Light for Painting Miniatures (Tips and Recommendation)

Summary (TL;DR): Miniature Painting Light Recommendation

Recommended lights for painting accurately have a color temperature that falls within the daylight range (5000 – 6500K or Kelvin) and provides sufficient diffuse illumination to prevent eye strain, e.g., squinting, and hard-shadowing.

When people ask what they can do to improve their painting, my answer, aside from thinning your paints, is: “what kind of lighting do you use? or “what desktop light setup do you need for painting miniatures?”.

The 2 lamps I highly-recommend for painting miniatures are:

  1. Phive LED Task Lamp
  2. ADDIE 1,800 Lumens Super Bright Magnifying Glass with Light

These task lamps continue to impress me over time, and provide an affordable way to upgrade your workspace. I’ve suggested other cool looking lamps for those with a home office. But, for their versatility, these are the two lights I’d recommend you start your search.

Great quality swing arm lamp that emits a powerful, yet diffuse light that has lasted me more than 5 years without changing the bulb. The LED’s are white-balanced for proper color reproduction on miniatures. LEDs also do not produce much heat, so you won’t burn up during those long painting sessions in the Summer!


  • Bright, wide beam desk lamp
  • Easy clamp on system that doesn’t get in your way
  • Long-lasting LED with proper white balance
  • Flexible positioning over your work area


  • Must clamp to the back of the desk
  • Min/max height may be not fit all needs

This lamp is also a swing arm lamp and uses an energy efficient LEDs. The LED is rated for more than 20 years continuous use, and will powerfully emit light nearly endlessly (a huge money saver). This lamp also comes with a huge magnifying lens built into it (5-diopter or 300% magnification), so it can serve as a back up visual aid for those finer details or help with assembling kits. 



  • Versatile swing arm positioning
  • Large glass magnifying lens
  • Excellent diopter/magnifying power for miniature work
  • Bright LED


  • Focal length may be a tad short for some work
  • Lit area could be wider

Best Light for Painting Miniatures (Tips and Recommendation)
Painting miniatures with good light is important!

The following would be my lighting choice if I had a bigger budget and could do it all over again:

Phive Architect Lamp/LED Task Lamp with Clamp

Lights for Painting Miniatures (Tips and Recommendation)
Phive Architect Lamp/LED Task Lamp

Swing arm, bright LED full-spectrum daylight emission and additional functionality make this my choice if I had a bigger budget. It has a dimmer (6 levels) and other fine-tuning capabilities to suite painting miniatures or other hobby tasks. The other neat thing about this lamp is that because of its diffuse light and adjustable swing arm (a tad more flexibility and movement than the other two I describe above), it can be used as a video or photography light by itself. 

Lights for Painting Miniatures (Tips and Recommendation)
The best light for painting miniatures is the one that doesn’t give you eye strain and illuminates color accurately.

What is the best daylight lamp for painting miniatures?

The best daylight lamp for painting miniatures is one with bright, softly diffused illumination that doesn’t create hotspots (which reduces contrast).

Poor lighting reduces contrast and distorts color on a model as it is painted. A typical desk lamp that uses a regular incandescent bulb is generally a bad choice for painting miniatures. These lamps mostly emit light that is too warm in color and dim. Many high-quality LED powered lighting systems also provide neutral colored light that reproduces many of the qualities of natural sunlight during the day.

Additionally, good quality, diffuse lighting makes a huge difference when taking photographs.


The ability to see colors and contrast accurately is vital to a good paint job.  I have one of these lamps for reading or working on regular office tasks at home, but I don’t use it for painting miniatures.

Lights for Painting Miniatures (Tips and Recommendation)
A regular bulb is bad for painting
Lights for Painting Miniatures (Tips and Recommendation)
Regular desk lamp with incandescent bulb (yuck). Hard shadows and uneven light that adds unwanted, extra warm color to your miniatures.

For miniature painting, for long stretches, I highly recommend getting a lamp that uses a full spectrum daylight bulb or LED (close to 5000K color temperature). These lamps mimic natural sunlight for painting, providing the best source of illumination for small details and help prevent the fatigue with looking at these small objects. If you’re looking for a portable light for painting miniatures, check out the Ottlite task lamp.

Final Thoughts

Neatfi XL 2,200 Lumens LED Task Lamp

Neatfi xl task lamp black color with swing arm on white backdrop
See a full review of the Neatfi XL task lamp.
Lights for Painting Miniatures (Tips and Recommendation)
Good lighting setups help with color blending, because tone and value aren’t washed out or lost.

Final Thoughts

The best light for painting miniatures is good quality, diffuse light in the daylight color temperature range. Good quality, diffuse lighting can prevent eye discomfort and will keep your enjoyment of the hobby from turning into a chore.

For other suggestions for best lights and lamps for miniatures, take a look at these magnifying lamps for painting miniatures and models.

For anyone hesitant in getting better lighting, just count the number of hours you spend painting miniatures or assembling kits…. why do it in the dark?

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