20 Best Tabletop Wargaming Terrain Sets on Etsy

Are you looking for cool tabletop gaming terrain? If you’re looking for 28mm or 35mm scale terrain, buildings, or unique landscape features for Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, or other tabletop wargames, I’ve discovered a lot of great pieces on Etsy. Etsy is a online market that hosts independent vendors who sell a variety of handmade, artisan crafted items that you cannot find anywhere else. For wargamers and the hobbyist, Etsy is a veritable treasure trove of cool stuff.

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In this article, I share 20 of my favorite wargaming tabletop terrain sets sold on Etsy. I’ve learned not to rely entirely on major game company products for all my 28mm gaming needs. Sometimes you have to make your own stuff (DIY), or find other hobbyists who are skilled to do it for you.

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Of course, I don’t have a lot of space in this article to share everything I’ve found on Etsy, so if you want to see more, check out my Etsy Gaming and Hobby Favorites.

Is Wargaming Terrain on Etsy Worth it?

Tabletop wargaming and the miniatures that accompany the hobby are expensive. Warhammer terrain from Games Workshop, for example, can cost hundreds of dollars per kit. The best 28mm wargaming terrain suitable for Warhammer 40k, RPGs, or other tabletop games come in modular tabletop terrain sets that allow you to rearrange your scenery from session to session.


For terrain sets that permit you to change up your miniature battlespace, you’ll probably want a collection of different terrain and building pieces. Moreover, if you choose to buy branded terrain products, e.g., Citadel, not only could this take a long time to collect, cost you a lot of money, but could trap you into an aesthetic that feels same-y. Everything will have the same “look” that could get boring.

By going the artisan, DIY tabletop terrain route, you will discover a new huge opportunity to expand your wargaming hobby. The diverse and vast options of Etsy wargaming terrain you can find is limitless. For example, you can find pre-printed 3D model wargame scenery that won’t require any assembly upon arrival.

On Etsy, you’ll find nearly any type, size, genre, and style of tabletop terrain, crafted by other gamers and skilled hobby craftsman. Importantly, many of the wargaming terrain pieces are much more affordable than branded kits, and in some cases, the terrain is modular and customizable.


In short, tabletop gaming terrain on Etsy is certainly worth a hard look! Looking for a gaming table to spread out your terrain? Check out these gaming table ideas for wargames and RPGs!

The Elven Scatter Grove set is a beautiful collection of 28mm scale wargaming terrain. This full set of 16 pieces of 3D printed scatter terrain provide you with modular options for terrain building and adding landscape features to your tabletop game. This is a great option of fantasy tabletop and roleplaying games, like Warhammer Age of Sigmar or Dungeon and Dragons.

Modular terrain sets give you a lot of versatility and re-playability in tabletop games. The Stormguard ruin set began as a successful Kickstarter that is now available on Etsy along with other pieces in the collection. This is a single large centerpiece that looks absolutely fantastic on the table. The building arrives unfinished and may require some preparation, such as gap filling and sanding, prior to painting.


The Tomb Building fits right in with the Grimdark themes of the 41st millennium (aka the Warhammer 40k Universe). If you’re looking for a medium-large structure to add to your wargaming table, this is a good value option. Highly detailed textures and features decorate the exterior of the Tomb scenery piece. With interior cover and defilade for your miniature heroes and units to hide behind, this building will strategic variety to your tabletop gaming scene.

Are you looking for something unique for your tabletop wargames? The Aztec Temple Shrine is an exotic piece that plays well with tabletop games, wargaming, RPGs, Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40k, and much more. You can also use this building in a diorama. The roof on the temple is removable to improve access to models inside the building.

This is the classic Warhammer 40k urban ruins terrain set in a lower cost, higher value package than you may find elsewhere. This City Ruins set comes with 9 individual pieces that add that blasted city aesthetic to your wargaming tabletop. The scale is huge, as you can see in some of the images on Etsy. This is designed for Warhammer 40,000 and other 28-35mm scale wargames. Both defilade and cover can be found inside the bottom and top floors of each of the ruined building pieces. Some customization is available (contact vendor). No assembly is required for these terrain pieces.

This Ruin Factory Building oozes the Warhammer 40k and 30k vibe of pipes, skulls, and a grimy industrial space. This is a very large 3D printed piece designed for use any other 28mm miniature games. If you’re looking for a similar piece you can 3D printed yourself, you can try searching for the “Kill Team Manufactorum” design on Thingiverse.


At some point, every wargame needs to head into the hills and valleys. If you’re looking for a more natural landscape to wage your miniature battles, then this large box set of wargaming hill terrain with a grass finish may fit your needs. This set of hills is perfect for recreating the grassy covered stone outcroppings that may populate the landscape outside of major cities. These are great looking and compelling pieces for any wargamer’s tabletop terrain collection.

Many an adventure started and ended in a forest. Check out these miniature trees designed for scale model trains and railroads, but could double as 28-35mm wargaming terrain. This bundle of trees will come in handle if you’re trying to recreate a forested or wooded area in your RPG campaign, or looking to craft a diorama for a fantasy scene. There are a number of options, e.g., colors for different yearly seasons, tree size, etc., you can order through this Etsy vendor for your trees.

The Clorehaven Ancient Ruins terrain set is a unique collection of scatter terrain for your fantasy tabletop and RPG games. This collection comes with a variety of pieces of different sizes. Mix and match to your heart’s content to create the miniature terrain scene you want for your gaming session. The buildings come unfinished for your hobby and miniature painting enjoyment.

