My Thoughts on Warcaster, Servath Reznik, Wrath of Ages

It took me 35 hours to paint Servath Reznik, Wrath of Ages (link for abilities/stats).

But, I learned in the first 10 minutes of putting this ‘caster on the table that he would provide me endless hours of frustration. Needless to say, Reznik2 is hard to play, competitively. Fun to look at, pick up and push around a gaming table, but when it comes to tactical acumen, he demands the mind of a Savant to figure out (not me).

So, I am already about 20 or so games in with him. Of those countless matches, against all sorts of opposing faction lists and metas, I’ve felt confident in exactly zero. Maybe, it’s because I’m spoiled by the likes of the Harbinger of Menoth, or the simplicity of Kreoss1. Harbinger of Menoth

Or rather, I haven’t learned the magic that makes Reznik2 tick-tock. He has game, I know it. Despite my frustrations, I’m not quitting yet.

Here’s my thinking with him. There are the ways I’ve considered how to build a list that tailors toward his strengths and minimizes his weaknesses:

  • Don’t rely 100% on his feat – avoid building lists that will only work upon successful use of the feat.
  • Lamentation is a borderline trap – he needs to be within 14″ of the enemy ‘caster/’lock for it to be useful and this places his huge base within most ranged threats (magical) and/or can get him into tarpit hell (he doesn’t have trample). If you do place him up the board, my recommendation is keep him screened with beefy models, e.g., heavy warjack(s), multi-wound medium based infantry
  • Death March is wonderful if you know how to use it – the +2 MAT increases accuracy and the vengeance mechanic makes the opponent think twice about attacking that unit. Very useful on slow-ish, single wound models, or can aid your generic tarpit strategy by getting models up the board to deny objective/flag control to your opponent. Beware of purification or other upkeep hate.
  • Creators Wrath should not be used until mid-late game – Use this spell early in the game only if your opponent has placed high defense models in your way and they absolutely must disappear. In general, Reznik should be playing back field.
  • Reznik looks like a beefy-beatstick, but he’s frail, frail, frail – Keep him back. Keep him back. ‘Nuff said.
  • Don’t look to use Reznik as a first-line choice for assassination – More than likely, trying to setup Reznik to assassinate the enemy warcaster will end in utter failure. He’s on a huge base with no trample. He can’t land on linear obstacles, objectives, flags, or other models. He’s fast, but fat. A veritable Boeing 777 wide body on a tarmac covered in yellow taxi cabs. He can’t get there.
  • Use Reznik’s speed, calvary rules, and immunity to non-magical ranged attacks for board control – Reznik can re-position within the board space near his deployment zone (which is generally free of obstacles, terrain, etc.). This allows him to control the battle space with Lamentation and/or his feat. His army should be doing most of the work to engage and destroy models. For example, a viable strategy I’ve found is to clear zones and/or objectives with the army, then use Reznik to dominate the scenario with camped focus and Lamentation up.
  • Friendly model placement is vital for a chance at success with Reznik – Badly placed Wracks or choir, for example, will get in the way of Reznik as he tries to maneuver the board. Make sure Reznik has space to move.
  • Be careful of AOE collateral damage, especially fire – Reznik cannot get hit with non-magical ranged attacks while he has focus on him; but he can get splashed with continuous effects from AOE ranged threats. While he has a base 17 ARM stat, POW 12 continuous fire still does 2 DMG (average), which adds up.
  • Eyriss can strip Reznik’s focus in melee – Beware Eyriss in melee with Reznik. Although he can’t be hit (i.e., disrupted) by Eyriss while he is camping focus (Eyriss’s bow is non-magical), she can melee him, which would leave him focus-less.
  • If you want to do a Ride-By (calvary rule) with Reznik toward the enemy, then don’t park him directly behind a linear obstacle – Reznik is SPD 7, which is insufficient for him to perform a Ride-By over the linear wall (getting his entire base over the obstacle) and back behind the wall again. He will be stuck in front of that linear obstacle.
  • Reznik2 is a support caster – Unlike Reznik1, who could single handedly end games with a Engine of Destruction assassination run, Reznik2 is definitely a back-mid field warcaster. In every sense of the word, Reznik2 is a support warcaster. Playing the forward battle space is a near-last resort against most competitive metas.
  • Reznik2 is focus hungry – He wants all his focus on his body, i.e., camped, as much as possible. Bring an army list that doesn’t require a lot of focus allocation. The Avatar of Menoth comes to mind. I’ve had great success with a bonded Redeemer on Tristan, the journeyman warcaster. A Vanquisher and/or Reckoner are incredibly useful with choir, vassals, and Iron Aggression (a spell that should be cast on turn 1 to avoid the focus expense later).

Bottomline: Reznik2 is both fun to play, hard to play. Reznik2 does not forgive thoughtless pre-game planning, poor deployment or sloppy model placement. He is tactically flexible and versatile given his speed, his relatively large control area, and non-magical range denial. But, he’s fragile, fragile, fragile. Play Reznik2 with care.


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