Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming! Easy Mode!

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Games - Infinity, Warhammer 40k, DnD, RPGs, roleplaying games, and more!

Are you looking for good papercraft terrain for Warhammer 40k, Kill Team, Infinity, or role playing games, like Dungeon and Dragons (DnD)? Paper models or papercraft is a budget-friendly, fast way to get awesome looking wargaming terrain and buildings on your tabletop. Good tabletop papercraft terrain is all over the internet and a lot of it is free! All you need is a good printer and a sharp knife.



In this article, I show you 14 awesome sites and places you can download papercraft terrain and buildings for your wargaming or modeling needs.

Papercraft Terrain - Great papercraft terrain for tabletop gaming, RPG, Infinity, Warhammer 40k, and dungeon and dragons (DnD) - Easy Mode!
Papercraft, easy mode!

Papercraft: Terrain on a Budget

Whether you’re looking to DIY Warhammer 40k terrain or make papercraft buildings for your next RPG adventure, paper is the least expensive material to do it.

I can count the number of essential supplies for papercrafting with my ten fingers.

  • Paper or card stock
  • Sharp knife or scissors
  • Metal ruler
  • Cutting surface
  • Glue (PVA or white glue)

If you’re looking for a more convenient way of cutting up cardstock or paper for your paper modeling needs, you can get a Cricut or Cameo. Either of these machines will make short work of your bulk papercraft needs.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Cameo wireless paper cutter

The cool thing about tabletop papercraft terrain is that it can fit well alongside normal plastic or resin wargaming terrain kits.

Are you trying to bulk up your scatter terrain to block line-of-sight?

Add papercraft!

If you’re into scale model trains or railroads, papercraft is also a great for planning out your layout. Papercraft buildings can work as place holders as you visualize your space.

If you’re traveling to trade shows or conventions paper terrain, models, and buildings are super easy to transport, too.

Great looking papercraft models rely on good printing.

In my opinion, most consumer printers today are mostly the same.

However, if you’re looking to get a new one for papercrafting or other hobby work, or simply upgrading, Canon printers are probably the most respected.

These printers is highly-rated for card stock printing. All of them reproduce excellent color and high resolution images, and print fast.

Read on for my picks for where you can get papercraft terrain, buildings, and models.

Best 14 Sites with Free or Paid Papercraft Terrain and Buildings

Topo Solitario Crafts (Free)

This is probably the most well-known site for free terrain for sci-fi gaming. Games like Infinity would fit right in with these papercrafted buildings, vehicles, and scatter terrain.

Topo Solitario uses IP design and art within Corvus Belli Universe, and has had successful kickstarters for launching papercraft models to our community. From my understanding, there are new designs coming out all the time. Check back to see what new things are happening!

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Tabletop papercraft terrain for skirmish gaming. Even the gaming mat surface is downloadable and printable for free.
Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
From the Topo Solitario Craft kickstarter campaign. Neat, huh?
Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Great looking cargo containers
Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Good line-of-sight blocking scatter terrain made of paper is perfectly suited for almost any urban/industrial themed tabletop game.

Germy (Free)

This is a fun site with various hobby-related tid-bits. Of course, there’s also the papercraft terrain available for free download. I especially like the modular buildings, which all you to stack them up.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)

Some of the aesthetic is blocky (like a lot of papercraft). Also, some of the buildings have a cartoony look, but they all look professional. I think a lot of this would work well in a modern or sci-fi style tabletop theme.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)

Check out these images, or have a look for yourself on the Germy site.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)


Genet Models (Free)

Genet models is another well-known papercraft modeler. The paper models are professional-looking, highly-detailed, and could have been sold commercially.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Space ships!

Luckily for us, they are freely available!

The site is chock-full of paper craft models. Of all the sites, I’ve surveyed with free papercraft stuff, this is the most diverse. There are spaceships, buildings, mechs, and military vehicles.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Military vehicles
Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Does anyone play 40k Space Hulk?
Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
The tank is made of paper!

