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Why Do You Paint Miniatures? It’s REALLY Not What You Think
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Why Paint Miniatures? My Answer May Surprise You

Have you ever had this question asked? “Why do you paint miniatures?“ I’ve had this question asked to me many times by many people. It’s a profound question at its […]

Causal versus competitive players?
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Casual Vs. Competitive Miniature Gamer? Target Audience Matters

Are you a casual tabletop or miniature game player, or are you competitive?

This is a great article that examines the ups and downs of the marketing strategy of a huge game company (i.e., Wizards’ of the Coast, maker of the Magic The Gathering collectable card game), as it relates to the two types of players out there: casual and competitive players.

I highly-recommend this read (link here or below) to anyone who enjoys a bit of perspective into the mechanics of game design, marketing, and sales.

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A Golden Rule for Gaming

As a Press Ganger, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to run a successful event. I feel that every time I organize a league, I get better at finding ways to improve the experience for the players. I think I’ve come to a comfortable place now where I understand the mechanics of what works and what doesn’t, […]

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Privateer Press Painting Tips/Advice/Formula

I found this compilation of tips/advice from the Privateer Press forums.  It provides a really good overview of how those brilliant studio models are painted.  How to seal metallics so that they stay brilliant: Quentin The figures are sealed with a standard “dull-coat.” I personally love the way sealant dulls the metallics, but I also really like the look of […]