Battle-Ready: Fallout Miniatures Review

Are you a fan of the Fallout video game universe? I played Fallout 3 and 4 for almost 200 hours and years ago I was so excited to find out about the new Fallout miniatures game. It’s a great way to bring Fallout into real life and relive the post-apocalyptic experience in an even more exciting way. There’s something about a tabletop miniatures game that brings the whole atmosphere even closer to life

In this article, The Hobbyist (Luciano) from Toy Soldier Central delves into a comprehensive review of the “You Will Emerge” toy soldier set from Emce Toys, which brings the iconic characters and creatures of the Fallout video game series to life.

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Summary (TL;DR)

  • In-depth review of “You Will Emerge” toy soldier set
  • Fallout miniature set features 24 figures, 10 poses, and 5 Fallout factions
  • The plastic material used in the figures is both flexible and resilient, ensuring durability while maintaining accurate scaling and proportions.
  • Satisfactory detail with minor imperfections
  • Reasonably priced at around $20
  • Reviewer’s personal score: 10/10
  • Overall rating: 80%, “B Grade Endorsement”
  • Good value for collectors and fans

If you’re a fan of Fallout and play the wasteland warfare miniatures game, then I strongly suggest taking a look at these thematic Emce Toys “Nanoforce” miniatures collection. They make an amazing alternative set of models for the Fallout miniature game.

Battle-Ready: Fallout Miniatures Review - Fallout Game Plastic Miniatures set - Fallout toy soldiers arrow toward plastic model

What is Fallout the Game?

Before we dive into Luciano’s review, I know that Fallout isn’t on everybody’s radar. Here’s my quick overview of the Fallout video game franchise that dovetailed into the miniature game world.

Battle-Ready: Fallout Miniatures Review - Fallout Game Plastic Miniatures set - Fallout Neon Sign accessory
This Fallout Neon sign would look amazing in my basement, where all the hobbies come to life. Looking for other room decor? Check out my review of a Fallout Game Displate Metal Poster.
Fallout 3 metal poster on wall with warm lamp glow nearby
My Fallout street cred.

Fallout is a post-apocalyptic RPG series set in a retro-futuristic world. First created in 1997, the franchise has changed hands between different development companies over the years, spawning popular titles including Fallout 3 (my personal favorite), Fallout 4, and Fallout 76.

Battle-Ready: Fallout Miniatures Review - Fallout Game Plastic Miniatures set - Fallout 3 Xbox 3 video game box over art

The games follow the Vault Dweller exploring a wasteland filled with danger and scarce resources. The series is popular for its immersive open-world, engaging storylines, and memorable characters.

Fallout the Miniatures Game

I love miniatures and combined with the Fallout Universe, it’s a match made in heaven. The Fallout miniatures game is a tabletop strategy game based on the popular video game universe.

Battle-Ready: Fallout Miniatures Review - Fallout Game Plastic Miniatures set - Fallout wasteland warfare starter miniature game box
If you love the Fallout Universe and miniatures, this is the two player starter set box. It’s an amazing value if you’re interested in the just miniatures, too.
Battle-Ready: Fallout Miniatures Review - Fallout Game Plastic Miniatures set - Fallout Wasteland Warfare Miniatures product photo
The miniatures in the Wasteland Warfare starter are incredibly detailed, come with dynamic poses, and iconic weaponry from the Fallout games. They are lovely to paint and model.

To be specific, Fallout: Wasteland Warfare is a tabletop miniatures game released in 2018 by Modiphius Entertainment. It is based on the popular Fallout video game series and allows fans to immerse themselves in the franchise’s post-apocalyptic world through strategic gameplay and highly detailed miniatures.

In my experience with the few times I’ve played, the custom-dice-based resolution method works well with the typical action point system for movement and combat. It’s quick and easy to dive into for brief skirmish games.

The low model count and access to pre-made factions also helps with time-saving. It’s already designed for quick play, so even if you’re new or just can’t spend a lot of time setting up, it’s easy to pick up and start playing right away.

Importantly, as you’ll see, the game features narrative-driven campaigns and allows you to tailor your experience with expansions and other after-market accessories and minis.

Read on for Luciano’s Full Review of the “You Will Emerge” toy soldier set by Emce Toys!

