Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle for Miniature Painters (My Review)

The Redgrass Games 360 Painting Handle is a tool designed to hold your models in place while painting. With this holder, you won’t have to worry about your model slipping or moving as you work. It’s a simple yet effective idea that works exceptionally well. If you’re curious whether this handle is right for you, let’s take a closer look and find out.

In this article, I share my experience testing out the RGG painting handle in my miniature painting workflow. Is it any good? Yep. Read on below to learn more.

Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - Best miniature painting handle - feature vertical image banner

Disclaimer: I was fortunate enough to receive a test version of the Redgrass Games painting handle, but rest assured that my review is entirely honest and unbiased. I’ve used this handle extensively before writing this review (I bought one with my own money), and I’m happy to share my thoughts with you. Whether you’re new to miniature painting or a seasoned pro, I hope this review will help you decide whether the Redgrass Games handle is the right fit for your painting process.

You can buy the RGG 360 Painting Handle on the Redgrass Games website or on Amazon.


  1. Citadel Assembly Handle (Popular)
  2. Green Stuff World Work Holder on Stand (Best for Sculpting)
  3. Tamiya Model Stand (Airbrushing/Spray applications)

Summary (TL;DR): Is the RGG 360 Painting Handle Worth it?

My verdict? If you’re looking for premium quality, comfortable, and functional painting handle, the Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle is worth considering. I have two in-use for my workflow.

Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - Redgrassgames painting handle product photo

As an experienced miniature painter, I can attest that the RGG 360° painting handle is NOT a must-have tool. Sure, it’s helpful like any painting handle I’ve tested. But it’s also a tad pricier for what you’re getting ($16-20 USD, depending on shipping; I recommend bundling it with another Redgrass Games product like a wet palette).

Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - light over model desk top with painting holder

On the pros side, the RGG handle is very comfortable, more so than the Citadel miniature holder. The ergonomics of the handle are well thought out and so is the 360-degree rotation–operated with a single forefinger or thumb–making it easy to move between different angles. The turning mechanism is also also very sturdy and solid with a smooth dampened feel.

Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - Miniature painting handle for precision in use
The RGG 360 Painting Handle in use… A smooth, easy-to-use handle to help you paint with precision. The pistol grip makes it comfortable for any hand size/type. Plus, the 360 degree swivel allows for quick angle adjustments.

On the base of the painting handle, you’ll find a magnetic that you can use to keep the handle upright when it’s placed on a metal-conductive surface–the handle comes with a metal disc you can “stick” to any tabletop to utilize this feature.

Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - close up of miniature

Some users may not like the use of stick tack or putty to hold models to the handle (which can also be an issue for heavy, pewter miniatures, or large based miniatures), but overall this isn’t a deal-breaker for me. I love the simplicity of this tool and its design.

Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - magnetic base for painting handle

At the end of the day, if you don’t already have a painting handle, I’d give this a try. Especially if you’re already shopping around for other Redgrass Game’s products. Take a closer look!

Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - painting a miniature testing progress

Key Features and Points

  • The RGG 360° painting handle designed by and for miniature painters, providing a natural ergonomic grip and complete control over brush strokes
  • Comfortable “trigger” style grip shape that fits large or small hands
  • Smooth, cool plastic surface that stays grippy even during long painting sessions
  • It features a 360-degree rotational base, allowing you to turn your model toward any useful angle without touching it
  • The magnetic embedded in the base of the handle allows you to attach it to a metal-conductive surface
  • The base cap is hot swap-able, so you can paint multiple miniatures at the same time using different caps with a single painting handle
Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - removable cap example

See below for more details on what I thought about the RGG 360 Painting Handle for Miniature Artists and Tabletop Modelers. Also, pretty photos…

Why You Want to Use a Painting Handle Handle?

Tabletop miniature hobbyists and miniature painters rely on miniature painting handle to achieve the best possible results for their craft.

Here are some of the many benefits of using a miniature painting handle:

  • A miniature painting handle allows you to have more control over your brush, creating smaller and more precise detail.
  • Painting handles make it easier to reach hard-to-reach areas with less strain on your wrist.
  • Having a better grip on the brush can help avoid smudges and mistakes during painting.
  • It can also allow for faster, smoother strokes which result in better, longer lasting paint jobs.
  • Painting handles can also help keep your hand steady while you paint, making it easier to stay focused and avoid poorly executed strokes.
Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - DND miniature painting mage for dungeons and dragons model paint job
Are you painting DnD figures? They are tiny models and holding them with your bare fingers often leads to cramping in my wrist (at least for me).

