Is Warhammer+ Plus Worth It? (Subscription Review)

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Warhammer+ is the newest subscription service from Games Workshop. It includes all sorts of perks, like access to premium content on their app, warhammer hobby shows, and original animations. There is also a vault full of lore from classic warhammer publications. Is Warhammer+ Plus worth it? Well, I decided to sign up for the program to find out! In this review article we will take a look at what kind of benefits you can get with the Warhammer Plus service and whether or not it’s worth your time.

Read on for my first impression review of the Warhammer+ (or Warhammer Plus) Subscription Service. Is it worth it? How does it compare with other streaming services?

What is Warhammer+ Plus?

With Warhammer+, subscribers can enjoy premium app access, as well as original animations and lore from classic publications. There is also a vault full of miniature painting masterclasses, battle reports, and more for ambitious hobbyists to dive into. As the the tagline says, Warhammer + is “More Warhammer–More Often”.

Warhammer+ Review - Is warhammer+ worth it? - Warhammer plus review - warhammer+ subscription service review - warhammer + logo
More warhammer, more often!

We live in an age when hard copy magazines are no longer delivered to our doorstep. For hobbyists and gaming enthusiasts, we have gone online in search for our favorite fanfiction, lore, insights, rumors and all sorts of goodie information.

But, it’s detective work. You have to dive into forums, e.g., Reddit, or Facebook groups to learn more about what’s up and coming. All of this information used to get to our doorstep through magazine releases, quarterlies, even newsletters.

Sure, we can get those spammy emails with tidbits of information if we signed up. But, who reads those emails and how much can those mediums deliver? YouTube is wonderful, but it’s a limited medium controlled by the Google Giant.

If you want something specific you can subscribe to your favorite channels on YouTube, or whatever blog you read. But, let’s face it, the whole search and consume system is haphazard, especially if your favorite flavor is Warhammer 40k.

Well, all your content delivery issues are solved with Warhammer+. Get all your favorite content and more exclusive entertainment and news all in a centralized place. It’s all quite big brother to me…but, I think I’m cool with it in this instance.

Let’s take a closer look at Warhammer+ Plus. Is this something I recommend? How was I tempted to dive into this Grimdark digital place?

Is Warhammer+ Worth it?

In a word, yes! Warhammer+ is worth it. For all the current and future content we expect, we are getting amazing value from this Games Workshop service. In our current digital age, where half our lives are lived online (at least it feels that way), the inclusion of our game hobbies as part of this online media delivery service is great.

I’ve been an avid tabletop gamer for years and years and a service like Warhammer+ is awesome.

Warhammer+ Review - Is warhammer+ worth it? - Warhammer plus review - warhammer+ subscription service review - warhammer vault
The Warhammer Vault is an exclusive offering of Warhammer+. All those magazines and books that you may have seen on brick and mortar store shelves are now available in digital form. Grab and read them right on your smartphone, anywhere.

Sure, Warhammer+ competes with the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime for movies and TV, but for the tabletop Warhammer gamer, model builder, Warhammer plus is a no-brainer. You get way more than video content with Warhammer+.

Warhammer+ Review - Is warhammer+ worth it? - Warhammer plus review - warhammer+ subscription service review - battle reports and video content

For the price of any of the other streaming services, we get direct access to officially produced shows, classes, and news from the maker of our favorite miniature wargames.

I’ve already used the Warhammer 40k app on my smartphone, which is great for army list building for the miniature tabletop game. Now with Warhammer+, you can unlock the main features of this army building tool without a seperate cost. Actually, it’s cheaper with Warhammer+ if you consider the totality of what you’re getting.

For a great review of the Warhammer 40k app, you can check out Goonhammer’s review. Access to the app is included with a Warhammer+ subscription.

Warhammer+ Review - Is warhammer+ worth it? - Warhammer plus review - warhammer+ subscription service review - warhammer app

Moving on, I’d also like to say a word about the “Free miniatures” that come with subscription of Warhammer+. You can get choose one of two miniatures: the Vindicare Assassin or the Orruk Megaboss.

Warhammer+ Review - Is warhammer+ worth it? - Warhammer plus review - warhammer+ subscription service review - exclusive miniatures

Both are great looking miniatures of the Games Workshop quality. As a collector, I’m looking forward to receiving my assassin (no xenos for me!). But, also as a collector, I’m bummed I can’t get the other model as well. I’d even be willing to pay for it, too.

Warhammer+ Review - Is warhammer+ worth it? - Warhammer plus review - warhammer+ subscription service review - subscriber miniatures

I’ll note here that for those of you who aren’t into the hobby aspect of the Warhammer world–and I know there are many of you who hate this hobby painting part of the game–these miniatures aren’t a huge draw for Warhammer+. But, let’s just agree that everyone likes more money in their hobby budget. One day, I expect these limited edition minis to be worth more than your full year’s subscription to Warhammer+ (~$60-65 for an annual subscription).