Fallout Game Miniatures “You Will Emerge” Review

“War… war never changes”, says the Fallout Franchise tagline.

If you love the Fallout video game series, then take a look at these apocalyptic super soldiers from Fallout, now in toy soldier form. Crafted as an expansion of the Emce Toys’ “Nanoforce” collection, this toy soldier set showcases an impressive assortment of creatures and characters from the renowned Fallout video game series.

Battle-Ready: Fallout Miniatures Review - Fallout Game Plastic Miniatures set - You Will Emerge Box Art cover for Nanoforce Model line by Emce Toys

Are These Miniatures a Good Alternative to the Core Fallout Wasteland Warfare Set?

My review will delve into the level of craftsmanship, the strengths, and weaknesses of the figurines, and provide a detailed overview of these fallout action figures, equipping you with essential insights before making a purchase.

Battle-Ready: Fallout Miniatures Review - Fallout Game Plastic Miniatures set - plastic miniatures in zip lock bags neatly sorted
I was impressed by the packaging. The zip lock bags certainly kept things in place during shipping and receiving. The plastic models themselves are very durable, holding decent detail, and I expect would paint up nicely (if you so choose to do so).

The History Of Fallout Toy Soldiers

The figurines discovered in this bundle are crafted specifically to resemble characters from the latest installment of the franchise: Fallout 76. The manufacturer responsible for producing these figurines is known as “Emce Toys,” and these Fallout action figures are a prominent aspect of their Nanoforce series of miniature troops.

Emce Toys was established by the collaborative efforts of “Paul ‘Dr. Mego’ Clarke” and “Joe Sena” from Spherewerx Micromedia. Their approach to toy manufacturing sets them apart from other companies, and an internal source reveals their mission: “not merely aiming to revive captivating toy soldiers, but to revive the essence of toy soldiers as a whole.”

Emce Toys offers an extensive range of products, encompassing toy soldiers inspired by Night of the Living Dead, Star Trek, Aliens & Colonial Marines, and they have even established a partnership with Mattel toys. Despite the present inactivity of the Emce Toys website, they continue to actively produce bag and box sets of fallout toy soldiers as part of their ongoing Nanoforce collection.

There are several ways to buy Fallout miniatures including on Amazon. Please see Toy Solider Central for more purchasing options for the Nanoforce collection.

Personally, I’m all about the bag sets. Don’t get me wrong, the box sets have their charm with exclusive characters like Liberty Prime and Super Mutant Behemoths, but they also come with a bunch of extra filler figures like those Vault-Boy minis and those plasma gun molds. It’s the bag sets that really tickle my fancy.

Now, without any further ado, let me show you why this bag set in particular is worth your hard-earned money.

First Impressions Of The Fallout Bag Set

As soon as you lay eyes on these bad boys, you’ll be greeted by the unmistakable Fallout-inspired cartoony artwork on those bag decals. They perfectly capture the essence of the game, showcasing all the awesome creatures and characters you can expect to find inside your set. It’s a visual treat that gets you pumped up for what’s to come!

The art decal for the Nanoforce Fallout Toy Soldiers Cover Art is spectacular! It really nails the Fallout aesthetic.

Once you tear off the art cover of the bag, you’ll quickly notice that this is no ordinary toy soldier bag. In fact, it’s quite unique and pleasantly surprising. Unlike any other bag of toy soldiers I’ve ever bought, these Fallout toy soldiers are securely sealed in a convenient zip-lock bag!

The ziplock bag is a small but thoughtful detail that I must applaud Emce Toys for. It shows their commitment to ensuring that your toy soldiers arrive in pristine condition and adds that extra touch of care to the overall experience.

General Overview Of The Nanoforce Fallout Toy Soldiers

In this fantastic bag set, you’ll be thrilled to find a whopping total of 24 figures! Now, it’s worth noting that the specific soldiers you receive may vary from what I got in my bag. However, let me give you a general overview of the kind of soldiers you can expect to discover in your own bag of delightful plastic toy soldiers.

In my bag, I encountered 10 different dynamic poses, representing 5 distinct factions from the thrilling world of Fallout. Isn’t that exciting? It adds an element of surprise and anticipation as you dive into the bag, eagerly exploring the diverse array of soldiers that await you.

