Custom Dice Trays for Tabletop Gamers (10 Unique Finds)

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Are you looking for a custom dice tray? A custom dice box or tray turns your experience of an ordinary board game or RPG session into something new. A custom dice tray, DIY or bespoke, is a gaming accessory that puts your personality on tabletop display. Gaming immersion and community go hand-in-hand as a tabletop gamer. Sure, great art, painted miniatures, and well-designed gameplay all play a part of the experience. However, a personalized touch can further enhance the time you spend in your hobby.

In this article, I show you 10 great examples of custom dice trays for tabletop gaming. Whether you’re playing an RPG, miniature wargames or board games, like Dungeons & Dragons, Mansions of Madness, or Warhammer 40k, dice rolling is a key method for resolving gameplay decisions.

Do You Need a Custom Dice Tray?

When I buy a car, I am purchasing a product that I will use frequently. Although the make, model, and driving characteristics are priorities, so is the appearance. I want a car of a specific color, interior finish, and with amenities that allow me to say “this is my car”.


Do you need a custom dice tray? If you’re asking about whether a bespoke dice tray is a better choice than a mass-produced box for throwing dice in, then no, you don’t need one. But, if you want a hand-crafted, artisan (e.g., Etsy) DIY style dice tray that lets you express your aesthetic taste, or better yet, makes you excited to play more games, then absolutely you need a custom dice tray.

Custom Dice Trays for RPGS - custom dice tray for dnd - dungeons and dragons - custom dice rolling tray - customized dice trays - personalized custom dice trays for tabletop games and board gamers - acrylic
Check out this unique acrylic wood dice tray for a novel custom look! Dice rolls never looked this cool!

A custom dice tray that excites you every time you get together with your friends to play a game. Any gaming accessory that whets your appetite for throwing dice in games is worth every penny (imho).

There are some dice trays I’ve discovered that slip under the radar. Here are some of the coolest dice trays I’ve recommended to others for DnD and other roleplaying games. Some are practical dice boxes for keeping dice from rolling off the table, or have unique features for storing dice when you travel to your next campaign. Of course, other dice trays have a unique flair that only a craftsman with an eye for detail would have the skill to create.

What is the best custom dice tray for you? Well, that’s a unique and personal decision, of course. All I can do is show you some examples of customized tabletop dice trays that will stand out in a crowd.

Your Identity Reveals Itself Through Inner and Outward Decisions

The way you interact with the rules, the people around you, and your mannerisms affect the overall experience of your gameplay. Even the way we throw our dice, the way your hands move about the table and how you rest them on your legs or on the tabletop, reveals a bit of who you are.

Do you fidget? Are you constantly rolling your polyhedrals between your fingers while you wait for the next NPC encounter?

Of course, even the types of games you play, the products you buy in your hobby, all feed into a narrative.

Custom Dice Trays for RPGS - custom dice tray for dnd - dungeons and dragons - custom dice rolling tray - customized dice trays - personalized custom dice trays for tabletop games and board gamers - dice storage chest mimic
You can even find amazing dice storage boxes that fill a niche. Check out this Mimic Chest Dice Storage Box!

Does your stuff define your self-identity? Of course, not, and it shouldn’t. However, what you do, whatever you wear, and the games you prefer to play reveal who you are. So, when we talk about physical apparitions of a tabletop gamer, the style of dice you play with or the massive rpg bag-of-holding you bring with you, says something about who you are.

Your “stuff” expresses who you are, whether or not you like it. And, I guess that’s the fun part about unique gaming accessories: You can make a conscience decision to express your unique identity.

Reveal Yourself: Custom Dice Trays for Tabletop Gamers

Embracing your identity is part of the discovery, fun, and subtle thrill of tabletop gaming. Here are 10 great examples of artisan, hand-crafted dice trays that you can customize to fit your personal tastes.

This Custom Leather Valet Tray is perfect for anyone who wants to fine-tune their dice tray. Whether you’re using this for yourself for a tabletop game, or as a gift, the customizing options available are huge. You can choose from 4 different sizes, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

The dice tray also comes in various colors and with a fire-branding stamp to personalize this toward your unique tastes. Fonts are also available in different colors, too! If you’re looking for a durable dice tray for gaming, with customization within the leather aesthetic, this is the handcrafted piece you’re looking for.

Personalization is a process wherein you take an object and customize the product into something that matches to your personality. Sometimes the process is as simple as adding a few words that mean something to you! The Personalized Dice Rolling Tray is a handmade dice tray that is great for any tabletop game, including Dungeons and Dragons, other RPGs, Warhammer 40k and more.

