Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case? A Review

In the world of miniature gaming, safely and efficiently transporting your painted army is a universal need. Like an armored troop carrier, a magnetized army carrying and storage case will help you get to the frontlines ready for battle. After reviewing a number of foam tray systems for taking your models on the go, I’ve had the opportunity to test out one of the best utilitarian magnetic miniature carrying cases on the market.

In a Hurry? HEre are 3 Useful Magnetic Carry Cases for Miniatures!

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - open case full of warhammer and bolt action miniatures within the metal trays
This case is huge!

Verdict: Is The Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case Worth it?

For tabletop gamers and wargaming enthusiasts, the Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case offers a blend of flexibility, protection, and ease of transport. While there are some minor design areas for improvement, its functionality, especially the magnetic attachment feature, gives it an edge over traditional foam carriers. It’s a worthwhile consideration for those prioritizing security and ease of access to their miniatures.


  • Large Capacity
  • Height Adjustable Metal Trays
  • Magnetic Attachment
  • Durable Material
  • Stainless Steel Handle
  • Easy Assembly
  • Cost-Effective (vs Foam Cases)


  • Assembly Required
  • Security Dowels
  • MDF Aesthetic
  • Lacks Front Hinge & Clasp
  • Magnets required for attaching miniatures are sold separately

Key Features of the Miniature Carrying Case

1. Large Capacity

Packed with five metal trays, this case boasts tons of space to carry your army wherever you go. The large, flat metal trays offer enough space for the largest Warhammer 40k models (within reason).

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - example of the large capacity holding lots of miniatures
What’s in your model storage and transport case?

Taller models effortlessly accommodates the vast array of miniatures one might bring to a convention, a trade show, or a wargaming tournament.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - my warhammer 40k imperial fist army inside the case
And, I’ve even gotten started filling it up with the other army list I have.

2. Height Adjustable Metal Trays

With built-in inner slides for the metal trays, adjusting the position of each tray is a breeze. You can move trays up and down within the case to accommodate models of different heights (see photos below).

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - close up of my painted miniatures behind the clear plastic wall
Behind a clear acrylic shield, my painted Warhammer 40k Imperial Fist Space Marine army is ready to move to the frontlines.

Optimize your carrying capacity for different army builds, load outs, and gaming situations on the go. The trays have a smooth, highly conductive surface, improving contact (and adhesion) between your magnetized miniatures and the the metallic tray surface.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - dimensions of transport case schematic
This magnetic miniature army transport case measures 12.8″W x 9.3″D x 16.2″H (or 32.5cm W x 23.6cm D x 41.1cm H).

3. Material and Durability

In my hands on use of the carrying case, the laser cut MDF within and around the case felt durable with excellent constructions. High tolerance fit and finish made me confident in the cases’ ability to withstand the rigor of travel. For improve durability, I may prime and finish the exterior of the MDF case material to improve its moisture resistance.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - The transport case on my wargaming tabletop near a model tank
Ready for depolyment!

4. Stainless Steel Handle

Transportation is further simplified with the sturdy stainless steel handle, positioned ergonomically atop the case. When I pick up a fully loaded case by the handle, the entire system is well balanced. The magnetic trays do not wiggle free or bounce around within the case. I’m confident that I can pick this miniature transport case up and just go!

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - an isometric view of the carrying case and the metal trays
A sturdy carry handle graces the top of the carrying case. Empty, the case isn’t heavy weighing about 11 pounds (~5 kg)

5. Simple Assembly

Although there are a lot of parts to put together when assembling the miniature transport case, the process was simple.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - screwdriver screwing in the bolt into the slotted wall of the MDF case
Assembly requires some nut and bolt action

As with anything in our miniature and modeling hobby, a bit of patience and care was all I needed. More about this experience below.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - electric power screwdriver
This is the electric screwdriver I use for assembling (or repairing) hobby products, furniture, or other household items. It saves so much time, and the different attachments fit almost every standard nut, bolt, and screw you’ll need.

Personal Experience with the Miniature Storage and carry case

Transitioning from large plastic bins lined with foam to this magnetic carry case has been an adventure. My array of games, from 40K (at the skirmish level) to Bolt Action and World of Tanks Miniature Game, demands efficient storage and transportation, especially when the battlefront shifts to FLGSs or friends’ homes.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - Close up of my primaris space marines and intercessors lined up on the metal tray in the case
Tall or short, doesn’t matter. This case will fit miniatures of almost any size within the Warhammer 40k or AOS range. Other wargaming miniatures should also fit easily within the adjustable-height metal tray system.

