The Case for Blogging (Mindful Proliferation)

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Unmotivated? Lost the mojo for writing or creating whatever you usually enjoy doing? I have a few thoughts on this issue. But, I’ve also got a problem.

Hah! Here I am sitting in front of my computer, gnawing on a pen (bad habit). And, I do want to write! But, I don’t know why I want to write. I actually don’t know what to write either.

I feel like something needs to be said; a nameless thought. Are you like this? Are you a wandering thinker, needing a walk to clear the head after a stressful day at work…or at home.

Alright, here’s a trick I use to stay prolific.

Let’s free associate a minute

Do you write things down to keep track of your thoughts?

Maybe, it’s a “to-do” list. I hear that bullet journals are all the rage in the mommy blogging circles (and other places that I’m not keen to follow).

Some of you may be writing or reading to kill time. Entertainment is distraction and noise. No, you want to write not for entertainment. It’s something else.

But, what’s stopping you?

The mind killer is fear; but are we talking about that?

Blick Art Materials

The best reason to write is…

To listen.

At least I tend to think so. Listening to yourself is pretty dang powerful.

Or, depressing.

But…. writing tends to clear it all up.

A gutter symbolizes your creative outlet from your head and mind. Make something. Mindful proliferation blogging and writing.
My rain gutter

When you hear the wind blow, you have no choice. Your ears suck up the vibrations and your brain processes that buzz as “wind blowing”. If you’re outside on a cool evening, that breeze on your skin is absorbed into your senses.

You have zero choice.

You have to experience your experiment.

That is, you’re conscious. Your mind produces a place, a unique space, just for you. You live in your head as much as your body.

That is why writing is important.

Writing or blogging, even vlogging is a kind of self-reflection. You’re staring at your inner-head in a mirror.

Moleskine Classic Notebooks – I write in these a lot.

Because what your body feels, your mind processes and associates with other things stored up.

You need a mirror to know what you look like.

So, what does your inner mind look like? Don’t you want to know what’s lurking in there?

Maybe, that’s why people hate writing. It exposes things.

Light to darkness and all that. So, writing well and open and truthful is bravery. I’m not talking about staring death in the face. No, we’re talking about something more horrifying.


Making art is scary

Writing is art. It is expression. Simple as that.

Painting miniatures and creating models of things is all art, too. An expression of something, a narrative of an experience, an idea. Who cares what it’s for. It’s for you or someone else. It’s pleasing to do. But, scary, too!

Put it all together and you have YOURSELF. So, the more you make stuff, the less scary it becomes to understand yourself. It’s like facing Darth Vader.

Make things that appear in your head tangible so you can enjoy it, fear it, and share it. Most importantly, make stuff so you can discover from it.

Your mind is a dark place

In Greek, the word for “heart”, καρδία, refers to both the mind and will (the emotion) of the body.

Enter into that place and you may find it full of wonderful and abysmal things. It’s like that Warp in the grim dark universe of Warhammer 40k. Anything is possible in the Warp of your mind.

doorway to nowhere - toys and garage door white - photograph wide angle creativity - How to be a more creative person writing photography and painting, whatever your hobby just do it
Go compose something and open that door (that’s to my garage by the way).

And, that means all the horrors, wicked things, and amazing benevolent things, too.

This mind warp is a great place to exist.

Strangely relevant, the heart is deceitful above all things….(Jeremiah 17:9). One should be careful with such freedom in the warp.

So from this empty-full place, you conjure the inspiration to make-stuff. This is your muse. The singularity spark where the mind produces new things. Spontaneous things. Sights, sounds, emotions, and frights.


All of this must go somewhere.

I think people who don’t stop to “listen” to these random, spontaneous things the mind produces (also known as dreams), only experience a part of their whole life. Sure, not everyone dreams out loud. But, if you’ve been following my site, much of what I publish is the creative seepage…stuck to paper, pewter, and plastic.

Not everything you do needs a reason. Or, at least a reason you understand right away.

Final Thoughts

If I had to sum it all up, here’s what I learned writing this blog post:

  • Doing something useful doesn’t always need to have an upfront purpose
  • Don’t beat yourself up for bad-writing, horrendous drawing, or crappy painting
  • Observe, listen, and make stuff
  • Coffee is awesome…yes!


Type those words. Paint that model. Cook a meal, even if it gets burnt black.


Go make something!

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  1. Great read man, I agree so much with this. You are a better writer, painter, photographer when your actually writing, painting and photographing. Even when the results aren’t there, they will be eventually. Plus Yes, Coffee is Awesome!

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