Taking a closer look at the wood finish, you have choices between four colors for the frame of the dice tray, and 15 other color options for the felt base rolling surface. You can place a design right in the center of the dice tray of any type. The tray’s surface is highly durable and built to endure the continuous rolling of heavy metal dice, and even those with sharp corners. Finally, you can contact the vendor to personalize your dice tray even further with other construction materials, e.g., vinyl, other wood finishes, and other customization options.

The Luck Lab 8-Inch Dice Tray would not be my first pick for most customizable dice tray. But, it is the most utilitarian with a cool design. There are a few others online that are similar with an octagon shape. The kinds of games you can play with this include RPGs, such as D&D, Call of Cthulhu, Warhammer, Star Wars Miniatures, and many other board games that require multiple sets of dice.

This is a fairly large dice tray with an ample rolling surface. What makes this stand out is the neat symmetrical design, which pops out at you when viewed from any angle. For those players who use a lot of dice, but need a place to compartmentalize rolling from storage, this dice tray is a really good choice.

It has an area (with the design) for rolling dice, and a section to keep unrolled dice out of the game in the area around the center of the dice tray. The padded surfaces and PU leather wrap are durable, and dampen dice rolling to keep things from getting too noisy.

Note that the dice tray has a lid that you can use as another dice tray. In general, the dice tray and lid together also act as a storage travel case that lets you hold up to 125 polyhedral dice. So, if you’re looking for a portable dice storage and tray unit kit, this is something I would highly recommend.

This Engraved Spellbook dice tray is super unique, and it is almost too hard for me to describe for you! Within many RPGs, spells comes from written incantations that a mage or wizard would store in a book. And, you may imagine that such a magic storing notebook would look like these custom spellbook dice tray boxes.

Choose from a huge number of woods types, from Black Cherry to Dusty Barrel. Find a fabric interior color that will suit your keen eye for what magic spells mean for you during your roleplaying campaigns. You can customize the exterior with any design you want.

Roll up to your next gaming session with this “book” in hand. Flip it open to find a organized, modular compartment for safely storing your gaming accessories. And, to boot, a great dice rolling surface for gameplay. There is also space for storing your miniatures, as well as spots for pens and a small notebook.

The wood is durable with a varnished topcoat to protect it from scratches and other dings in your traveling adventures. Each spellbook is made to order and handcrafted. This is also means that there will be slight variations in each product, which actually means no two spellbooks are alike! Cool, huh?

Take your taste for the new and cool to a new level with the C4Labs Display Dice Tray. This customizable dice tray uses a mix of acrylic and wooden construction materials to form a retro-futuristic look in your dice rolling accessory. There are several fantastical clear acrylics you can choose from, including Dapper Blue, Laser Lime, and Radium Pink. Mix these bright transparent colors with high quality, real walnut wood laminates and you have a truly unique dice tray for your next gaming session.

The rolling surface is a black velvet or rustic vegan leather (i.e., a synthetic skin fabric), your choice. Letters engraved into the acrylic mark each dice pocket for your polyhedrals, and the dice tray footprint have a curved contour, deviating from the standard 90 degree angles in your typical dice tray constructions. The C4Labs Dice Tray is sold by a highly-rated vendor I and many other buyers trust. Take a look!

The Apocalyptic Dice Tower is the be all, end all of custom dice towers (or is it?). This is a dice tower and tray with a unique grimdark flair. I’m not 100% sure about this for my aesthetic taste, but this dice tray/tower combo did stand out from the crowd. As described, this dice rolling accessory attempts to bring to life the feeling of the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Maybe, it even evokes the beat up atmosphere of a zombie infested world.

This is a handcrafted piece and contains a wide range of materials, including wood, plasticard, and wood. Its creator hand paints each dice tower and tray with an industrial worn-out appearance. In person, this is a uniquely attractive piece for something as simple as a gaming accessory for rolling your D6’s or polyhedrals. For a closer look, check out the photos!

Who doesn’t like maps? The Canvas Map Dice and Leather Dice Tray is a custom-made gaming accessory poised as a perfect companion for your RPG adventures. As a collapsible dice roller and valet tray, this leather and stitched fabric embeds a sepia colored dungeon map. The snap fasteners hold the dice tray in shape, and come apart when you want to roll it up for storage or travel.

