatly packed in foam compartments within the box. The included user manual was on the light side, with only a few pages. But using the QR-code displayed inside the box, I was able to get more details about installation and other useful information.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Feature set from the box
It’s pretty awesome that you have all this packed into such a small package.

Note that this is a “smart” recessed lighting system, and so it is operated through an accompanying app that you download to your smartphone.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - voice control with Google Home, Alexa, and Siri
Voice control frees you from having to reach for your smartphone, or getting up from your seat (if you’re working or relaxing already).

(Make sure you download this application to your iPhone or Android for the best experience with smart LED recessed lights).

Thoughts Before Installation of the Smart Recessed LED Lights: “You can Do this!”

It can be intimidating to install recessed lighting, especially if you’ve never done it before. But, I can tell you that it wasn’t hard at all. Without any prior experience, it took me about 10 minutes to install the recessed lighting into my wiring system. Of course, if you’re unsure of what you’re doing, please consult a professional.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Ultra thin pancake LED design with me holding the lights at an angle
A thin design helps these recessed lights stay out of your way, and the range of dimmable brightness settings means your lighting is always just right.

Here’s a good video that will give you a good sense of what you’ll need to do. I’m not an electrician, and I know that if I can do this, so can you!

empty corridor with ladder and lamps on ceiling
Photo by Maria Orlova on

If you plan to do the installation yourself, please make sure you’ve turned off the electrical power to the area of the house you’re working on.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Product dimension schematic for installation
They certainly won’t take up much space and will keep a minimalist appearance to your space.

You should do this from the fuse breaker box, so you’re certain that the entire line you’ll be installing your recessed lights into is offline (no power running at all).

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Thin design for recessed lighting

For this review, for the sake of time, I did not directly connect the recessed lighting into the ceiling wiring system. Working on electrical wires above your head can be risky if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Not only is it harder to see, but you may touch something that could cause you harm.

At some point, I plan to trace all the wires above my ceiling tiles so I can install the lighting properly throughout my basement workspace.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Top down photo with black background
Was this easy to wire up? Yes! Read on below for more thoughts.

Having smartphone operated LED RGB recessed lighting is going to add a ton of dynamic ambiance and will make the whole studio much more enjoyable to work in.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Iphone with Tangible Day logo and smoke
My smokin’ iPhone. The smoke is fake.

How to install the Rollin Light Smart Recessed Lights

I decided to install the lights and junction controller (which contains the power wires, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi) into an existing outlet on my wall. Since my basement is only partially finished, there’s no drywall obstructing our view.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Outlet power supply disassembly
For demonstration sake, I decided to just hook up the lights to an outlet’s wiring. Going behind drywall to take photos would have made this demo much harder for you to see for yourself.

Essentially, the primary difference between this “mock” installation and an actual one is that, in a real scenario, I would cut a 6-inch hole into the ceiling to run all the wires and position the recessed light, with the junction box concealed above the tile, rather than everything being exposed as it is now.

Step 1

To begin installation, I removed the outlet cover plate from my wall, exposing two sets of electrical wires–black and white–that could potentially provide power for my lighting system. A third wire serves as the ground, which is typically a green or bare copper wire.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - 3 wires before attaching, white, black, and green ground
With the power turned off, I’m completely free to perform the simple surgery required to hook up the junction box. All you have to do is match the colored wires with their respective colors inside the LED junction control box.

Step 2

In this case, I removed these wires from the outlet exposing their ends. I inserted these exposed copper wires into to junction control box with each colored wire matching to its respective colored terminal.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Inserting wires into junction controller box
White to white; black to black, and green to green (or bare copper in this case; which is the ground). That’s how to correctly wire an electrical outlet to the junction box.

Connect the black (hot) wire from the existing outlet to the black wire in the junction control box, using a wire connector. Similarly, connect the white (neutral) wire from the existing outlet to the white wire in the junction control box. Finally, connect the ground wire (green or bare copper) from the existing outlet to the ground wire in the junction control box.

abest smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Close junction control box
With the box closed, you can tuck this away behind a wall or ceiling. Here, I’ve left it exposed so you can see how it all fits together. This part of the install took me less than 5 minutes.

Step 3

Once everything was connected inside the junction controller box, I plugged the junction controller white-colored outlet wire into the recessed LED lighting wire port. I made sure to secure the connection with the plastic ring.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Full installation complete with recessed LED light with controller
The unit all setup.
best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Attached Controller with LED recessed light different angle photo
Make sure no bare metal from the wires are exposed and you should be good to go.

Step 4

At this point, you’re done with the main installation. If you’re placing the recessed light behind drywall or above a ceiling tile, then all of this exposed wiring would be concealed.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Clips for holding lights into ceiling tile or wall drywall
Spring loaded clips on the sides of the LEDs make installing this behind drywall super easy (and tool-less; no screws or bolts)

Step 5

The final step is powering up your wiring, e.g., turning on the power switch. From this point forward, the included manual does a great job getting you setup and pairing your smartphone with the smart recessed lighting system.

Smartphone Application and Control of the Rollin Light Smart Recessed LED Lights

Okay, this was the fun part of working with these recessed lights. Here’s what I gathered from reading the manual.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - group control multiple lights from a single smartphone

To get the most out of your Smart Recessed LED Lights, you’ll want to utilize the smartphone application for seamless control over your lighting system.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - smart recessed lighting app on iphone
This is my iPhone app pairing with the LED unit junction box.

The app will provide you with numerous features, including customizable color settings, including scene settings, brightness adjustments, music synchronization, and scheduling options.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Music sync feature on iphone screenshot
Music sync function works well!

