Black and White Photography: At the Beach

As winter approaches, the beach near our home has become more and more desolate. But, it’s beauty is still the same.

On an overcast day in the Autumn, with the wind and cool air, I walk the sand.


I shoot with a single mirrorless Sony camera with a 40mm manual prime lens (Voigtlander).


The light was diffuse and flat. Clouds do that, soften shadows. But, with this landscape I wanted to capture texture. Photographing texture is a great way to overcome issues with low contrast environments. Get close and look for the subtle structure within the surfaces of your location.

The opportunities for capturing texture were everywhere.

I set my camera to black and white, because muted colors just look dull in this flat, diffuse light.


You can see the photos here. I processed my images quickly with a few Lightroom presets to correct for lens distortion.

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