Painting Articles

Welcome to a library of fantastic articles related to the painting of miniatures and models. If you’re a tabletop gamer, a miniature hobbyist, or artist of any genre, there is something to learn here. These painting articles are written by professional miniature painters.

How to Paint Power Swords and Weapons

How do you paint power swords and weapons? In this article, Damon Rooney shares his talent and tips on how to paint these iconic gothic weapons for Warhammer 40k and your other favorite miniatures games. Read on to learn tips…

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Miniature Paint Brush Care Tutorial (Tips)

So, you got new miniature paint brushes. But, how do you care for them? Taking care of your miniature paint brushes is the first-step in extending your hobby budget. The longer your paintbrushes survive the rigors of the hobby, the…

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