The case, with its robust build and metallic trays, has served remarkably well. The artist in me is already envisioning an airbrushed interior in stark black, and the exterior adorned with iconic wargaming symbols. I know that sealing off the somewhat porous MDF material will help the case endure the possible hazards of traveling to different events.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - The empty case on a black backdrop product photo
Simple and utilitarian. There’s beauty in simplicity.

A slight longing does persist for an acrylic front with a hinge and clasp, but that’s a minor trade-off.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - Clear acrylic plastic peeling away the protective material
The acrylic sheet that covers the front of the case comes with a protective plastic film you’ll need to remove before installation.

For this case, the front acrylic sheet slots into pre-cut “keys” in the side of the MDF case. It works well, despite it’s somewhat simplified mechanism. Suffice it to say, there’s no door on this case.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - Acrylic sheet slotting into the MDF wall of the carrying case
The drawback of the case is the way the acrylic cover doesn’t use a door-like hinge. Instead, it uses a key and slot system. It works, but it’s kind of fiddly unless you’re practiced with it.

For a more elaborate, premium magnetic case, you can check out this acrylic magnet-ready model carrying case. You can see right through all the walls of the case, which is kind of cool. But it is more expensive.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - Primaris Imperial Fist space marines lined up from the top down view of the transport storage case
Tucked in.

When it comes to balancing cost and value, the MDF miniature carrying case reviewed here is an good value.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - Tanks fit inside the bottom metal tray of the case
Tanks, vehicles, troops, all in their various configurations neatly stored away in the magnetic army transport case.

As for its core material, MDF, it couples well with the metal trays, allowing the addition of magnets underneath each miniature, securing them in place.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - A terminator space marine magnetized onto the metal tray of the case side ways
The metal trays work well with neodymium magnetized models.

A Quick Word About the Case Assembly

Upon unboxing, my first impression was a bit of dismay as I saw all the parts that were required to assemble the case. I never enjoyed assembly.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - included parts and tools with the minaiture carrying case
I did not like seeing all these loose parts I had to use to assemble the case. But, I ultimately got it worked out and overall had zero issues with assembly.

My recommendation for anyone in the miniature painting and scale modeling hobby is to pick up a battery powered, mini power tool like this electric screwdriver. You’ll thank you me later.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - Wrapped plastic screwdriver with yellow handle and short Philips head
The included screwdriver is a nice touch. This could come in handy later if I need it.

All of the MDF sheets were pre cut and clean. I didn’t need to do any preparatory work to get the parts ready for assembly.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - bubble wrapped parts with MDF sheeting in the box
Everything in the box arrived safe and sound. The packing material wasn’t excessive and I found everything in one piece.

The instructions were clear, and I was able to grasp immediately what I needed to do.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - instruction booklet close up photo
Clear instructions for how to assemble the case.

As mentioned above, a power screwdriver was helpful. But, if you’re unsure, the carrying case kit comes with a handy screwdriver.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - Angled perspective shot of the MDF shelving material
All the parts for the case had good nice fitment. Laser-cut MDF has never really failed to impress when it comes to construction. This magnetic carrying case came together cleanly.

Using this screwdriver (along with my electric one) I got to work screwing in the bolts and nuts into the MDF sheets.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - the slotted bolt and nut in the MDF carrying case wall
Each nut and bolt pair slotted neatly within the thickness of the MDF sheet. This kept every wall and side of the case flush. This impressed me.

As the walls went up, I noticed how quickly I was moving; But more impressively, how sturdy the case would become when I finished. All the pieces fit tightly with no wiggle room between slotted parts.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - Screwed in bolts into the MDF walls hold the unit together very well, no gaps
Each bolt provided a rigid format for each part of the case during assembly. Nothing was loose or wiggled after I tightened down the bolts.

The “door” that covers the front of the case is a clear acrylic sheet. Before installing it, however, you’ll have to peel away the frosted plastic backing from both sides. Doing so, revealed a very clear and attractive cover for the carrying case.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - close macro photo of the instructional sticker on the plastic sheeting on the acrylic wall
Clearly, I know what I have to do now.