Note that I wasn’t able to explore every feature because some voice-activation functions require other accessories. You can find more details about these on the Rollin Light product page.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - RGB setting and brightness control in the app - saturation and luminosity adjustment
Full color customization with saturation and brightness control at each wavelength.
best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - color temperature for white LED lighting feature warm to cool
Adjust color temperature of the LEDs from warm to cool.

For your convenience, here’s a simplified guide to set up and control your Smart RGB LED Light with the app:

  1. Download the App: Find the app in the user manual or manufacturer’s website, then download and install it on your smartphone.
  2. Create an Account: Open the app, create an account, and save your settings for quick access later.
  3. Connect the Lights: Turn on your LED lights, connect them to the junction control box, and follow the in-app instructions to pair your lights with the app.
  4. Customize Settings: With your lights connected, start personalizing colors, brightness, and even create custom scenes or choose from presets like “Relax,” “Party,” or “Movie Night.”
  5. Schedule Lights: Use the app to set schedules, automating when your lights turn on or off – perfect for routines, waking up to a bright room, or simulating occupancy while away.
  6. Voice Control: Most Smart Recessed Lighting apps work with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple’s Siri. The same is true for the Rollin Light recessed lights (though you may need other accessories to do this, which I didn’t test here)

Performance and Features: What did I think AFTER USING THE SMART RECESSED LIGHTS?

I didn’t expect too much, honestly. I’ve worked with many desk lamps for various hobby applications, even studio photography. I know what smart app controls for LEDs can do for a space.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Smooth dimming operation and color temperature operation
At a cool color temperature, the LEDs emit a very white light. It was almost too bright for me to look at directly!

What I didn’t expect however was how responsive these recessed lights were once my iPhone made the connection to the LED controller.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Green
A green hue takes this into another worldly atmosphere.

For one thing, I could imagine this smartphone operation of these lights being useful when you’re not home. You could operate the LEDs remotely. This could be helpful to add a sense of security when you’re home alone or away.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - blue LED
Mellow blue…

Okay, I’ll also note that the app is kind of fun to use. Really, fun. In fact, until I turned these lights on and started playing with the smartphone app, I totally ignored smart LED systems. Now, I wonder why I haven’t tried these out soon.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - red LED
Alert, alert!

I’m convinced at this point that the ability to dim the lights, adjust the color, and even set up schedules could significantly make my hobby room space a bit more interesting, and perhaps easier to work in.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - warm light color temperature LED setting
Where goes the Sun?

The photos I took (which you’ll see in the article) really showcase the different colors, brightness levels, and the music sync feature in action.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Yellow LED lights
From a distance…

While I didn’t get a chance to test the voice control compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, I can imagine that it would be incredibly convenient for hands-free lighting adjustments while working on projects.

hey siri phrase on white background
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

I think in the future, I’ll have to look more carefully at voice control hardware like Alexa, and figure out how to use Siri better.

close up photo of gray round speaker for Alexa
Photo by Jonathan Borba on

As mentioned earlier, the technical ability to access the RGBCW (red, green, blue, cyan, white) features and adjust color temperature between 2700K to 6500K (warm white to cool white) is impressive.

Bbest smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Blue hue LED setting with ambient atmosphere
All sorts of colors are at your finger tips.

I can imagine using this to help me with my miniature photography, vlogging tests, and even working at the home office space I have nearby.

There are a multitude of scene mood light settings you can choose from. Through the smartphone app, you can customize the hue, brightness, and color temperature. Plus, you can set timers for when you arrive home, or when it’s time to go to bed. How cool is that?

And the dimming feature, I know will help with those longer work sessions at the computer.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - photograph of warhammer 40k models using blue light
Are you a miniature photographer? Sometimes colored lights work well for miniature photography, especially when you want to create that sense of atmosphere or contrast with certain elements in your scene. For more details about how this and other Grimdark photos were captured, check out this article.

Clearly, the features I tested on Rollin Light’s Smart RGB LED Recessed Lighting are just a fraction of what you can do with these recessed lights.

Pbest smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - Photographing Age of Sigmar models using LED lighting
As a commissioned artist and miniature painter, I’m always taking photos of my work (whether they are complete or not).

The music sync feature is fun to have. Though for myself, it’s more of a cute party trick as it didn’t seem to totally link up with my tunes.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - 3D printed Star Wars AT-AT
3D printing? Is this up your alley?

I had to do a few restarts of my Star Wars Imperial March sound track to get this to work. Flickering colors synced to sound and music could be great for a home entertainment center….or to add some immersive lighting ambience to your next tabletop RPG campaign, e.g., Dungeons & Dragons, DND.

best smart LED recessed lights - smart recessed lighting - RPG campaign atmosphere in a Tavern Artwork
Atmospheric lighting can add a ton of immersion to your RPG sessions. Not only does it make the world seem more alive, but the right type of lighting can set the mood for your players and draw them even deeper into the game. Whether you’re looking to simulate a campfire in a dark forest or a crackling hearth inside a cozy tavern, here are some tips on how to use atmospheric lighting to bring your game to life.

Final Thoughts

In summary, I think you’ll find the Rollin Smart Recessed Lighting to be an impressive room-filling lighting solution. They are certainly one of the best smart LED recessed lights on the market, particularly for a 6-inch can-less system.

For those who missed it: I think these lights are freaking fun to use! They produce very bright LED output, provide limitless color customization, and full smartphone app control. The music sync feature is a nice touch and could be an entertaining addition for some of you.

Although the installation may intimidate some of you, I don’t think it’s too bad and there are good instructions out there (including what I presented above). I highly recommend you take a closer look at the Rollin Light Smart LED lights.

If you have any questions, feedback about this article, I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading!

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