Can Tabletop Wargaming Be Classified as an Addiction?

Addiction is a word that is thrown around a lot: I’m addicted to coffee; I’m addicted to this/that. Whether it’s an innocent Privateer Press, Games Workshop, or an elicit legal activity, all are habit forming and puts us (humans) at risk for becoming addicted. Anything that deeply rewards us for partaking has the potential to capture …

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At the Journeyman League

I’m in the midst of a Journeyman League. I must say that I’m having a great time playing in our local Warmachine/Hordes community. Tonight I played three excellent games. All fun, despite all the heart-wrenching moments….Ugh. Warmachine/Hordes can be an unforgiving game. You might as well raise the white flag after one negligent activation, or …

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First Blog Post

This is the first of many blog posts. Come back soon! In the meanwhile, check out some of my buddys’ awesome gaming blogs over at Jestor’s Mini Playhouse and First Rank, Second Rank. Feed Shark