Painting Tutorials Online (YouTube Links)

In this miniature hobby-world, there are three kinds of people:

  1. People who want to paint, and even enjoy it, but don’t have the entire skill set to achieve their preconceived goal.
  2. People who love to paint, and will do anything to get their hands on a hairs-glued-to-a-wooden-stick that is dipped in emulsified pigment.
  3. People who hate painting and won’t do it ever.


Painting Tutorials Online (YouTube Links)
It takes a lot of time and persistence to paint miniatures.

If you’re in category #3, and hate painting miniatures, I might have a hard time convincing you otherwise (a topic for another article).

But, for those of you who are #1 and #2 people, love to paint miniatures and are motivated to improve your skills, I’ve located a series of  YouTube videos that may inspire, inform, and interest you.

I hope these videos help you pursue the wonderful world of miniatures.


How to Paint Miniatures: Complete Painting Tutorials link
The Basics: Painting Segmented Tutorials link
Airbrush Basics: Tutorials & Techniques link
Bases & Terrain: Designs & Ideas link
Cast Fantasy Miniatures Using Rubber Molds link
High-Resolution Color Blending Painting Video link
Make a Round Surface Sander link
Make Barbed/Razor Wire link
Make Hose Pipes and/or Tentacles link
Make Rope, Cable & Chains link
Make Washes link
Paint a Fire Creature link
Paint a Frost Creature link
Paint Armor & Weapons on Miniatures link
Paint Blood & Gore link
Paint Crystal Sword Effects link
Paint Eyes with Glowing Effects link
Paint Faces, Eyes & Hair on a Miniature link
Paint Frail or Textured Cloth/Material link
Paint Gems and Jewels link
Paint Force and Power Weapons link
Paint Fire Effects link
Paint Ghostly Effects link
Paint Horses & Steeds link
Paint Lighting Bolts on Weapons link
Paint Metals: Non Metallic Metal – NMM link
Paint Metals: True Metallic Paint – TMP link
Paint Metal Effects: Rust link
Paint Metal Effects: Weathering link
Paint Object Source Lighting (OSL) link
Paint Skin Tones on Miniatures link
Paint Skin Wings on Miniatures link
Paint Tartan Patterns (Kilts & Flannels) link
Paint The Color Black link
Paint The Color Gold link
Paint The Color Red link
Paint The Color White link
Paperclip, The Useful Tool link
Static Grass Applicatolink
String a Bow On Your Miniature link

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  1. Pandoras Bitz Box

    Holy crap what a fantastic source. Well done man. I’ll have a gander through these next time I’m hobbying. Is there a way to easily find this page on your blog? Your feed is bound to shift it shortly as you are so active.

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