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40 Miniature Painting Tutorials Online (YouTube Links)

40 miniature painting youtube how to videos - best miniature painting tutorial videos online - links to youtubes

In this miniature hobby-world, there are three kinds of people: People who want to paint, and even enjoy it, but don’t have the entire skill set to achieve their preconceived goal. People who love to paint, and will do anything to get their hands on a hairs-glued-to-a-wooden-stick that is dipped in emulsified pigment. People who …

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Practicing Non-Metallic Metal (NMM)

I’ve been painting 40k and Warmachine models for a few friends. And for kicks, I’ve been trying my hand (and eye) at painting non-metallic metal (NMM). For the less versed, this is the method for painting metallic surfaces without using metallic-containing paints. RELATED: 8 MUST-KNOW PAINT BLENDING TECHNIQUES FOR EVERY PAINTER The technique requires a …

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Gaming Burnout Syndrome is Real and How to Solve It

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Are you tired of games or gaming in general? Experiencing gaming fatigue? Gaming burnout or fatigue as it is known is a real issue for any gamer who plays tabletop miniatures games (and even video games). It’s the feeling that you don’t want to play anything related to your gaming hobby. The most common description …

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