Emergence – Winter Gaming

Apologies to my loyal readers! I’ve been very busy and pre-occupied with non-gaming life; with the year ending, I’ve been catching up on many work and home-related things. Since I still have things to do today, including an incoming family gathering, I’ll summarize.

On December 22nd, on a blustery winter day, at Clockwork Comics, Orange, CT, I and another press ganger organized a Steamroller 2013 beta tournament. We had 9 participants who by all accounts had a good time. We had a few surprises and some very exciting games. The format was 35 points, character restricted, with the optional two lists variant (if you register with two lists, you must play both lists during the event). The deathclock was set at 40 minutes per player.

The overall first place winner ran a 35pt Menoth list with a single army list with Reznik. Second place was Cryx. Third place was Skorne.

We ran three scenarios from the Steamroller 2013 beta rules released Dec 18th, 2012.

  • Scenario #1 was “Close Quarters”
  • Scenario #2 was “Incursion”
  • Scenario #3 was “Into The Breach”

My impression of the scenarios was that they were fair and promoted a depth of play that was exciting and very interesting to watch. Compared with the SR2012 scenarios, I think SR2013 simplified the gameplay while allowing a complexity of tactical options that allowed players with very different list compositions to do well. Scoring rules changed significantly compared with SR2012, including an increase in the number of control points required to be victorious, as well as preventing warcasters/warlocks from contesting objectives/zones/flags.

On a topline level, this really allowed the “lower” tiered casters and models a chance to see play and be effective. In my opinion, there appeared from my observations a more apparent “back-and-forth” between army clashes. Games “felt” closer and more exciting: anybody could win up until the last dice roll. As a press ganger, watching from afar, seeing the mechanics of games played was intriguing and almost as fun as playing a game myself.

…. More thoughts to come.


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