Ever Fall Asleep Doing This?

Have you ever fallen asleep doing this’?

Have you ever fallen asleep reading a book? I’m sure everyone has done that.

But, have you ever fallen asleep with a baby sleeping on your chest?

A newborn.

And woken up to a profound realization. The horror of the reality this thing entails.

Your hobbies now take a backseat.

It’s quite the experience feeling this small weight; not even a gallon of water weighs this much. But, the mass is more than the Universe to you.

It breaths, and moves, and yet this little thing that’s fallen asleep is the width on your chest well one day take over the world. (I mean that, figuratively.)

I know from experience, a personal challenge and even a pain, that not everyone will want or even have the chance to experience this.

It took decades to grow-up.

This is what Responsible feels like when it makes you very large and very small at the same time.

I’m exhausted. I have a ton of miniatures unpainted, let alone bunch of other hobby things I want to do.

The paint can wait.

Paint doesn’t die in a bottle. That pigmented potential will wait for me. Bottled up and racked on a shelf. I’m ready to hit the brush.


Speaking of bottles, here we go again. This little thing on my chest has woken up looking for my boob.

And I’m a guy.

(Fun tip: It’s called rooting)

Thanks for reading my short blurb on an experience of an avid hobbyist who also happens to be a Dad.

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2 thoughts on “Ever Fall Asleep Doing This?”

  1. Been there done that, there is a photo somewhere of me and my youngest fast sleep on a chair. As you rightly said, the paint stays good for a long time. My kids for years called my minis ‘daddy’s toys’

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