Did You Say, “Miracle”?

miracles, miniatures, and life - did you say, "miracles"?

Maybe I don’t seem to remember what I dream at night because I dream a lot when I’m awake?

There is such a thing as ‘overthinking’.  Really.  Sometimes when I’m tired my mind will ramble about the silly things…crazy things…

Ever wonder how thin the walls of a house are that separate you from the outside world? Just 4 to 6 inches thick of glass insulation embedded in a wooden frame secured and protected by wood panel and water proof shingles.

Nothing, really.

The miracle of life and fragility of living in the world

Water and air coming through from the world all the time.

Bacteria, disease…it’s so easy to get sick!

Likewise, do you realize how thin your skin is?  Only a couple of millimeters and yet our minds believe that we are not close to harm at all.

miracles and miniatures - life in miniature

Some may say that it is a miracle that such weak bodies have survived so many abuses in life.  Others might say that our bodies are so strong to survive the abuses in life.

Maybe, it is a miracle we say anything. 

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