Battle Report (Menoth Reznik Vs. Minions Lord Carver)

Battle Report (25 pt army) – Journeyman League Week-4

Reznik– Crusader|Vanquisher|Repenter|Reclaimer|min Choir|Knights Exemplar|Covenant of Menoth|Gorman DeWulfe (played by Andrew)

Lord Carver – Gun Boar 2x|War Hog|Farrow Brigands full unit| Targ|Farrow Razorback Crew (played by Eric)

I’m not that good at tracking battle reports (yet), so my pictures don’t align at all to the game. Most of my brain power was used to actually play the game to win. But, I’ll figure out a way to video record, then take screen captures for the battle report. So stay tuned for my updated progress on improving the quality of documenting games. For now, from my memory this is a brief summary of what happened from my point of view….

Reznik advances up the field within close proximity of his warjack battlegroup. Gorman aids by placing clouds to block LOS to his ally warcaster. The knights advance up the flank to engage the Farrow brigands, which have a larger threat range. The knights exemplar takes casualties, obviously, but their progressively increasing ARM and STR helps their survival. By turn 3, I believe only two of them survive to engage the enemy.

The vanquisher continues to splash fire AOE’s causing some minimal continuous fire effects to burn on a few models and kill them. I take out several brigands this way, and place damage on the gun boar to my right flank. This aids the advance of the knights.

The crusader, even with iron aggression does not get first strike on the War Hog; rather my crusader gets smashed into a wreck by the War Hog, who simultaneously engages Gorman (no shooting black oil anymore). Reznik is very close to being attacked by the WarHog, only several inches away from a charge. I block the War Hog with the covenant of Menoth, but it’s nearly dead and gets killed by brigands and a gun boar.

Reznik, finally! gets into combat, but it’s not how he wanted to do it. The War Hog attacks Reznik with full fury, but after 5 attacks fails to do more than 6 DMG to Reznik. To my opponents’ despair, he watches as Reznik under the Engine of Destruction spell, rips into the War Hog with 6 attacks. Reznik is hitting at MAT 11 and P&S 18, and this is sufficient to takedown the heavy warbeast. This is the turning point of the game. My dice rolls helped. My opponent’s dice did not (they contributed to the failed assassination with the War Hog).

From here, it was an attrition game, where my remaining warjacks, knights, and Reznik himself slowly creep up to the enemy. Wrack bombs were thrown. Spells were slung. Feats were dropped. And Lord Carver conceded the game. Hands were shook. Thank you to my good friend, Eric for the game.

Pictures below are just snap-shots I took, no particular order.

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3 thoughts on “Battle Report (Menoth Reznik Vs. Minions Lord Carver)”

  1. Go go anyone from Menoth who isn’t Harby!

    Sounds like a fun game. If you are looking for a way to get pics but not screw up your turns, take them right before and right after your turn. It can help figuring out what went where so you can retell the story.

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