Being a parent and a dedicated Wargamer and hobbyist isn’t easy. Find reviews for gaming, art, and hobby products for the younger crowd. Learn about the latest trends and find out which products are worth investing in.

Also, check out other thoughtfully crafted articles about the miniature hobby from a parental perspective.

Best Acrylic Paint Set for Kids (Review)

As an avid miniature painter, I’ve been looking for ways to get my kids into the hobby. But, painting miniatures can be difficult for young children. Young children still have developing fine motor skills, which take time to mature. To…

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Grit: More Than Sand

It was 2:40pm on a bright sunny day. We were at the local playground. My daughter wanted to play in the sandbox. It was crowded with other parents and children mingling about. But, we did find a shaded spot in…

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Ever Fall Asleep Doing This?

Have you ever fallen asleep reading a book? I’m sure everyone has done that. But, have you ever fallen asleep with a baby sleeping on your chest? A newborn. And woken up to a profound realization. The horror of the…

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Some Broken Things Can’t Be Fixed, Ever.

“Wheeeel, fix…” my 2-year old daughter said. “I can’t–” I’m holding the plastic tire in my hand, as she hands me the yellow toy truck (a bulldozer). On a bright sunny day, I was in the local playground with my…

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