Living With Mistakes (My Take)

“Everyone makes mistakes.” Isn’t this what you hear when something goes badly? The problem with mistakes is oftentimes they don’t go away. You can fix certain choices you made with more action. You have to live with the consequences of your error. In this post, I write about my thoughts regarding those mistakes you probably …

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Best Paper for Any Wet Palette (Recommendation)

Do you use a wet palette? How do you setup your palette? I’ve tried all types of wet palettes: the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) disaster and even the fancier “Everlasting Wet Palette” (Red Grass Games). These are either mold-farms or over-hyped and expensive palettes.

Casual Vs. Competitive Miniature Gamer? Target Audience Matters

Are you a casual tabletop or miniature game player, or are you competitive?

This is a great article that examines the ups and downs of the marketing strategy of a huge game company (i.e., Wizards’ of the Coast, maker of the Magic The Gathering collectable card game), as it relates to the two types of players out there: casual and competitive players.

I highly-recommend this read (link here or below) to anyone who enjoys a bit of perspective into the mechanics of game design, marketing, and sales.