Tommygun (Free)

Tommygun is like Genet models, and has a ton of professionally-made papercraft terrain available for free download. The link takes you to a directory where you can see all of his wares.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Look at the detail on those boxes! FedEx and BestBuy shipping packages look top-notch
Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Larger containers for models to hide behind. The tactical opportunities in many skirmish level games are endless with more terrain features like these.

There are big terrain pieces, barricades, and small highly-detailed scatter terrain bits. From the looks of the downloadable plans, all of the papercraft models are easy to assemble.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Entire structures that would make an architect modeler proud
Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Barricades that look better than some plastic kits
Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Scaled properly, papercraft terrain fits right into any situation

Combat Storm (Mostly Free)

Combat Storm is a site that produces very high quality models, especially buildings. The neat thing about papercraft is that, because of the digital files, you can scale your terrain features up or down. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing a 10mm or 28mm scaled game.


Use your favorite software and adjust the scaling before you print.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Green Army Men pose for photos in this papercraft city.

On the Combat Storm site, you can see a number of examples of the paper models that are available.

I really like the look for the urban buildings, which even include window treatments. The roof elements, like ductwork and sandbags, provide additional details that make a setting come alive.

Although most of the building packs are free, some of the more elaborate buildings have a small cost ($5-10 USD).

There are different geo-demographic styles, too. You can get buildings with Western, Modern, or Middle-Eastern architectural design. If you play Infinity, you will love the variety that these papercraft buildings provide.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Check your corners! Duck and cover!
Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
The buildings are the perfect scale for 28-35mm gaming

Imperius Wargaming (Free)

Imperius Wargaming is a fantastic blog site! I’m so glad I found this. Just check out the photos below of the free papercraft buildings you can get.

Big and small models are available with a few clicks. I’m shocked at how detailed these paper model are, considering it would take days to paint-by-hand anything similar in a kit-form.

Of course, all the details and color come from the printer.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)

But, how often do you wish your Citadel (Games Workshop) terrain would just pop off the table with realism–and do so without any work?

Okay, I admit that papercraft does require work.

You need to print the models on 2D paper, then cut them out, and assemble it all. To save a ton of time, you can use a machine to do the cutting. And, the results are kind of amazing considering that you can just avoid the painting aspect.

Dave Graffam Models (Free)

Here we enter more commercial territory. I have purchased a ton of Dave Graffam Models in the past. You can see an article where I use some of these papercraft models here.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
A free papercraft stonework building that even comes with a grass base

The link here shows you 4 free paper models you can download. They are really good examples of what you can buy on the site.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Papercraft sci-fi containers

Wizards of the Coast (Free)

The Wizards of the Coast is a huge name in gaming, including role playing games, Magic the Gathering, among others.

At some point, they made a line of papercraft buildings that you can download.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
A quaint, peaceful village, perhaps? Until the sun disappears….

And, thanks to a fellow Redditor, the link above sends you to the site where you can get a bunch of awesome looking fantasy-genre paper model buildings.

Although the photos are small, low-resolution, you can already see how detailed these look. I would be super-happy to see some of these buildings in a DnD or Pathfinder game.

Check out the site for the free downloadable files!

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
I love the Tudor styling. It’s classic fantasy architecture.

Paper Craft Square (Free)

This is a nice site for getting a variety of different papercraft models. There is no charge for these models. My only gripe is the site is a tad hard to navigate with some broken links.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Papercraft Tudor-style homes

But, the models you can get here are pretty awesome.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Scale paper models of historic places
Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
A paper church
Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
This is a paper model of what looks to be a 40k predator model. But, it’s on a paper railroad?


If you’re willing to spend a bit, you can get amazing terrain pieces from DriveThruRPG. This is probably the most active downloadable terrain (and other digital product) site out there for tabletop gamers and hobbyists.

I don’t have the space to describe everything this site has in-stock. But, if you check out a few of the images here, you’ll see some really cool paper model buildings.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
This huge building has a fully realized interior floor plan.

