“Drawing” Me Out of My Skull

I was doodling, drawing at the dinner table in the kitchen at 1 o’ clock in the morning. I’m on night watch for our twin baby sons, when my wife wakes up and walks by me to get a drink of water. If we are all hard-wired to think a certain way, can we change …

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“The End” Isn’t Real?

This morning sitting on a chair at my desk with a cup of coffee and a typewriter, I feel reality knocking on the door and it’s rude. Immortality. I’ve been watching some documentaries, or kind of listening to them while doing some mundane work (e.g., painting a lot of the same miniatures over and over), …

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Painting Challenge! 320 models?

I love a good challenge. I love to paint. So, when I received a painting commission request for 320 termagants/hormagaunts (Tyranid army by GW) I immediately accepted! Why not? A painting challenge includes not only the quality (which I am able to do, imho, click here), but also high volume and speed. Tyranids are a fascinating alien race …

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