My figures & factions included:

  • 3 Mr. Handy Robots
  • 3 Protectron Toy Soldiers
  • 2 Wendigos
  • 2 Super Mutant Overlords
  • 2 Mole Miners
  • 1 Jersey Devil
  • 2 Super Mutant Berserkers
  • 3 Brotherhood Of Steel Paladins
  • 3 Male Vault Dwellers
  • 3 Female Vault Dwellers

The faction variety in this compact bag set is simply fantastic! You’ll truly appreciate the diversity and value you get with these soldiers, as they allow you to create your very own post-apocalyptic masterpiece. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish with what you receive in this set.

Now, while I would have loved to see more pose variations within each faction, considering the reasonable price people have paid for these bag sets, I really can’t complain. It’s a small compromise for the overall enjoyment and creativity that these soldiers bring.

To add the icing on the cake, it’s a rarity to come across official Fallout toy soldier sets in the market. The only other options that come to mind are the “power armor battle set” from Shield Wall, the impressive Fallout sets produced by Modiphius for their “Wasteland Warfare” line, and a few independent Etsy shops offering 3D printed alternatives.

Battle-Ready: Fallout Miniatures Review - Fallout Game Plastic Miniatures set - Etsy miniatures for Fallout Warfare game "Beyond the Badlands"
Etsy has a wide variety of “after-market” miniatures for your next Fallout miniature game campaign, session, or modeling challenge. Much of the stuff you can find on Etsy or other places, include terrain features, custom characters, and a host of gaming accessories, e.g., tokens, markers, and doodads to enhance your immersion into the world of Fallout.

Based on the rarity factor alone, I give this set a 9 out of 10 for their variety and uniqueness score.

Quality of the Nanoforce Fallout Toy Soldiers Plastic Material

The plastic material used for these figures is surprisingly flexible and resilient. I exerted a good amount of force on them, and while they did bend, not a single one snapped or broke, which is truly impressive, especially considering their affordable price. This malleable plastic also makes it incredibly easy to customize and modify these figures to your liking.

Battle-Ready: Fallout Miniatures Review - Fallout Game Plastic Miniatures set - Screen capture from video of plastic firmness
The plastic models are solid, firm, with good detail retention. For more visual information regarding the construction and handling of this models, check out my video.

As you handle these figures, you’ll notice that they have a satisfying weight to them. They feel solid and sturdy, and you won’t have any difficulty keeping these post-apocalyptic wanderers standing upright.

Emce Toys has truly excelled in capturing the accurate scaling and proportions of these Fallout toy soldiers. They perfectly match the characters from the beloved video game series. The vault dwellers, being the smallest and thinnest figures in the set, are not fragile and are not overshadowed by the larger characters in a comical way. Despite their smaller size, they possess the same level of sturdiness as the bulkier figures. These miniatures are exceptionally well-crafted.

Battle-Ready: Fallout Miniatures Review - Fallout Game Plastic Miniatures set - Close up of plastic miniatures from the set review image

You can watch an in-depth video on the Toy Soldier Central YouTube channel that showcases their quality, by clicking this link.

Scale Breakdown Of The Fallout Miniatures

The height of each miniature in this set falls within the range of 4.5 centimeters (1.75 inches) to 5.5 centimeters (2.25 inches). These measurements were taken from the base to the top of the head. In terms of scale, these miniatures fit perfectly within the 45-55 millimeter range, corresponding to the 1/32 to 1/40 scale.

Battle-Ready: Fallout Miniatures Review - Fallout Game Plastic Miniatures set - All models on a cutting mat with scale markers for sizing
A comparison across the miniature set. The models fit in the 28-32mm heroic scale.

If you’re looking to change the bases for these miniatures, I suggest using circular bases of either 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, or 32mm, depending on the specific figure whose base you want to replace.

Detail Level Of The Fallout Army Men

When it comes to the quality and intricacy of the figures, they feature simple yet charming designs that manage to capture your attention. Even in their unpainted state, they are visually appealing.

Battle-Ready: Fallout Miniatures Review - Fallout Game Plastic Miniatures set - Female vault dweller blue plastic miniature with green army men model for comparison
While the details isn’t Games Workshop level, they are definitely as good or better than most board game miniatures you find. You may need to clean up some of the flash, an artifact of the plastic mold and casting of these models.

