Battle Report (Menoth Reznik Vs. Minions Lord Carver)

Battle Report (25 pt army) – Journeyman League Week-4 Reznik– Crusader|Vanquisher|Repenter|Reclaimer|min Choir|Knights Exemplar|Covenant of Menoth|Gorman DeWulfe (played by Andrew) Lord Carver – Gun Boar 2x|War Hog|Farrow Brigands full unit| Targ|Farrow […]

At the Journeyman League

I’m in the midst of a Journeyman League. I must say that I’m having a great time playing in our local Warmachine/Hordes community. Tonight I played three excellent games. All […]

First Blog Post

This is the first of many blog posts. Come back soon! In the meanwhile, check out some of my buddys’ awesome gaming blogs over at Jestor’s Mini Playhouse and First Rank, […]