Is Loremasters on Warhammer TV Worth Watching?

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Are you watching Warhammer TV? Warhammer TV is part of the Warhammer Plus subscription service and provides original streaming content for fans of the Warhammer Universe.

In this article, we take a brief close look at Loremasters, a episodic series on Warhammer TV that takes a different spin than most of the content in the genre.

Loremasters is a “Fun-Fictional Documentary” of the Warhammer Universe

For this review I wont be really summarizing the content, for indeed the series itself is a summary of existing Warhammer content. This series seems to be a fictional biography or documentary of famous villains, heroes and events within the Warhammer setting. This series refines already existing content. Indeed you can find similar videos all over Youtube narrated by enthusiasts of the hobby.

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Fan Fiction or Canon Lore: What is Better?

With Loremasters you’re getting canon lore straight from the source, Games Workshop. Loremasters makes things official. The series doesn’t speculate about the Warhammer world; it tells it like it is. Loremasters is without speculation and just states the facts that have been stated over decades of the hobby.

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Warhammer is all a blank space until you read the books. Photo by Pixabay on

Because this is an official production of Games-workshop, I would argue that in canonizes events in the lore. By intention or not, Loremasters also clarifies and excludes contractionary lore information from the rest of the hobbyist created content.

Is the Loremasters Production Quality any Good?

The narrator is visible at times during the loredump, but he is unfortunately uncredited. But, through some research on our end, the narrator is none other than Wade Pryce, the Product Developer at Games-Workshop.

He has an articulate voice with excellent pronunciation as he explains the subject. The amazing art (also uncredited) that has captured the imagination of millions of hobbyists reveals itself in a slideshow like fashion.

Is Loremasters on Warhammer TV Worth Watching? - wade pryce product developer at Games Workshop
Wade Pryce, Product Developer at Games-Workshop, narrates Loremasters on Warhammer TV.

In general, the production quality is what you may expect from a huge company with its tentacles in a wide range of media. Loremasters has the overall quality of cable channel documentary with excellent production quality.

Is Loremasters Worth Watching?

Although I appreciate the effort that Games-Workshop has made, I feel as though I have seen this content all before, but fan-hobbyists produced. I feel like this sort of informational content should be put front and center on the Warhammer Youtube page or community website and not behind a pay wall.


If you are an avid fan of the hobby, and read the content from the Black Library or codex there is not much new for you to learn. If you are a new fan of the hobby, however, then Loremasters maybe the exact sort of advertisement you need to start cracking the spines of some excellent books.

But, let’s face it, if you are truly a brand new fan of the hobby and got a Warhammer+ Plus subscription, you might have skipped a few steps or got bitten by the Warhammer bug really good. 😇

Final Thoughts

To this point Warhammer Plus has seemed to exclusively focus on the “grim dark future” of Warhammer 40k. I still excitedly wait to see the content for Warhammer Fantasy and Age of Sigmar, a portion of the hobby I have been very slow to get into. Perhaps Warhammer+ Loremasters is the thing I need to spark my interest in the “World that Was”.

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