While they may not reach the level of Games Workshop miniatures, they surpass classic toy soldier brands like Tim Mee in terms of detail. They possess a satisfactory level of intricacy that fosters a genuine fondness for the figures. 

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that there are a few drawbacks when it comes to their level of detail. Right from the start, you may notice some minor plastic flashing lines on a few of these miniatures.  

Battle-Ready: Fallout Miniatures Review - Fallout Game Plastic Miniatures set - Male vault dweller miniature close up plastic kit
I expect with a good primer application, a decent layer of paint (thematically chosen, of course), these would look right where they belong in your next tabletop gaming session.

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that both the male and female vault dwellers exhibit faces that lack depth and intricate detailing. They almost give off an impression of flatness and lack of detail, reminiscent of some generic dollar store soldiers.

In addition, the baby-faced super mutant present in this set doesn’t do it any favors either, as its appearance fails to meet the desired standards.

Overall, I must say that I am generally pleased with the clean and impressive appearance of the majority of these figures. Even the one-year-old, baby-faced super mutant manages to appear intimidating… from a distance, that is!

Battle-Ready: Fallout Miniatures Review - Fallout Game Plastic Miniatures set - Meme Super mutant in gray plastic
You could do a lot of modeling work with the plastic figures in this kit. No assembly required!

However, upon closer inspection, one can truly appreciate the level of detail that these figures possess. The super mutant showcases apocalyptic armor adorned with battle damage, while the vault dwellers proudly display those iconic post-war American hairstyles from the Fallout video games.

Taking into account all the aspects I have discussed in the previous sections, I would rate the Nanoforce Fallout toy soldiers a solid 6 out of 10 in terms of their overall quality and level of detail.

The Price Of This Miniature Set

When it comes to the cost factor, I must admit that I have to be completely honest… I actually received these plastic army men as a gift from a good friend who happens to live nearby.

However, if I had to purchase a set of these toy soldiers, I would gladly pay the $20 without hesitation!

Battle-Ready: Fallout Miniatures Review - Fallout Game Plastic Miniatures set - Fallout miniatures collection box set with 13 figures
Expand your Fallout miniatures game collection with other box sets!

Considering the reasonable price of around 20 dollars, plus a few extra for shipping, you will receive a remarkable set of 24 unique fallout-themed toy soldiers. That’s undeniably a fantastic deal that you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Overall, I give them a solid 7 for their price.

My Verdict: Is The Nanoforce Fallout Toy Soldier Set Worth it?

These soldiers are just super cool! Just look at them all side by side!

I can’t help but express my absolute adoration for these figures. They are simply fantastic! Just having them in my possession evokes a wave of nostalgia, taking me back to those wonderful childhood moments spent immersed in the captivating worlds of Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas.

Those were the days when I could spend endless hours playing those games, without a care in the world… Ah, what a blissful time it was!

Wow, okay, now that was a trip down tranquility memory lane. Yeah, I love these toy soldiers. They may not be the most super high quality, intricately detailed figures out there, but they definitely hit the sweet spot for me, so, I’m giving this set a straight up 10 out of 10 in the category of my personal opinion.

Overall, if you’re looking to add more models to your Fallout Miniatures Game, e.g., Wasteland Warfare, or looking for alternative miniatures to level up your next game, take a closer look!

Conclusion: Fallout Toy Soldier Bag Set By Emce Toys

Let’s recap the scores so far:

CategoryRating (out of 10)
Variety & Uniqueness9 / 10
Quality & Detail6 / 10
Cost7 / 10
My Personal Score10 / 10
Total Score32 / 40 (80%)

These toy soldiers scored a solid 80% with the total score of all their categories, earning The Hobbyist’s, and Toy Soldier Central’s, official “B Grade Endorsement,” making this set of fallout toy soldiers, a pretty darn good set of plastic army men.

Author Bio

Battle-Ready: Fallout Miniatures Review - Fallout Game Plastic Miniatures set - Guest writer The Hobbyist (Luciano) portrait photo
The Hobbyist (Luciano)

The Hobbyist is a Miniature Toy Soldier Collector and Expert. He is the proud owner of, and enjoys collecting and painting virtually all kinds of toy soldiers, including from Games Workshop, Conte, Toy Soldiers Of San Diego, and more.

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