Warhammer+ Review - Is warhammer+ worth it? - Warhammer plus review - warhammer+ subscription service review -my vindicare choice

Overall, with all the features and content available, I think if I was asked whether Warhammer+ is worth it? My answer is a resounding, yep, yessir!

I know that some people may balk at the idea of another streaming subscription, but the great part about Warhammer+ is that you’re only locked into it a month at a time. Try it for the $5.99 per month subscription and cancel if you don’t like it.

What is Warhammer TV?

Warhammer TV is exactly like a streaming service like Netflix. The exception of course is that all the shows are “originals” from Games Workshop. It targets you, the Warhammer enthusiast, the guy who loves the Black Library lore and scours the internet for fanfiction and YouTube videos for more fiction in this grimdark universe.

Included with Warhammer TV are also video painting courses, hobby tutorials and other useful classes. I’m especially looking forward to having these official painting and hobby guides all in one place. For those who enjoy watching battle reports, there also appears to be a huge area of these episodes devoted to the actual tabletop wargame with Warhammer TV.

Warhammer TV Versus the World…

I’ll note that there are already tons of free YouTube videos of miniature painting and Warhammer battle reports. The difference with Warhammer TV is that you’re getting content from the source. Does this mean Warhammer+ delivers “better” content?

I’m not sure yet. We are a creative bunch, as evident by so much public material. In fact, we are so good and deriving new products and services based around the GW intellectual property that Games Work has a history of sending out “Cease and Desist” letters to content creators.

Of course, this kind of behavior has seems to have settled down in recent times as GW may have realized it’s better form to present a more community-friendly face.

Maybe is more of a “If you can’t beat them, join them” mentality.

Given the release of Warhammer+, Games Workshop will now be able to canonize it’s lore, content, and protect its intellectual property while making a profit. We will see how successful this venture is for the company.

Is Warhammer TV Alone Worth a Subscription to Warhammer+ Plus?

I can’t imagine how much original content could be created just for Warhammer TV, as there is so dang much out there already competing for your attention. But, in this regard, the potential for engaging, unique content in Warhammer TV exclusives is there. See, I said “potential”, because there’s so much more that can still be done with this streaming service. We will see, I guess.

Would I subscribe to Warhammer+ if it only provided Warhammer TV? Probably not, but as a standalone product there is tremendous value in the service and I am excited for what’s ahead. You can see a review of the first episode of Angels of Blood. Warning there are spoilers.

In my opinion, the show is solid intro to what we can expect from Warhammer TV. Of course, a brief survey of a few minutes through the other episodes available right now seem to suggest a lack of consistent quality. Voice acting seems sub-par or forced in some instances. A judgement regarding the script writing and quality and depth of stories still require me and a few other reviewers to digest.

Favorite tabletop miniature and wargaming finds on etsy - tabletop miniature and wargamer favorites on etsy image

All I know is that right now I agree that we may all want more of the hack and slash, brutal firefights, and general grimdark war stuff we have all envisioned with the tabletop miniature game. I’m sure more of us remember and still dig around YouTube for those grimdark computer generated cut scenes (CGI intros, etc) of the video games, e.g., Dawn of War. I hope we get more of these kinds of CGI generated work.

Warhammer+ Review - Is warhammer+ worth it? - Warhammer plus review - warhammer+ subscription service review - Astartes or Space Marines CGI fan art video movie
I think many of us want more of this–Astartes.

Don’t get me wrong Warhammer TV is a great addition to the service, but it needs more content as well a bump up in quality. Though, it’s fairly early and given how large this wargaming hobby has been over time, with constant improvements to rules, art, and general aesthetic of the minatures, I’m optimistic and expect great things from Warhammer TV in the future.

Pros and Cons of a Warhammer+ Subscription


  • Receive access to all of Warhammer’s official programming and community news
  • Get a clear view into the heart and soul of Games Workshop’s miniature wargames
  • Allows you to build your army lists in unlocked Warhammer app
  • Enjoy premium video classes on painting, modeling, storytelling & more!
  • Includes two great looking, exclusive miniatures, a vindicare assassin and ork megaboss


  • Requires a monthly subscription (approx $6 per month)
  • If you’re not into Warhammer, this isn’t for you
  • Limited content (though we expect more to release over time)
  • Potentially inconsistent quality of Warhammer TV shows
  • Advertised “free miniature” is available only after a full year’s subscription
Warhammer+ Review - Is warhammer+ worth it? - Warhammer plus review - warhammer+ subscription service review - Warhammer+ everywhere

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think Warhammer+ is a great service for Warhammer fans who are looking to get more of what they love. The monthly cost might be hard to swallow if you’re not into the game, but it’s worth checking out for your favorite hobbyists and enthusiasts! Check back as we’ll have reviews on new content coming down the pipeline soon.

Take a look at other Warhammer 40k related articles. For more about painting miniatures, take a look at our tips and tutorials for all sorts of model building and painting for tabletop games, board games, and RPGs.

Are you a Warhammer+ subscriber? Are you a fan of the Warhammer 40k miniatures and tabletop game? I’d love to hear from you!

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