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What is Tabletop Wargaming? (20 Best Miniature Wargames)

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What is tabletop wargaming? Tabletop wargaming is a type of gaming where players use miniature figurines to simulate battles. These figurines can be from any time period or genre, and players can use them to recreate historical battles, fight in imaginary worlds, or create their own scenarios. Unlike a board game, where the pieces operate …

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Wargaming: The Illusion of “Balance” (Editorial)

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In a typical tabletop wargame, two forces meet in a pitched battle: one against the other. Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, or even an accurate recreation of a real-life historical skirmish, it doesn’t matter. There’s something enjoyable and thrilling (perhaps, a tad sadistic) about miniature wargaming. Of course, a major draw for games is the …

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