45 Miniature Painting Quotes from Artists Around the World!

I’ve always enjoyed trying to see from many different points of view from people. It helps me write this blog, and learn more about myself. Of course, I don’t agree with everything I hear, but I think it’s important to have a blank page for new ideas and build bridges. You never know what you’ll learn or new friend you’ll make! One thing I’ve enjoyed about the hobby of painting miniatures is that it binds many types of people together. We are very diverse crowd of artists, gamers, and hobbyists.

As a small project I began years ago, I posed the question to other miniature painters: “why do you paint miniatures?

Gathering these miniature painting quotes from different internet sources, e.g., Facebook, Reddit, it took a long time to dig through my notes to find quotes that stood out. I thought I’d share them here. Perhaps they will pop up later in another post or article.

For now, check out best answers to the question of “why paint miniatures?” I found from miniature painters and artists from around the World.

Why Do You Paint Miniatures?

Here are a collection of 45 miniature painting quotes from artists around the globe!

I paint to create worlds that I can escape to. They are my happy place, my peace.

anonymous miniature painter, Spain

Every miniature is a sculpture with it’s own character and story.

Keri Lee, EU

The best thing about miniature painting is experimenting with color combinations, technique, or materials. I love getting outside of the box and doing something different every day. Learning new things keeps things fresh!

Audry, USA

Painting small scale models is a way of creating order. You need to plan your time and tools very precisely, be aware of what you are doing at all times, plan the work flow, decide where you should focus first and foremost. The miniature gives you feedback as you progress and as such it makes painting fun as well as challenging!

Jen Dulong, EU

Human Begins Have an Innate Need to Create

I love creating a moment of action or interaction. It is always rewarding to watch them come to life in front of you.

anonymous miniature painter

Painting miniatures relaxes me and it gives purpose to my hobby by linking it with a sense of return that I get from the finished piece.

anonymous miniature painter

To combine an object that sometimes can be a reflection of yourself and sometimes a vessel to tell your own stories, but always something that is giving the impression of life.

Amanda, USA
Some images demand attention. Others beg for a quote. How would you caption this amphibian wanderer?

The painting process can get pretty tedious at times, so it’s important to me to have fun while doing it!

Megan Branch, UK

Painting models helps me escape from my day-to-day stresses and allows me to let my imagination run free. It’s a ton of fun to see the ideas in your head become reality on the tabletop.

Alyssa Gardner, USA

I love figuring out what colors, patterns and materials will work for different types of characters and units within a theme or faction. I also enjoy working with color relationships that can convey certain emotions or ideas, such as the aura of magic.

Eduardo Martinez, Bogota, Columbia

Culture Binds a Group of People Together; So Do Hobbies

I have always been fascinated by the history and culture of different civilizations, so painting miniatures for me is a great way to express my vision.

Brian McLaughlin, USA

Painting models also gives you a satisfying sense of accomplishment each time you finish one. It can be very rewarding when people appreciate your work!

Kyle of Oregon, USA

There is something magical about the process of creating a miniature that you can hold in your hand and admire. I love to see my ideas take form in such a small scale.

Panda, Japan

The best thing about painting is how it brings me one step closer to the world building process.

Unknown, Los Angeles, USA

Miniature Painting is an amazing hobby because it gives the ability to create an entire world inside of the single miniature.

Unknown, USA

I love creating a miniature that is both beautiful and dynamic.

Lila M., USA

Miniature painting, for me, allows to have total control over the finished piece after many hours of work. You take something unsightly or dull and turn it into something unique and inspiring! It is very rewarding after a long day of painting to finally see the finished product and be proud of what you have accomplished.

James Ketchum, American Traditional Oil Painter

All sorts of factors affect me while I paint, such as how many layers I’ve done already or what mood my painting is when it’s late in the evening.

Joel Levaihio, Canada

Painting miniatures is like solving a puzzle! It’s really satisfying to take this blank object and transform it into an exciting detailed miniature.

Nellie Duggan, location unknown

I love painting miniatures because of the feeling I get when someone compliments my work! It makes all the time spent on each model worth it!

Alyssa Gardner, USA

The most rewarding part for me is seeing pictures of other gamers enjoying their miniatures that I painted. It is a great feeling to turn this blank 3D canvas into a miniature that people enjoy playing with or showing off on the battlefield!