Slotting the acrylic door into the case was simply a matter of lining up the keys with the MDF slots on each side of the case. While, I think this may be a hassle, a hinge or other door-like mechanism would have added weight, complexity, and perhaps even extra cost to the carrying case. This is a good compromise.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - The transport carrying case in use on a wargaming tabletop surface
The case is not fancy-looking, but it works so well!

How Well Do the Metal Shelves Work?

The magnets on the bases of my miniatures are strong neodymium (rare earth magnets). They are very strong for the small size. One thing however that makes them a bit flaky is if they don’t have good contact with the metal surface they are meant to attach to.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - metal trays slot and slide into the case smoothly demonstration
The metal trays slide into the case easily and smoothly. Making adjustments in half-inch increments was easy.

No problem here. The five metal trays that slot into the miniature carrying case are sturdy, smooth, and very flat. The magnetic bases of ALL of my models, e.g, Warhammer 40k, stuck very well to these metal trays.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - 5 metal trays with black colored aesthetic
You get five metal trays to store your magnetized miniatures.

The beveled edges of each metal tray have a fairly steep angle, which also maximized the amount of carrying capacity on each tray. I was very, very happy with the number of models I could fit into each tray within the case.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - space marine army small list deployed on the tabletop
I spent hours and hours painting up my Imperial Fist Space Marines. I’m not going to waste my time with sub-par storage and transport systems. They deserve some tender loving care.

Note: A limitation of the trays is that they slide easily and you’re required to insert a wooden MDF dowel through the top of the case to “lock” them in. This is a fairly cheap way to keep everything from bouncing around. But it works.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - close up wooden dowel locking mechanism for the metal trays
I was not a fan of the locking mechanism for the metal trays, which was a simple wooden dowel that slotted into the top of the case. The dowel keeps the trays from sliding outward, accidently.

In practice, how does it all come together?

For storage, the metal trays are wonderful. For deployment, they are really convenient. When you’re ready to play, you simply pull out each tray and lay them out on the table. Everything you need is within easy reach.

The simplicity in the design of this case is endearing. You want to use it!

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - close-up macro of a primaris space marine from warhammer 40k with blurred bokeh backdrop
Are you ready?

Comparison to Foam Carriers

I’ve tested a lot of miniature transport cases and fancy storage options. Almost all of them use foam trays or some type of foam system to store the miniatures.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - foam trays with plucked foam old and worn out looking
An old foam Sabol Transport bag I used for many years. Notice the plucked foam trays? So old, so traditional.

The advantage of foam, of course, is that you don’t need to buy magnets to attach to each of your miniatures or models prior to using them in your case. You simply take your miniatures and insert them into the foam carrying case. Sometimes, the models fit well. Other times the models may require a bit of a squeeze or jostle around (if things are too lose).

Banner for top 10 best miniature transport cases and bags

Pros and cons to foam and magnetic carrying systems?

I think you can already see some of the limitations of foam though just from the above: Foam requires some brain power to use effectively with miniatures, especially if you have a lot of miniatures and of various sizes.

You have to plan ahead each time you’re placing your carefully painted miniature into the trays, and deployment can be a hassle. All those spike-y bits may get stuck in the foam if you’re not careful, breaking them off, or scratching the paint job.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - wide view of the Citadel Crusade Case with filled up zig zag foam trays
The Citadel Crusade Case with proprietary zig-zag form is actually and impressive piece of kit for taking your miniature armies with you. The problem I have with it is how long it takes to carefully put miniatures into the foam trays. And, taking them out again also takes quite of bit of time, too, especially if you don’t want to damage the models.

On the other hand, foam is less expensive in general over the long run. They are also great for smaller army collections, because you’re not dealing with a large volume of cushion material.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - Battlefoam branded carrying case for wargaming miniatures and models
Battlefoam bags are premium, high end foam tray systems for transporting miniatures from here to there and back again, safely.

Enter the magnetic carrying case. While you have to spend time and money to magnetize your miniature collection, once you’re done with that step, everything becomes simple. You’ll have improved protection for your miniatures and a much better time packing away or deploying your models from the case.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - miniatures on the metal trays of the magnetized miniature army transport and storage case
Slide out metal trays makes model deployment and storage so easy (and attractive).

The metal pull-out drawers are kind of awesome, too. It’s an elegant solution for miniature hobbyists and wargamers who want to store and travel with their miniature collections with ease.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - turning the metal tray upside down to show off the magnetized function of minaituminiaturesres on the metal trays
Gravity has left the chat.

