How to Unleash Your Inner Creativity (6 Ways)

We are humans, and it is in our inherent nature to be creative. Creativity is embedded deep within our DNA, which is why we managed to build grand civilizations and make a technologically thriving society today. Is there something you love to do? Do you enjoy painting miniatures, photography, or other hobbies?

Do you want to bring out your creativity in full?

  • Why is it that we sometimes feel unproductive, mediocre, and lacking the supposedly bustling creativity inside of us?
  • Well, the answer to that is simple.
  • And it’s all a matter of lifestyle choices along with a little dose of motivation.

If so, then here’s what you can do.

1. Do something you love

How to be more creative in your thinking - Do something you love
Do something you love. It can be your hobbies, your interest in photography, your children, or a growing business.

This is the first and best thing you need to do if you want to bring out your creativity. Do something that you like doing. It can be your passion or interest such as event photography, painting, dancing, or maybe even starting a photo booth hire business?

Doing and working on something that you love helps you achieve wonders on your own because you like what you’re doing and you don’t easily get bored and exhausted with it. Don’t force yourself into doing what you don’t like because this will just suck out all your energy and leave you lifeless.

2. Think outside the box

How to be more creative in your thinking - think outside the box
Innovative thinking comes from being unconventional. Move off the beaten path and don’t follow the herd.

Don’t limit your imagination. Always think outside the box and make it a habit to have ideas that are unconventional. Don’t go with the trend and keep on following what’s hip and is cool to do. Doing that will just make you one of the hundreds of sheep that follow the herd.


Stand out and make your own strong imprint in this world by suggesting new ideas and challenging old concepts. When you make this as your habit, then you’ll have an easier time thinking of creative plans and decisions.

3. Confidence is key

How to be more creative in your thinking - confidence is key
Be courageous.

Be confident about yourself and don’t doubt anything. Sure, we feel fear every once in a while. But that doesn’t mean we must confine ourselves and do what we think we’re comfortable in doing. Go beyond your comfort zone to improve yourself.

Confidence is key to achieving wonders on your own, such as in your job. Believing that you can do it will make you want to do it, and in the process, lead to a finished result. Knowing you have the capability to do something is a very strong strategy to become creative because you are hardwired to achieve something that you really want to happen.

4. Surround yourself with the right people

How to be more creative in your thinking - surround yourself with the right people
Surround yourself in a community of people who are like-minded. Be around other creative people who love to share innovative ideas. Creativity does not exist in a vacuum.

Be with people whom you think can help you. The saying that the bird with the same feather flock together is an accurate comparison to this because you become like the people whom you spend most of your time with. This means that you should surround yourself with creative people for you to also be creative. The analogy in this is easy to understand, but very helpful if you want to become more productive with your life.

5. Be open to criticism

How to be more creative in your thinking - be open to criticism
Be open to feedback. Whether it is negative or positive, input from different perspectives is the key to honing your creativity. Productivity isn’t simply doing and making. Creating also involves refining, distilling, and improving all the time. Be open to criticism. It helps!

Criticisms are key to improving ourselves. We need to upgrade by knowing our weaknesses. We might feel a bit disgruntled or hurt once we hear criticisms thrown at us, but these are for our own good.

Being open to criticisms lets us turn our weaknesses into strengths, and in the process, opens our minds to new possibilities. This, in turn, makes us more creative because we already know our flaws and we have turned them into strengths.

6. Maintain a positive outlook

How to be more creative in your thinking - maintain a positive outlook
Be positive. Creativity is stifled by negativity. Remember why you are creating. Walk away from poor experiences if you can’t solve the problem. Don’t fret. Maintain a positive outlook and creativity will flow naturally.

Maintaining a positive outlook in life is key to bringing out your creativity. You feel lighter and happier about yourself. This helps you to think of new and brilliant ideas. Don’t be so negative about things.

If you see and experience something that disgruntled you, just walk away from it and don’t let it affect you that much. You don’t want to be preoccupied with things that don’t really have a direct effect, implication, or isn’t needed in your life. Stay positive, be happy, and you’ll be on your way to creative bliss.


Unleash your inner creativity 6 ways - Have more innovative ideas
6 quick, fun tips for how to unleash your inner creativity in anything you do!

With all this being said, one can say that unleashing your creativity isn’t super hard. There are things you can do to unlock your creative potential.

Unleash your inner creativity with these 6 quick tips!

  1. Do something you love.
  2. Experiment.
  3. Be confident.
  4. Be around a great community of creative people like you.
  5. Be open to feedback, negative or positive.
  6. Stay optimistic!

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Unleash your inner creativity 6 ways - event photographers Melbourne Australia
Unleash your inner creativity 6 ways - The photoboothers Melbourne Australia

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