Although I have and use these foldable-type dice trays, this is one of the most unique looking pieces of gaming swag I’ve come across. The rolling area is perfect for keeping dice from rolling away from you, and keeping things a bit quiet when throwing heavier dice. For the roll-away storage, you can choose to a ribbon style strap with a gold D20 seal, or use no strap at all. This is definitely a highly recommended custom dice tray for the RPG gamer, or a for a generous unique gift to another member of your party.

Wow! The C4Labs Party Dice Tray with Printed Enchanted Well requires no real introduction. This is a fairly large dice tray with original, custom artwork illustration printed within the rolling area. You have a choice of a wooden or vegan leather rolling surface; the former produces the satisfying clacking of rolling dice, and the latter will turn rolling dice into a soft, bouncy register.

Note that the illustrated dice tray is layered with dapper blue acrylic and black matte acrylic pieces. This forms the shapes in the dice tray. The four corners like a billiards table can each hold 7 polyhedral dice, which is useful for party board games, or for RPG adventurer’s looking to share this dice tray. You can add a cool looking clear acrylic dice tower that slots right onto the dice tray for a complete kit. Check it out!

Do you travel to your games? For an all-in-one custom dice tray with storage compartment, this Custom D&D Dice Box doesn’t put you to sleep. Choose from a number of colors for the wooden dice tray, and customize the logo on the rolling surface and/or the dice box. The personalized engravings on the wooden surfaces can be anything you like, and the felt interior of the dice tray is also customizable.

The interior rolling surface of the dice tray has the audible thunk and clack of dice as you play. Each dice tray wears a decorative brass corner, with a clasp of similar brass metal to hold the dice box closed. Each dice box is handcrafted and made-to-order.

If you’re looking for something extra unique and special, you can request a unique order and design! The key here is that each dice tray and box is a truly unique piece, as no two can look alike with all the variations in the wood and engravings. This custom dice tray and box comes highly reviewed by myself and others! Take a closer look.

Ever played a game and wished you had a place to take quick notes? This Custom Dice Tray with Dry Erase Board will let you do just that, write quick messages and notes while you play. You can personalize this dice tray in any number of ways.

The photo above is only one example of many iterations of this dice tray and box. You can have the wood “painted” to your color preference and style. On the inside, the felt color is also customizable, along with the applique (the metal piece) on the outside of the box.

For compartmentalization of the interior spaces, there are a number of ways you can add dividers when you order. You can make compartments for holding a dry erase marker, pens, pencils, or make sure there is room for 20 polyhedral dice. For those who play with miniatures, you could have a storage compartment created for safely traveling with your painted minis. Take a closer look at the vendor’s site for all the options you have available for a truly customizable dice tray box.

Summary: 10 Unique Custom Dice Trays for Tabletop Games

Image Dice Tray Info
Custom-leather-valet-tray Custom Leather Valet Tray Check Details
Personalized-dice-tray-DnD Personalized Dice Rolling Tray Check Details
Luck-lab-dice-tray Luck Lab 8 Inch Dice Tray Check Details
Custom-Engraved-Spell-Book-Tray Custom Engraved Spellbook Dice Tray Box Check Details
acrylic-dice-tray C4Labs Display Dice Tray with Genuine Walnut Top Check Details
Apocalyptic-Dice-tower Apocalyptic Dice Tower Check Details
Canvas-Leather-Dice-Tray-Maps Canvas Map Dice and Leather Dice Tray Check Details
C4labs-dice-tray C4Labs 10″ x 10″ Party Dice Tray – Printed Enchanted Well Check Details
Custom-Wooden-Dice-Tray-box Dice Tray and Storage Custom D&D Dice Box Check Details

Final Word

Personalizing your gaming hobby is part of the thrill, because you have to “seek and discover” what’s available out there for you. It’s kind of like a hunt for the golden Easter egg, or the quest line that takes you off the beaten path. Custom dice trays are simply one of the many ways you can add something unique and yours into your game time. I’ve got a few dice trays myself.

I use a particular dice tray for board games, and another compact dice tray when I’m traveling to meet my RPG campaign party. Because the dice tray I have uses a durable leather rolling surface, I sometimes end up using a part of it as a drink coaster (so as not to ruin my host’s nice wooden dinner table). Of course, at the end of the day, it’s all about collecting things you enjoy using and having fun.

I hope you found this article interesting and it gave you some ideas of what’s out there. I’m sure you may have some favorite custom gaming accessories or seen something cool yourself. I’d love to check it out, so please let me know about what you find!

Happy Gaming!

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