My Problem with Doctors

knowledge is power - My Problem with Doctors

A visit to the doctor’s office can be a trip through a glass maze laced with booby-traps.

You go in, not sure you’re going to come out “okay” on the other side. You usually don’t go to visit the doctor when things are going fine and dandy.

No, it’s because something is wrong.

Or you go to find out IF something is wrong.

That’s my experience anyway. So, what is the reason I bring this up?

Well, simply, I’ve had some medical issues. Nothing life-threatening or debilitating, but a firm reminder that this is a fragile life.

The doctor wields so much power over our sense-of-self, don’t they?

If you’re healthy and well, it doesn’t matter if you go for your annual check-up. You know it’s fine.

Getting good health news is an ego boost. It props you up and says “Ha! Take that world! I’ve got good cholesterol!”. Wait ’til I tell all my friends and family how good my diet has proven these past few days.

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A Soul Squeeze

Bad news from a doctor can suck all the wind out of you.

The breath to speak and to do anything vanishes.

You are powerless.

You have no answers. And worse, this person sitting across this huge expansive desk like they were on the dark side of the moon speaks all this mumbo-jumbo that even me (a PhD) cannot understand.

All you have are questions and you’re not even sure they are the right ones to ask.

The Bottom Line

Anyway, my point is, I hate going to the doctor. But I also know that I have to.

It’s like going to the dictionary to look up a word. It’s a hit to my ego. I don’t know what this word means, it’s killing me inside, but if I’m going to get anywhere I have to find out as much as I can.

scientia potentia est

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