Painting Challenge! 320 models?

I love a good challenge. I love to paint. So, when I received a painting commission request for 320 termagants/hormagaunts (Tyranid army by GW) I immediately accepted!


Why not? A painting challenge includes not only the quality (which I am able to do, imho, click here), but also high volume and speed. Tyranids are a fascinating alien race that originally hail from the far reaches of the 40k Universe, invading the other regions of other species like locusts, leaving behind barren worlds in their wake. The fluff/lore of this army is compelling and deep. Many of the best stories in the GW Black Library tell of the horrors of Tyranid invasions.

This particular painting request was a test of my patience, perseverance, and ultimately proved for myself that I’ve got the guts and mentality to finish very big jobs. Philosophically speaking, it was merely chanting the litany that every brushstroke is important.

Each movement of the bristles from paint pot-to-model adds, never subtracts

Okay, sure, an airbrush was used to speed things up.

Time-wise, it took me about 10-20 minutes to paint a single termagant-sized model to get to a decent tabletop standard (minimum 3 colors, a wash, and basing). I had a system in place, of course. Total time to completion was between 50-80 hours over one and a half months. I watched an entire two seasons of 24 (Kiefer Sutherland/Jack Bauer as my muse, hehe).

In hindsight, I should have taken more photographs! But, seriously, who has time for that?


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