Army Painter Quickshade Review and Guide to “Dipping” Miniatures

Guide for “Dipping” Miniatures to Speed Paint (Army Painter Quickshade Review) - Minwax Polyshades miniatures – Army Painter Quick Shade Alternatives – minwax polyshades for miniature painting - army painter quickshade review - army painter strong tone wash - banner

Are you looking for a shortcut to paint miniatures faster? A trick for painting miniatures quickly is to use the dipping method. Using a good “dip” solution is an easy way to shade models and add contrast. I think using the Army Painter Quickshade dipping method is one of the best ways to speed paint …

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Smartphone Vs Camera for Miniature Photography

Best Camera for Miniature Photography: Smartphone vs Camera – how to take better pictures of miniatures and models – smartphone or camera for miniature photography – take better miniature photos with your smartphone – a comparison between smartphone and camera photos of models and miniatures – wargaming photography - primaris dreadnought imperial fist warhammer 40k - banner image

Did you know that your smartphone can take amazing photos of your painted miniatures? Compact camera technology has come a long way! The image quality gap has narrowed between smartphones and cameras. Under proper conditions, images taken on smartphones are indistinguishable from consumer grade cameras. These include DSLR, compact bridge cameras, and mirrorless systems. So, …

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How Tabletop Gaming Can Help with PTSD

How Tabletop Miniature Gaming Can Help with PTSD - PTSD and tabletop games - wargames and PTSD - the benefits of tabletop games and boardgames for PTSD sufferers - banner image

People with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have a hard time finding ways to cope, and drugs are often not the best answer. Tabletop wargaming is becoming an increasingly popular way for those suffering from PTSD to take care of themselves without feeling like they’re neglecting their needs. It’s also a form of therapy that’s not …

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Painting and Shading Yellow Miniatures (Cthulhu Wars)

How to paint yellow models – shading yellow miniatures – painting yellow miniatures – painting board game miniatures – Cthulhu wars painting – Petersen Games - how to shade yellow minis – how to paint yellow minis and models – quick yellow painting – best yellow paint - banner

How do you paint board game miniatures yellow? Yellow is one of the hardest colors to use well in miniature painting. This is because of three main reasons: First, yellow acrylic paint often doesn’t provide an artist with good surface coverage. Multiple yellow paint layers are required for a smooth base coat. Second, it is …

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13 Best Dice Trays for Tabletop Games (Review)

13 Cool Dice Trays for Tabletop Games – best dice trays for wargaming – Warhammer dice tray and storage – best dice tray for Warhammer 40k and miniature games – boardgame dice tray – best dice trays – dice trays for dungeons and dragons, D&D, and roleplaying games (RPG) – banner

Are you shopping for dice trays for tabletop roleplaying games, wargames, or board games? Over the years, the explosion of miniature wargaming, e.g., Warhammer 40k, and roleplaying games (RPGs), e.g., Dungeons and Dragons, has propelled a huge artisan industry for gaming accessories. I’ve waded into this market repeatedly as I tend to bounce around different …

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5 Best Metallic Paints for Miniatures (Tips & Review)

Best Metallic Paints for Painting Miniatures and Models - Metallic Model Paint Review and Guide

What are the best metallic paints? There are certainly popular favorites! What metallic model paint you choose will depend on what result you’re looking for. In principle, all metallic paints contain metal “pigments” or flakes of real metal that reflects light. In modern acrylic paint formulations, regular brush applied metallics have excellent coverage and provide …

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