Where Do I get Magnets for my miniatures? What kind of magnets do I need?

I get all my neodymium magnets on Amazon. Of course, the size of the magnets that you need will depend on the miniatures you have. If you’re unsure and want a variety of useful magnet sizes, I recommend you pick up a magnet set that I have.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - The Army Painter neodymium magnet set package front view
The Army Painter has a set of widely useful magnets for miniatures and models. But, there are less expensive, more affordable magnet sets you can buy.

How do I attach magnets to my miniatures?

To attach magnets to the bases of your models, or even the tank treads or flyer bases of the vehicles you have, I always recommend using some combination of super glue or epoxy putty.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - example of a neodymium rare earth magnet glued and epoxied to the base of a miniature Warhammer 40k model
Magnets glued to the bottom of miniatures are necessary for using a magnetic transport case.
Super glue and magnets from A-Case company in a plastic bag
A-Case sells a super glue and magnet combo for their painting handle.

You can even use quick-setting two part epoxy resin. It’s a bit messier, but for a stronger bond on larger magnets with heavier models it the best option.

Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - two part z-poxy 15 minute epoxy resin adhesive product photo
I use Z-poxy with cotton-tipped bud applicators to attach magnets on large, heavier models, e.g. resin Warhammer Forgeworld tanks.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve a sturdy magnet attachment on your miniatures:


  • Neodymium magnets (appropriate size for your miniatures’ bases)
  • Super glue (cyanoacrylate adhesive)
  • Epoxy putty
  • Toothpick or a small applicator
  • Safety gloves (to prevent skin contact with super glue)
  • Clean cloth or tissue
  • Isopropyl alcohol (optional, for cleaning)


  1. Preparation: Ensure your work area is clean, well-lit, and ventilated. b. Wear safety gloves to avoid any direct contact with super glue. Remember, super glue binds skin instantly. c. Clean the base of the miniature and the side of the magnet you intend to attach with a cloth or tissue. If needed, wipe with a bit of isopropyl alcohol to ensure they’re free from oils and residues. Allow to dry.
  2. Super Glue Method: a. Place a small drop of super glue on the base of the miniature where you intend to attach the magnet. Use sparingly, as a little goes a long way. b. Press the magnet onto the glued area firmly. Hold for a few seconds to ensure a strong bond. c. Allow the super glue to set (this could take a few seconds to minutes).
  3. Epoxy Putty Method (For a more reinforced bond): a. Mix or roll a small amount of epoxy putty as per the manufacturer’s instructions until you get a consistent color. b. Wrap or place the epoxy putty around or underneath the magnet, ensuring it’s in the desired position on the miniature’s base. c. Gently press the magnet (with the putty underneath or around it) onto the miniature base. Ensure the magnet is flush with the base and there are no gaps. d. Smooth out any excess putty using a toothpick or your fingers to ensure a neat finish. e. Allow the epoxy putty to cure based on the manufacturer’s recommended time. This can vary from a few hours to 24 hours.

Other Quick Tips:

  • If you’re working with larger miniatures or those with a significant weight, consider using multiple magnets or larger ones to ensure they’re held securely.
  • Always store your super glue in a cool, dry place with the cap tightly sealed to ensure longevity.
  • Make sure your magnets are clean from debris, so they have flush contact the metal carrying surface.
  • When removing strongly magnetized models from metallic surface, use a gentle sliding motion to “peel” the model away, rather than pull directly upward, to avoid breakage of the magnet-glue bond or miniature.
Best Budget Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case - loaded magnet army transport case for miniatures and wargames models
Well, what do you think?

Final Thoughts

Are magnetic model carrying cases better? Are they worth it? It depends.

If you’re in the market for a no-hassle way to take your magnetized miniature gaming army with you, without resorting to a DIY option, then this magnetic carrying case is my recommendation.

In general, the Magnetic Miniature Carrying Case (with no fancy name) is a highly functional and pleasure-to-use miniature storage and transport solution. Balancing affordability with utility, it may not replace what you’re currently using. But it offers an appealing alternative for those eyeing a budget friendly magnetic storage system. Take a closer look yourself!

I hope you found this review helpful.

Well, what do you think? Are you interested in a new or upgraded miniature transport and storage case? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the ideal transport and storage solution for your miniature and model collection. Leave me a message below! I’ll get right back to you!

Safe hobby travels! 😀🚗

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