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Army Painter Quickshade Review and Guide to “Dipping” Miniatures

Guide for “Dipping” Miniatures to Speed Paint (Army Painter Quickshade Review) - Minwax Polyshades miniatures – Army Painter Quick Shade Alternatives – minwax polyshades for miniature painting - army painter quickshade review - army painter strong tone wash - banner

Are you looking for a shortcut to paint miniatures faster? A trick for painting miniatures quickly is to use the dipping method. Using a good “dip” solution is an easy way to shade models and add contrast. I think using the Army Painter Quickshade dipping method is one of the best ways to speed paint …

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Painting and Shading Yellow Miniatures (Cthulhu Wars)

How to paint yellow models – shading yellow miniatures – painting yellow miniatures – painting board game miniatures – Cthulhu wars painting – Petersen Games - how to shade yellow minis – how to paint yellow minis and models – quick yellow painting – best yellow paint - banner

How do you paint board game miniatures yellow? Yellow is one of the hardest colors to use well in miniature painting. This is because of three main reasons: First, yellow acrylic paint often doesn’t provide an artist with good surface coverage. Multiple yellow paint layers are required for a smooth base coat. Second, it is …

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Painting with Coffee: Miniatures!

How to paint with coffee - painting miniatures with coffee - coffee miniature and model workshop

Do you get bored painting miniatures? Do you want to experiment with new, exciting ways to paint miniatures and models? A great way to overcome painting block is to experiment! Try a new technique. How about painting with coffee? Yes, I do mean paint miniatures with a do-it-yourself (DIY) coffee paint mixture. Board games, miniature …

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