Jesse, Illinois, USA

Painting miniatures has been a fulfilling hobby for me because I’m constantly learning new things and how much variation there truly is in this hobby.

Manuela C., Brazil

Miniature Painting is a Hobby Full of Popular Topics and Ideas Related to Fine Art and Literature

From my point of view, it is amazing to have this blank canvas that you can bring to life! One of the most rewarding things for me is when other people appreciate my work, especially when they know what it took to achieve the final result.

Nemisia, Brazil

I really enjoy seeing all the amazing miniatures people are able to create.

anonymous miniature painter, USA

Miniature painting is rewarding because it gives you an opportunity to work on something, step by step, until you see the finished product.

Jimmy Ray, USA

Painting miniature figures is my favorite hobby because it’s relaxing and fun.

Rodrigo Ramos, Brazil

Miniature painting is a wonderful opportunity to create a piece of art in a different way than with traditional media! Working in such a small scale means that even minor details become a significant factor in the overall look of the miniature.

Alex, who is from Illinois, USA. He paints miniatures to earn a living and it is something that he enjoys doing.

One of my greatest joys with painting is celebrating mini milestones along the way. Every time I finish a color, it feels rewarding!

anonymous miniature painter, USA

Sometimes You Celebrate a Finished Project, Alone.

I enjoy building up my army one model at a time to create an awesome looking force! Painting also gives me an opportunity to create a meaningful piece of art, even if it’s on such a small scale.

James Hobson, USA

I enjoy the process of bringing a miniature from concept to completion.

Ryan, Canada

The best part is simply being able to transform an unpainted object into something wonderful and detailed. It allows me to put my imagination to use by creating fantasy worlds or characters that I can call my own.

anonymous miniature painter, USA

It’s rewarding to see pictures of people enjoying their miniatures.

anonymous miniature painter, India

There’s so much you can do with miniature painting! You can play games or even reenact battles. It is fun to create stories and characters that might not exist anymore, but live on through the miniature. Miniature painting is a time-consuming and challenging hobby but it is rewarding to be able to create things that I can call my own.

Manuela C., Brazil

You may not see the fruits of your labor right away, but as you work on each model they all come together to make something great.

Claire Mallon, Ireland

Miniature Art is One of Many Art Forms That Requires Skill, Patience, and a Bit of Suffering

The best part for me with painting miniatures is the challenge and the feeling of achievement when you finish a model and it looks just like what you were hoping for! It is very rewarding after so much time working on something.

Georgia Monchovidze, Philipines

The most rewarding part of miniature painting is seeing people’s reactions to your work.

Jane Harrison, USA

There are so many different ways to paint miniatures, so there are always new techniques to try out! It is great fun to use all different types of paints and brushes to come up with the best way to bring your model into life.

Zoe Jackson, Location Unknown

Figuring out what makes a miniature look good, especially when it doesn’t have any colors on it yet!

Gabriel Gat, Indonesia
miniature painting quotes and habits for great art

I love having this opportunity to create mini worlds and characters. Painting miniatures has allowed me to take my creativity to the next level by creating fun stories and memorable characters.

Hafiz Riaz, Pakistan

It’s great seeing people enjoy your work!

Alex Einsel, Location Unknown

Miniature painting is rewarding because it allows you to create something that can be used for anything! Whether I’m playing a game, reenacting an actual war, or just displaying it on my shelf, I enjoy the feeling of seeing other people’s reactions to my work.

Felicia S. Blackburn, USA

It allows me to expand my hobby and meet great new friends.

Erica Montgomery, USA

I think that miniature painting is rewarding because it combines creativity and artistic talent to create something unique! There are always new techniques and ways to create a miniature that will make it unique and interesting.

Stefano Fantoni, UK

Getting a high mark [a compliment] on a commission piece.

Nancy Whitehorne, Belgium

I love to share my work with other people, because I feel really excited when they say that my models look great! It is rewarding to see others’ reactions after you have spent so much time working on such small scales.

anonymous miniature painter, Canada


Miniature painters are everywhere in the World, and we all have great reasons for why we paint. Artist miniature quotes, from a single word to a full phrase, can inspire and motivate us.

Fine art, miniature art, whatever it is, there’s something uncanny and unique about why we love this creative outlet.

Do you know why you paint miniatures? Is it for your tabletop games, board games, etc., or do you simply enjoy the artistic process? Leave a comment!

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