All of the pieces are very well designed with a mindset for functionality. You have modular buildings with fully-fleshed out interiors. For the role playing games, being able to move about a building interior and exterior opens up a whole new dimension of interactivity.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Interior floor plan in fully rendered 3D papercraft. The square grids are 1″, which is perfect for moving your models around precisely.

The art and design style of the papercraft models from DriveThruRPG is beautiful. With even a mediocre inkject printer, you can create some of the most enthralling scenes, replete with buildings, and other realistic elements.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
If you’re into adventure or dungeon crawl tabletop games, e.g., RPGs, being able to download stuff like this and make it come alive is thrilling.


This site is actually a curated product site from DriveThruRPG. The difference with Wargame Vault is that the products listed are a bit more in-line with tabletop wargaming.

Warhammer 40k, Maulifaux, Flames of War, Bolt Action, and other tactical miniature games have rulesets that work well with good terrain pieces.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Look at the details in this ruin building set

WargameVault has set out to provide low-cost paper models that work with the inherent gameplay elements of many of the most popular miniature games.

If you think about the economics of papercraft, purchasing models from sites like Wargame Vault or DriveThruRPG is cost-effective.

Once you buy a model, you own it.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Sci-fi paper models that provide a modular way to setup a tabletop scene

You can print multiple copies and replicate a tabletop scene over and over again.

Because most of these bundles are modular, you can create many different setups for every single game–and none of the landscapes will look alike.

There is more stuff out there than this, for example i avoided linking to stuff on WorldsWorksGames and DriveThruRPG/WargameVault because of the rules for commercial things on the forums, but we can mention them. Still, with these you should be set. And always you can get a bunch of

Moto.Tronica Scenery Pack

If you don’t want to buy a printer, or print your own papercraft terrain, you can buy pre-printed paper models.

The Mototronica scenery pack is inexpensive ($15). A Corvus Belli product for their Infinity miniature skirmish game, the papercraft model buildings in sets like this make it super easy to play.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
The scenery pack comes with a city map, buildings, and shipping containers.

I know people how have combined several of these scenery packs to create modular looking cities. Each of the buildings and shipping containers stack up perfectly.


This makes it easy to create different scenario layouts, but also to pack away and store. If you travel around, you can take these scenery packs with you.

The scenery even works with other games, such as Warhammer 40k, which use a similar scale to Infinity. Check out the photo below.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
A 40k Landraider faces off against Necron Destroyers on a table filled with Mototronica papercraft terrain.

Infinity Navajo Outpost

As with the Mototronica scenery pack, the Navajo Output scenery is similarly priced ($15).

Do you like playing Kill Team? Terrain like this is not only cheaper than the Citadel Plastic Kits, but requires less work, less cost, and functions the same!

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
??e Infinity Navajo Output scenery pack

Take several of these scenery packs, you can fill an entire 4′ x 4′ or larger table full of beautifully rendered 3D terrain.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Kill team played out using papercraft terrain from Corvus Belli

Dave Graffam Models

As with the above, if you’re looking for alternative terrain for games like Warhammer 40k or Kill Team, Dave Graffam Models have you covered.

I linked to free Dave Graffam Models above. Much of the product line include historic or European style paper model buildings.

However, if you’re looking for the stuff that robots dream of, check out some of the sci-fi stuff from Dave Graffam.

Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Fill an entire table with amazing looking terrain for less cost than a 40k Rhino!
Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
I found this image on Reddit. This is a game of Kill Team played on terrain from Dave Graffam models and DriveThruRPG.
Great Papercraft Terrain for Tabletop Gaming (links)
Look at this papercraft model! It’s glorious! And, you don’t have to paint it!

Final Word

The reason to use papercraft terrain for your tabletop gaming or modeling needs is simple.

  • Paper models are easy to make
  • Inexpensive
  • Light-weight
  • Durable with card stock
  • Fast setup

I’m sure I missed some sites with papercraft terrain and buildings. Please let me know if you have other places that either sell or provide free paper models.

Comment below!

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