For those of you who paint miniatures such as those for tabletop wargames, e.g., Warhammer 40k DnD or whatever, the miniature painting handle gives you better brush control; more comfort in the long run (which can improve your overall work), and allows you to stay focused on the project rather than on the cramp-y feeling you get in your fingers and hands.

Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - warhammer 40k necron model on the painting handle
Different painting holders for miniatures are available. I’ve tested a lot of them! Here’s an example of the A-Case Painting Handle.

As I get older, my endurance through discomfort hasn’t been what it used to be, so using a painting handle has become even more important especially for the smaller models–I’m looking at you 28mm Space Marines.

First Impressions with the RedGrassGames 360 Painting Handle

When I received my copy of the RGG 360 painting handle, it was a simple affair. Plastic wrapper, solid object inside. Of course, I’ve used this painting handle before when it was offered as a demo at different conventions I attended.

Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - packaging for RGG 360 V2 painting handle

But, I’d never gotten a brand new one for myself. Here, I turned the package over a few times, took a few photos which you can see here, and admired the orange/red art and RGG logo motif. It’s solid brand.

And, I tore open the package.

Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - contents inside the painting handle package metal disc base, putty, and holder
The bundle is simple: You get a painting handle, mounting putty, and a metal disc with the Redgrass Games Logo emblazoned on it. The back of the metal disc has a peel-away sticker so you can mount the painting handle on it using the embedded magnet (not shown).

The plastic blue handle immediately caught my eye. It felt like one of the grips from my kids’ toy water guns, except this grip was meant for holding models rather than a water fight.

In principle, though, you want to have a good grip because battle ensues whether you’re creating new art or soaking your opponent with a water gun.

Ergonomics: The Science of “Use” and “Comfort”

Ergonomics is the science of designing workplaces, products, and systems to fit the people who use them (source). The goal is to create a comfortable and efficient environment that reduces the risk of injury caused by repetitive motions, awkward postures, and excessive force (source).

“Ergonomics” is the most important feature of any painting handle for miniatures and models.

Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - pistol grip blue plastic side view

When it comes to professional level miniature painting, repetitive stress injury (RSI) is a common issue because of all the small, fairly stressful motions we need to make. While any painting handle can help you reduce the risk of RSI, some are better than others.

A good painting handle should have the ergonomics that improve your comfort level at the same time as making it easier to do your job–paint a model.

I would be dishonest if I said that there is a “best, one-size fits-all” painting handle. This would be totally wrong for me to do because , as every miniature painter knows, every approach and artist’s workflow is unique. You’ll need to paint in the way that works for you.

The reason I mentioned the pistol grip style of the RGG360 painting handle is because this is the type I personally prefer. While a straight cylinder is the most common design you’ll find in a painting handle (see the other holders I’ve recommended over the years), the pistol grip offers some extra comfort and control.

Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - dry brushing while holding a miniature reaper master model
A painting handle helps with applying a variety of techniques (and keeps the paint off your fingers!)

Here’s why: You can hold the handle with the natural curl of your fingers. Your middle fingers are longer than your “outside” fingers. And as your hand closes, they curl in such a way that the RGG grip is the perfect fit for your middle and outside fingers.

Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - Thumb single finger operation of the swivel mechanism

In addition, the RGG handle is lightweight and has just enough texture to make it grippy (but not too grippy). Length-wise, it’s a good size for smaller hands like mine.

The Emotional Connection: Do Looks Matter in a Painting Handle?

Your tools are sentimental objects. That is, you form an emotional attachment to them because you use them over and over. So, if you really want to be honest with yourself, looks do matter in a painting handle.

No one wants a boring gray-ish block of plastic that they hold while they paint.

Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - wooden painting holders example of poor design
I’ve seen some boring, senseless wooden painting handles/holders.

Maybe, if you’re a totally emotionless bag of jelly, then you wouldn’t care. But, you’re an artist, a creator, and that must mean you have emotions. You appreciate beauty, and aesthetics are part of what drives you to create something new.

Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - Blue colored helmet on hobby painting desk
Other hobbies tend to crowd my spaces. The point here is that blue tends to pervade my every color choice.

So look, I love the color blue. It’s my favorite wavelength. Blue makes the sky, well, the sky (at least here on Earth; not Mars, cuz that planet has got a red sky–But, I don’t really know though since I’ve never been to Mars).

Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - Helmet selfie worn with mirror visor down
A selfie taken on the road, literally.

Boom, that’s why I was impressed with the RGG handle. It’s no surprise that the RGG360 painting handle has a vibrant blue color. It’s the perfect pop of color that can inject some life into your workbench. Against the warm hues of the Redgrass Games Brand, the blue handle looks stunning on a messy workbench.

It just stands out. It’s ready for you.

Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - painting handle magnetized on metallic base
Magnets. Not exactly rocket science.

Does the Rotating Cap Really Help You Paint Models Better?

There are other competitor painting handles that have a rotating cap or topper that lets you turn your model while gripping the handle.

For example, the Game Envy Hobby Holder and this similarly priced knockoff painting handle on Amazon have rotating mechanisms. They also have a resting armature to increase the surface area you can use to stabilize your handle in a single hand.

Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - Game envy convention station, the hobby holder for miniature painting and hobbyists

So I may not agree that the RGG 360° Painting Handle has a “unique” system. But it does feel and work better than any other painting handle I’ve tried (as those I show you above).

Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - 360 schematic of the painting handle for miniature work

It has a simple rotating mechanism that uses a smooth, dampened effect. This means it’s easy to use but still firm enough to keep your model still while you apply brush strokes to the surface. Because the handle is lightweight, stability and control are easy to maintain.

Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - Painting handle thumb operation

While I didn’t notice too much, I think using any painting handle like the RGG 360 can help make your brushstrokes more consistent. Those annoying micro-twitches in your hand tend to fade away. It’s also great for giving you that “arm fatigue” break during long painting sessions.

Limitations and Potential Problems with the RGG 360 Painting Handle

While the RGG 360° Painting Handle is designed to provide optimal support and stability, some users may find it slightly cumbersome to adjust and maintain.

Additionally, the handle only uses sticky tack mounting putty to attach the base to your model. This can be mildly inconvenient if you don’t have extra mounting putty on hand. You can certainly buy more online, any affordable mounting putty will do, but it can be a hassle.

Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - loctite mounting putty for whatever your hobby needs
This will do, nicely.

The handle also has a slightly limited movement range, making it difficult to reach some areas of your model that may require more control or precision. Because of the pistol grip, there is an “ideal” hand position which may not work for everyone.

Finally, the handle doesn’t have a resting armature like the Game Envy Hobby Holder does. This means that you won’t get as much stabilization for those one-handed painting tasks.

Overall though, I think these are minor quibbles and don’t detract from how good the RGG 360° Painting Handle really is. It’s still the most comfortable and ergonomic handle I’ve tried, without sacrificing any portability.


  1. Citadel Assembly Handle (Versatile/Easy to use)
  2. Green Stuff World Work Holder on Stand (Best for sculpting)
  3. Tamiya Model Stand (Airbrushing/Spray applications)


This thing won’t break. I’ve dropped it multiple times on concrete floors; rolled over it with my desk chair, and even had it submerged in water for a week.

Nothing fazed it.

The RGG 360° Painting Handle is made from ABS plastic (I think), which is strong and lightweight, reducing the risk of damage or wear and tear over time.

The only maintenance it needs is a quick wipe down with some towel and soapy water every few weeks, to keep the handle from getting too grimy. As with any hobby product, don’t abuse it. Put it aside in a safe place and I expect it’ll last longer than any of us.

My Overall Verdict: Is the RGG painting Handle A Good Buy?

Should you buy the RGG Painting Handle? Well, it’s on the premium side of hobby painting handle price scales. But you get what you pay for. Redgrass Games is known for producing high quality hobby tools and the RGG 360° Painting Handle is no exception.

Would I buy this for $15 USD? If I didn’t already known 6 Citadel Painting Handles, 2 Rathcore Miniature Holders, the Game Envy Hobby Holder, and many other handle doodads, I would 100% certainly go for the RGG 360 Painting Handle. It’s comfortable, ergonomic, and just plain works.

Redgrass Games RGG 360 Painting Handle review - final image of miniature work on my hobby desktop. Dramatic side lighting
Late night painting…. I love my desk. Sure, it’s messy, but it’s the space where all the ideas come to life.

Final Thoughts: Your Instincts Matter

Tools can only take you so far; it’s your creativity and ingenuity that will set you apart. When it comes to a painting handle or holder, your INSTINCTS are telling you that you probably don’t need it.

And, your gut is right. It usually is. You probably don’t need fancy tools and things to make miniatures come alive in full living color.

But, let’s face it… when it comes to art, you’re way beyond the basic animal survival instinct, i.e., eat, sleep, sex, shelter. You’re transcending into the unreal, the imagination, the emotive aspects of life.

When it comes to any miniature painting handle, tool, whatever, your INSTINCTS are telling you that it just MIGHT give you more time and energy to explore your new ideas, experiment with different mediums and color palettes, or simply have fun while painting.

At the end of the day, it’s all about getting after that human NEED to discover.

I hope you enjoyed this review article. My thoughts are all my own and I urge you to seek out other opinions and reviews before making your final decision. Good luck!

Happy painting! 🎨

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