Fast Favorite Coffees for the Long Painting Session

Coffee is lubricant for the brain. You could make a run to your local coffee shop or gas station, but that’s a hassle and I’d rather just stay home and work on the minis.


I admit that my choices don’t include the slower routes (or dare say even less expensive ways) for making coffee from actual coffee grinds, such as the drip brewer or the widely-popular aeropress. In order of descending order of price and ease of consumption, I use the following coffees:

  1. Folgers Instant Coffee Crystals, Classic Roast ($11.70 per bottle)– aka crystalized crank. The best partabout the instant coffees is the “instant” part, followed closely by “add pile-high scoops” until it doesn’t dissolve anymore. Seriously, achieve cognitive fluency with two sips.

  2. Green Mountain Coffee Keurig Coffee Lover (K-cups are ~$0.50) –  get that caffeine to your brain fast. Here, the magic is tucked away in K-cups. Of course, you’ll need the Keurig machine to make this coffee work for you. The coffee is kind of weak. If you’re up for a long painting session (a 2-10 hour stretch), then you’ll end up wanting several doses.

  3. Nespresso Vertuo Coffee (capsules are ~$0.75) – this is my favorite route to coffee. The Nespresso machine takes the Keurig K-cup concept up ten notches to a level where I can’t tell if my coffee is brewed in a French press or by a Starbucks barista. Of course the machine is more expensive, but the upfront and long term cost is cheaper than a visit to Starbucks or whatever your local coffee shop (that isn’t a hole in the wall gas station). The Nespesso machine (made by DeLonghi) heats the water perfectly and spins the coffee capsules while brewing to aerate the liquid.  The coffee has an amazing creme, bold, and the caffeine kick is rock solid. 

When it comes to productivity, choose instant gratification at the cost of disposable taste.


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