Choir fully painted…. blank scrolls. Trying to figure this one out.

I had a very busy week. It is nice to know that I can fall back on a fun hobby to take some of the hectic out of life. I enjoy painting a lot.

I finally finished painting my choir models, a full unit. I’ve owned them for nearly a year, but hesitated to paint them because of their small scale and detail. Also, in my mind, they are cheap point-wise, which in some weird reasoning devalued their need for a good paint job.

My brief thought on choir. At first glance, I never thought them really important. Then, as I started playing more competitively, I realized how much oomph they give warjacks. Some might argue that I should have known this a long time ago, but I’m the kind of player who needs to discover things. My appreciation of the choir took some time to emerge.

It’s weird: If I read it in a book, it doesn’t truly belong to me unless I apply it somehow. Given that my actual hourly playtime is somewhat less than your average player, it took me some time to appreciate the sheer power of good support pieces with Menoth. Slowly, I’m adding to my understanding of how each model works within the whole army.

My recent game versus Eric. My choir hide like baby rats in a hole, way behind the front lines. It doesn’t help them much… look at all those shooting enemy models.

Choir are more than good, of course; they are fantastic for their point cost. And for what they do, they can turn the tide of the game. Early turns, warjacks that become immune to targeted ranged attacks is so incredible. Against high DEF or ARM targets, adding to attack and damage rolls with warjacks takes your threat a notch or two up the victory ladder.

One of my favorite opponents, Eric F., has become fond (and quite effective) of surgically destroying my choir in our recent games. This strategy of removing my support pieces has shown me how reliant Menoth can become on support. Unlike Cygnar, where models can standalone, for the most part, Menoth almost needs good army support to excel.

In our store’s meta, Menoth is a relatively common sight. I would say that because of the strong denial tactics of the Menoth faction, many of the games played are strongly attrition based. Whilst a scenario can force more aggressive play, and perhaps a quicker game, my recent games have been long and drawn-out. It’s a good time, of course, just that somedays…. it can drain.

So, to the question of whether to field choir or not, generally speaking: Yes, always save those last two or three points of your army to include the choir.


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