Craving Adventure? Lunch Break Musing

Craving Adventure? Tabasco

It’s that time of day again. Lunch break. I’ll just feed the blank page some litter before I head out. I eat hospital food, nearly everyday; honestly though, it ain’t so bad. Only problem is that it doesn’t change. The same!  Oh, how ridiculous we are, humans! Yes, I’ll pose the question of why this …

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Surprise! You’re Old

Surprise! You’re Old

I am afraid of getting older. The thought of obtaining all the physical attributes of seniority is a speed bump. A real eye-opener. I ponder what my lifestyle would be like, then. Things slowing down through physical limitations rather than choice. It’s inevitable, of course. What can a person do? Nothing right? Although I should say that even …

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The Most Unexpected Wisdom for Writing and Art?

On a coffee break, partaking in two of my favorite activities: consuming and spewing. Here’s my afternoon spew…. This is a precious…sss moment. A punctate lot of time in this short lifespan. In the words of the wise fictional character, Bilbo Baggins (the most famous of Hobbit-sss), I’m preemptively avoiding being “…butter scraped over too …

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