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How to Airbrush Zenithal Highlights (Fast & Easy)

How to use an airbrush to paint zenithal highlights and shadows. Airbrush zenithal highlights on models and miniatures. Painting miniatures with an airbrush for fast, easy contrast. Tutorial for spraying zenithal highlights, a trick for speed painting. Miniature painting tricks, tips and tutorials.

Do you want a fast and easy way to paint highlights on miniatures? Zenithal highlighting is a technique that quickly reproduces the light and shadows produced by an imaginary light source directly over the subject. Using a spray can or airbrush with a bright color, usually white, you spray directly downward onto a dark-colored model. …

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5 Best Metallic Paints for Miniatures (Tips & Review)

Best Metallic Paints for Painting Miniatures and Models - Metallic Model Paint Review and Guide

What are the best metallic paints? There are certainly popular favorites! What metallic model paint you choose will depend on what result you’re looking for. In principle, all metallic paints contain metal “pigments” or flakes of real metal that reflects light. In modern acrylic paint formulations, regular brush applied metallics have excellent coverage and provide …

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