Painting Showcase Ilkhan the Bloody by Reaper Miniatures: Do I Sell?

I have a tabletop roleplaying group that I adventure with about once per month. We’ve met for more than two years and have a wonderful time. 

I won’t get into the nitty-gritty in this post about the campaigns or anything. But, I’ll say that we’ve been using the Pathfinder ruleset, which is similar to Dungeon and Dragons with a tad more math and statistics thrown in. Either way, a major part of the game and hobby that I enjoy with roleplaying games is that it involves miniatures, of course.

The Impulsive Barbarian

When I joined the group, we needed a tank, the dude that takes the front of any encounter and absorbs wicked amounts of incoming enemy attacks. I didn’t want to play the typical fighter dressed in plate armor (at higher levels), but rather wanted to play a character that allowed me to do stuff that I can’t physically do, obviously, or psychologically went against how I normally act.

I wanted to be the impulsive, throw-caution-to-the-wind character. 

Worked out the skin tones using reference photos from old 70’s artwork of Conan the Barbarian

Here, we have the barbarian. Half-naked, armor-lite wearing human machine of flesh and bone ready to dive head first into any encounter and drive your dungeon master (DM) bonkers with the stuff you decide to pull on a whim. I cleared all the shenanigans with my DM before executing any of crazier stuff, like jumping off an eight story tower to take a single swing with a magical wooden club at a ghostly witch floating in the air, only to fall soon thereafter into the ocean below.

Ah, the stupid stuff only a barbarian can pull off with an adventuring party who screams and yells “No!!!”, only to cheer you on as you pull off the impossible time and time again.

And, Why Not?

Yes, the miniature. I had to get the right miniature to represent this insanity on the table. Reaper miniatures to the rescue!

After much frustration looking through the Huge library of miniature, I settled on this sculpt — IIkhan the Bloody (#03090). He was only $6 on Amazon (where I get most of my RPG miniatures)

He is dynamically posed, almost off-balanced (but never out of control; totally, that is). He wields weapons that envisioned would be all he needed. A bit dirty ‘cuz he’s not charismatic at all. 

Side view as he stares longingly into the side of my photo light box

Suffice to say, he has survived many months of campaigning, slayed many a foe, and has become the cinderella man of our sessions (voted first to die in any encounter, but never smelled the dust; unlike our mage who had come close to the light many times).

Campaign Finished? Do I Sell?

Well, as a commissioned painter, I rarely get a chance to paint my own models anymore. The one shown here is a unique piece. I think I’d like to keep him for the long term. But, with one campaign over, my character essentially retired, my question is whether I sell him on eBay?

There is a special something about painting something unique and then letting it go to a new home. I get a few bucks in my bank account to fund new models and painting/gaming adventures. I don’t have a lot of space and this miniature wouldn’t really be a problem in this department–but it’s clutter and I like a clean shelf with models that see use. 

This is still open for debate.

Our rpg campaigns continue and my group has moved onto new adventures. This barbarian may not return. And if I did come back to this campaign, I think a new miniature would be a great way to show how my character has progressed. 

So, do I keep this miniature, or keep it as a reminder of adventures passed?

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7 thoughts on “Painting Showcase Ilkhan the Bloody by Reaper Miniatures: Do I Sell?”

  1. Of course you keep it! I don’t play tabletop war games anymore, but I kept all my minis. I showed them to my son when he was very young and even now at 13 he asks to see them some times. Keep the miniature to show to your kid(s) and regale them with your adventures! Maybe someday you run an adventure for them and your barbarian makes an appearance!

  2. First, nice paint job on there. What is the blue’ish color you’re using on the metal? I like it. Gives a nice touch.

    I’d keep the model. It sounds like you’re having a blast with him, and he’d serve as a reminder of that awesome character you once made 20 years later.

      1. Pretty sure my FLGS carries that – perfect.

        We all have lots and lots of minis ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m sure someday I’ll cull through what I’ve got and get rid of stuff that has no sentimental value. But, I figure if a mini reminds me of some event, some great moment in gaming, then it’s a keeper.

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