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Miniature Hobby 12

Citadel Water Pot Review – 2019: Good Buy or Not?

The new Citadel Water Pot version is for sale, which I noticed at my local game store (LGS).  On a whim, I bought it because of the unique aesthetic that […]

3D Printing 0

3D Printed Hydralisk (40k Tyranid Proxy) for Gaming or Collection

The goal of the 3D printing project was to make a proxy model for one of the 40k Tryanid pieces (in particular, for the Ravener miniature). In my opinion, it’s a neat looking model, but it doesn’t carry the respect of the much more iconic Starcraft Hydralisk. So, searching the internet, the Hydralisk 3D file was available for purchase (among other 3D files for video game models).