Why Do We Love Tabletop Gaming? Gamification and Life

Do you play tabletop games? Board games? As I drove home from work I thought about why I enjoy games so much. Role playing games, like Dungeon & Dragons, or board games, or the more elaborate tabletop warfare of the Warhammer Universe; it doesn’t matter: I am enthralled by gameplay. In this article, I jot …

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Living With Mistakes (My Take)

“Everyone makes mistakes.” Isn’t this what you hear when something goes badly? The problem with mistakes is oftentimes they don’t go away. You can fix certain choices you made with more action. You have to live with the consequences of your error. In this post, I write about my thoughts regarding those mistakes you probably …

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Grit: More Than Sand

Grit: More than Sand

It was 2:40pm on a bright sunny day. We were at the local playground. My daughter wanted to play in the sandbox. It was crowded with other parents and children mingling about. But, we did find a shaded spot in the sand away from the ‘traffic’. This was a last minute trip, hoping to take …

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Surprise! You’re Old

Surprise! You’re Old

I am afraid of getting older. The thought of obtaining all the physical attributes of seniority is a speed bump. A real eye-opener. I ponder what my lifestyle would be like, then. Things slowing down through physical limitations rather than choice. It’s inevitable, of course. What can a person do? Nothing right? Although I should say that even …

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