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Casual Vs. Competitive Miniature Gamer? Target Audience Matters

Are you a casual tabletop or miniature game player, or are you competitive?

This is a great article that examines the ups and downs of the marketing strategy of a huge game company (i.e., Wizards’ of the Coast, maker of the Magic The Gathering collectable card game), as it relates to the two types of players out there: casual and competitive players.

I highly-recommend this read (link here or below) to anyone who enjoys a bit of perspective into the mechanics of game design, marketing, and sales.


Popularity Contest? Warmachine MK3 versus 40k 8th Edition

A recurrent topic that I hear locally and through the social media grapevine, is the inverted success and struggle between these two game systems: Privateer Press’ Warmachine (3rd edition, aka MK3 or Mark 3) and Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 8th edition (aka 40k 8th edition).  I enjoy looking at data and finding trends or patterns …

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