The Gothic Ruin Scenery Terrain is a large bundle of terrain for use in 28mm miniature games. Although you can buy each piece separately, you’ll save some money when you purchase the entire set. You could also try 3D printing similar pieces yourself!

In this collection of urban ruin terrain, you’ll receive 4 sets: two small buildings, a large Gothic ruin, two 2-story high Gothic buildings (which may require some gluing assembly upon delivery), and a large 2-story high Gothic ruin building. You’ll easily fill a huge territory of your gaming table with this terrain bundle.

The Sci-Fi Terrain Building is a great example of a laser cut MDF model structure you can find on Etsy. In contrast to other materials, MDF is a highly durable and strong material for miniature terrain. Although you’ll need to spend some time assembling this structure, the final result will endure hundreds of games. This building will fit in well with any Sci-fi themed miniature wargame you can think of, e.g., Warhammer 40k, Kill Team, Infinity the Game, and more.

The Shrine Ruins is a highly detailed 3D printed terrain piece that fits right at home in many tabletop scenarios. Whether you’re playing Warhammer, DnD, or other miniature games, this model ruin structure makes a great centerpiece. This is purchased unfinished and will require some hobby elbow grease to complete. But, for anyone looking for a solid structure where action will coalesce, this could be the key!

Are you looking for Warhammer 40k Necron themed terrain? This Necron Terrain set is perfect for the gamer looking to complete their Necron collection. The terrain pieces all wear the Necron motif with Dynastic runes. Included in the large 12-piece set are 1 Greater Summoning Core, 3 Plasma Generators, 4 Obelisks, and 4 Barricades (e.g., great for cover and follows the same styling as the GW version). In a smaller 8-piece Necron terrain set, you get 2 Plasma Generators, 3 Obelisks, and 3 Barricades. In either bundle, the price is competitive and more affordable than other places I’ve looked.

The Ancient Ruins Starter Set is a 10-piece bundle of walls and taller structures that create a fully modular thematic miniature landscape. You can purchase these terrain pieces fully painted or unpainted. You can also mix and match these with other scale model buildings for your wargaming terrain needs.

15. Industrial Building for Warhammer 40k, Warmachine, Infinity, Sci-fi Wargames

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The Industrial Building is a coagulation of many tiles combined to create a single building terrain piece. This modular, almost procedurally generated terrain piece allows anyone to have a unique building for their wargames. There are multiple sizes and types to choose from in this vendor’s selection of models. You select a style, it’s size, and how many and you’ll receive a model that is nearly one-of-a-kind. These are perfect for Warhammer scale miniature games, including Warmachine and Hordes, as well as Covus Belli’s Infinity or Games Workshop’s Kill Team.

This is one of the coolest looking modular stacking ruin terrain pieces you can find anywhere. The Ruins Rickety Lodging is a 28mm scale terrain modular set that fits right into games like Mordheim, Warcry, Warhammer and many more tabletop miniature games. Easily add depth to your gameplay with many ways to stack the terrain piece to give each session a unique look and feel. Think of these like wooden blocks kids play with, except with a ton more detail and atmosphere baked into each component. Some assembly and finishing steps may be required.

This eye-catching Ruined Wizard Tower is a modular ruined building that was designed for use in tabletop and roleplaying games in historical and fantasy settings. The tower has multiple levels, which allow you to skirmish you way through the interior. Each floor has enough space for scaled miniatures to stand in as you guide them on their journey or battle. You can combine the Wizard Tower with other buildings in the Winterdale themed set of structures. Check them out!

Sometimes you just want the basics. These medium textured XPS foam bricks (scaled for 28mm miniatures) are as basic as you can get. Each brick has a medium texture embedded on their surface and are made with a durable XPS foam. You can use a hot glue gun and quickly start making your own buildings, ruins, and other terrain features. Use them along with other scaffolding material to kitbash and scratch build your fantasy empire. This a hobby architect’s dream. Sure, you could cut your own bricks (all 2000 of them in this set), but this is package is much more convenient, and is frankly, quite affordable.

Avoid the boring 2D landscapes in your tabletop games. Check out these Jutting Rock Outcroppings for miniature wargaming and RPGs. These come in a huge variety of themes that you can choose from (not just the image shown above). Importantly, these outcroppings produce an impactful landscape within a small footprint and use a mounting system on integrated Scatter Terrain Universal Bases (STUBs). This allows you to create the ultimate game table for miniatures and models in RPGs, wargames, and other skirmish type encounters. You can buy these terrain pieces pre-painted or receive unpainted models to paint yourself.

When it comes to aesthetic, Games Workshop has the iconic wargaming look. This destroyed small tank is likely a shot-to-pieces Space Marine Rhino that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The tank is scaled properly for any 28mm wargame, including WH40k. Take a closer look! Use it for cover, as scatter terrain, or as piece in a large set of other GW themed buildings.


Etsy is the marketplace for any wargamer, roleplaying enthusiast or hobbyist looking for bespoke, homemade, DIY miniature gaming treasures. For model buildings, tabletop terrain and landscapes, or even modular tabletop terrain sets, Etsy may have exactly what you’re envisioning for your next adventure or battlefield encounter.


I’m sure I missed favorites, so please let me know if I should add to this list. I’m always on the lookout for cool things that add flair to our hobby. Please leave a comment below and subscribe!

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